As there are so many mens haircuts out there, choosing the most suitable hair look for you can become a real challenge. So that you would not feel overwhelmed with the choice, we have put together the most fashionable and popular mens hairstyles and haircuts. Get ready to find a look that would meet all your hair related needs in the following guide.


Bald Haircut for Men

Do you know how short mens haircuts can be? They can be as short as bald. Shaving the head is not only daring and impactful, but it is also practical. While it does require frequent upkeep, it saves you time on styling, washing and blow drying your hair. Besides, men haircuts give off a very masculine vibe, especially when accompanied by a beard.


Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is one of the most popular men and boys haircuts and not for nothing. While it is not as bold as shaved head, it is still practical and versatile. No matter what hair type you have, you will still be able to pull it off. Plus, it suits any ambiance and situation.

Short Textured Cut

Black mens haircuts usually feature a lot of texture and definition. Though, for an ease of maintenance, you should opt for mens short haircuts. To achieve the desired look, you need to combine a textured haircut with the right styling technique. As a finishing touch, use a texturizing product of your choice.


Edgar Haircut

You may have also heard of it as a takuache haircut. Edgar male haircuts have very much in common with a bowl cut. It also consists of mens fade haircuts on the back and sides as well as a noticeably longer textured cut top. So that it looks even more striking, there is a blunt edge between the top and the sides.

Ice Blond Spiky Hair

Some mens straight hair haircuts are edgier than the rest, and a spiky icy blonde mane is clearly on the list. Being one of the mens trendy haircuts, it won't suit most gents. Only those with a taste for old-school grunge can adopt the style fully. Besides, to acquire the desired outcome, you must grow your mane out a little and use some strong-hold styling product to keep the spikes in place. Yet, the flair that the look spreads and the turning heads faced in your direction are totally worth the effort!


Fade High and Tight Haircut

A mens fade haircut is a perfect addition to the majority of Black mens haircuts and a high and tight is no exception. It allows you to achieve a clean silhouette while keeping your hair on top in the center of attention. The kind of the fade depends on your personal preferences and the effect you want to achieve.

Layered Pompadour

Another way to make a pompadour look more contemporary is by getting layers cut in your hair on different levels. Not only will it make your haircut appear more effortless and relaxed, but it will also help you achieve the required volume much easier. So, if your hair naturally lacks fullness, this is your key to success.

Classic Side Part

You can never go wrong with classic mens haircuts. They are universally flattering and look appropriate in any environment. Besides, they never lose their popularity. As such, a regular side part is considered one of the trendiest mens haircuts 2023 for a good reason. It is clean, defined and elegant. Plus, it works for most hair types.


Brushed Up Fade Haircut

One of the best things about a mid fade haircut is that it works for any style on top. As such, if you want to create a voluminous and attention grabbing hair look, go for a brushed up fade. In addition to looking classy and attractive, it is also among the top mens haircuts for thin hair.

Comb Back Hairstyle

With the versatility of modern mens haircuts, it is easier than ever to miss out on something as classy but stylish as an excellent old comb-over. One of the main reasons the cut is on our today's list is its effortless maintenance and tremendous appeal. All it takes is to brush your hair back slightly and secure it in place with a styling product. The only trick lies in growing your top out a little so that there is enough length to replicate the look. A comb-back hairstyle can fit in casual and formal environments with ease. Moreover, it is pretty fit for most textures and face shapes.

Curtains Hairstyle

Eboys are the ones to blame for the popularity of a curtain hairstyle. While this is not a new hair trend, it is one of those comebacks that are here to stay. Since it is among mens long haircuts, you will need to have a little patience to grow your mane so it could be styled in a curtain haircut. Yet, your effort will pay you off fully.


Fade with Pompadour

Pompadour is surely one of the most popular mens haircuts since the 1950s. The primary reason it remains on the edge of glory is the fact that it can be adapted to most lengths and hair textures. In case you still don't know what its definitive feature is – it is the longer top, swept back and matched with a shorter back and sides. This fade variation of pompadour ensures there is enough structure to accent the contrast and bring your hairstyle to everyone's attention. The look has often been described as the symbol of masculinity and male elegance, not to mention that it suits most face shapes too.


Side Swept Layered Hair

For those interested in trending mens classic haircuts – this is your time to pay attention to what the hair fashion has in store for you. A classy side-swept layered cut has been in for a while and does not seem to go out of fashion any time soon. In case you are searching for an elegant but quite relaxed appearance, the style suffices all the requirements. As for the textures, the look suits those with slightly wavy and straight looks best.

Undercut Mohawk

Those who like to stand out in the crowd should go for bold and edgy modern mens haircuts, such as an undercut mohawk. These days, to wear a certain hair look, you do not have to belong to a specific subculture. However, if you want to release your inner punk, this cut will certainly help you to do this.


Short Thick Curls

Mens curly haircuts do not always have to be long to allow you to flaunt your hair pattern. If you prefer short simple mens haircuts, feel free to get short but thick curls. They also come out very impressive but require less time to grow and maintain as a result.

Afro Faux Hawk with Undercut

Why not go for one of the trendiest Black mens low haircuts, which is an undercut Afro faux hawk? Thanks to the trimmed hair on the sides, it is easier to maintain and make the top the focal point of the look. The rest of the hair can feature locs, twists, braids or any other Black men hairstyle to your liking.

High Fade Pompadour

A pompadour is the elegance at its finest. This popular classic haircut is back in fashion. This is provided you have considered it ever being out of it. However, to give a pomp a modern feel, you should pair it with a high fade on the sides, which will also take your ample top to the spotlight.


Taper Fade Curly Hair

Not sure how to accentuate curly tresses? Consider mens haircuts long on and shorter on the sides. While there are plenty of mens hairstyles to choose from, a tapered fade curly top is one of the best options. It keeps your sides clean and neat while taking the whole attention to the top.

Ivy League Men’s Haircuts

With an Ivy League haircut for men, you are sure to look spick and span. As it belongs to mens medium haircuts, it requires a bit of length on top. The rest of the hair, however, can be cut pretty short. So, maintaining such a look will not take much time or effort.

Fuckboy Haircut with Fade

To wear a fuckboy haircut, you do not have to be one. But if you do, at least you warn everyone around you so that they know who they are dealing with. If not to take the hidden meaning of the cut into attention, it makes up a cool and stylish hair look.


Twisted Hair with Undercut Sides

Dreadlocks aren't for all, and there is nothing wrong with the assumption. If you are looking for something as functional and expressive as the dreads but don't share the commitment, twisted hair with a close-cut undercut will suit you perfectly. While the style is incredible to look at, it also serves a protective purpose that can't be treated lightly. Lastly, there is a grand variety of twists to choose from and style in your day-to-day routine.

Blowout Hairstyle

When discussing medium mens haircuts, it is impossible to leave a regular blowout out. It is one of the signatures looks most fashion-addicted men refer to when they want to make an entrance not to be forgotten. The height and volume that the style features create an impression not to be missed. However, it takes a strong-hold product to keep it in place. It is the variant to consider if you are ready to spend a minute or two fixing your hair before you head out. Keep in mind that a blowout can be pulled off with most hair textures.

Medium Bowl Cut

A bowl cut is a staple of medium length mens haircuts. While some think it is old fashioned and inexplicit, others prove it to be pretty attractive. Get the hair on top cut longer than that on the sides and back with a straight line following across your head.


Medium Length Afro

Struggling to tame your kinky tresses? Choose medium short mens haircuts. A mid length Afro is a viable solution for guys with unruly locks. The maintenance of the style is not particularly difficult. So, in addition to a dapper look, you will also get more free time.


Bro Flow Hair

Bro flow belongs to the list of trendy mens haircuts for a reason too. The fact is that the style suffices those with mid-length locks and brings carefree vibes into the look. What is more, even those with limited styling skills will be able to replicate the look effortlessly. Not to mention that the style goes hand in hand with thick hair mens haircuts and requires as little grooming as possible.

Long Curls Hairstyle

Many of you are all-in for long mens haircuts, and rightfully so. There is something incredibly sassy and alluring about men with longer manes. If you want to discover fresh mens haircuts curly hair, this is your golden ticket. Growing your fringe out will allow the curls to frame your face as nothing else would. Such a look will bring out your prominent features. Thus, your chances of being pointed out from the crowd will double.


Long Side-Swept Bangs

If you think that there is only one way to wear bangs, we are here to prove you wrong. However, when you are tired of your bangs but do not feel like getting rid of them yet, you can simply take them away from your face by flipping them to the side. This hairstyle also looks chic and refined.

Surfer Hairstyle for Men

Among all popular mens haircuts, a surfer style is on the top of the list. The tone of the look is breezy and carefree and who would not want to give off such a vibe? If you enhance the surfer hairstyle with highlighted strands, your will end up with the real head turner.

Long Side-Swept Layers

Mens haircuts with bangs do not call for intricate styling. They already look quite edgy and trendy. That is to say, in case you have long layers cut in your strands, style them side swept. This hair look will ensure that your locks do not get in your way. So, it also has a practical purpose.


Shag Long Curls

Shaggy long mens haircuts are at the peak of their popularity and guys with curly hair should not shy away from them too. To pull off the look, leave your curls air dry after washing and tousle them with a tad of hair styling product afterward. To enhance the structure of the style, get the strands layered cut.

Thin Long Curly Hairstyle

Those who have thin hair are not limited to short haircuts for men only. You can still wear your locks long if you like. Just give them some body and texture so that it looks as if you have a full head of hair. A volumizing product is also required for an ultimate effect.

Short Dreadlocks with Headband Style

Mens spiky haircuts rely on short dreads heavily. Should you be in the mood for sporting some intricate dreads, this is your ideal option to experiment with. Short locs aren't as noticeable as longer dreads, but that is rather an advantage than a downside. You don't have to think about how to style them differently whenever you leave the house. All it takes is a fashionable headband to wrap around your hair.


Long Freeform Dreadlocks

Dreads definitely belong to the list of the decade's most required mens long haircuts. The dreadlocks are surely more expressive than many other cuts. Besides, there is a wide variety of how you can style them, and there are no limits regarding their length. Moreover, you may not need to braid your locs. The freeform dreads are known to knot and tangle on their own so that there is as little maintenance required as possible. Yet, keeping your dreadlocks clean and dry is critical if you don't want your mane to smell bad.

With any of these mens haircuts, you are guaranteed to look your best. Do not hesitate to pick out the option that resonates with you most as well as suits the type of your hair and personal style. And whenever you need a dose of inspiration, welcome back to our guide.