Ready to refine your style with a timeless touch? Meet the trendy crew cut, a classic mens haircuts popular among internet stars like Zayn Malik, Nick Jonas and even Tom Hardy. Renowned for its versatility, low maintenance, and sharp appearance, this mens crew cut epitomizes effortless class – perfect for the modern man. With clean lines and masculine charm, it complements all face shapes and hair types, making it the top choice for men of all ages. Discover the crewcuts versatility and convenience as we explore popular options to match your taste.


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Classic Crew Cut

by @alan_beak

The classic men's crew cut is famed for its simplicity, needing only minimal upkeep. Featuring a low fade around the ears that smoothly transitions into the short top, communicate your desired length to your barber. Finish with a quality styling powder for a natural look.


French Crop Crew Cut

by @z_ramsey

Zach Ramsey, a hairstylist and owner of Fraktelny Barbershop, emphasizes incorporating a strong square shape atop, paired with weighted sides transitioning smoothly into the fringe. The stretched-out fade adds softness to the overall structure, resulting in consistently impressive results.

“The Crop has to be one of my favorite haircuts, both visually and to create. Incorporating. a strong square shape up top, combined with weighted square on the sides. Retaining weight down the ridge transitioning into the fringe. Finished with a stretched out fade to add an element of softness to a very ridged style. Placement and procedure yielding consistent predictable results.”

Tapered Crew Cut

by @dorianthegroomer

Integrating low tapers into the cut elevates the modern crew cut, providing a subtle yet impactful twist on the classic style. It adds a nuanced visual distinction with a spiky top.


Crew Cut High Fade

by @z_ramsey

Zach Ramsey, a professional hair stylist, describes the crew cut high fade as an extended contrast fade on the sides and a weighty ridge for a square shape. To complete the look, he recommends:

"Topping off with natural organized chaos up top giving a natural look that’s easy to keep styled through the day.”

Long Crew Cut

by @alex_nagorsky

The long crew cut emerges as a professional variation of the crewcuts, ideal for office settings. Skip the buzz or shave on the sides; opt for a taper fade crafted by your barber, leaving longer strands atop. This favored style of Zac Efron exudes masculine elegance, echoing the popularity of short haircuts among celebrities.


Crew Cut Fade

by @horatiuthebarber

Seeking a low-maintenance crew cut haircut? Look no further than the addition of a fade haircut. Defying traditional crew cuts norms, it maintains a shorter uniform length on top while introducing a tapered contrast on the sides, epitomizing effortless masculinity and style.

Side Swept Crew Cut

by @sheffpavelstylist

The side-swept crew cut is another classic style that works well on all face shapes. Utilize styling products on the longer top hair, sweeping it to the side for a sleek finish. While either side works, the right side tends to enhance the overall allure of this mens cut.

Textured Crew Cut

by @mattyconrad

If you’re all about having texture at the top of your hair, you can ask your barber for a textured crop. Renowned barber, Matty Conrad shares his insight, emphasizing its appeal for those desiring a shorter yet lived-in look with plenty of personality. To achieve this look, he recommends leaving more length on top to maintain a choppy, vibrant style.


Low Fade Crew Cut

by @xbigwesx

A more masculine and daring crew cut taper to consider is the low fade variation. For those who are more interested in looking neat, and polished and enhancing their facial features, the crew cut low fade radiates all the necessary confidence.

Military Crew Cut

by @a.nizhnick

Inspired by military grooming standards, this cut is characterized by its abridged length, emphasizing a clean and disciplined look. If you want a cut that exudes an air of authority and professionalism, you have the answer!

Crew Cut Mid Fade

by @xbigwesx

This crew cut hair features a gradual transition of hair length from the longer top to the mid-length sides, creating a balanced and stylish look. Precision and expertise in razor cutting is very vital in achieving a clean result.


Messy Crew Cut

by @urednistvo.pricesk.robert

The messy cut fade offers a relaxed and casual yet stylish aesthetic, with tousled hair atop a closely cropped base. Perfect for those who prefer a laid-back appearance without sacrificing the neatness of a crew cut and its masculine allure.

Short Crew Cut

by @salsalhair

Keeping it extremely short and tight all over, the short crew cut is a minimalist yet stylish option that requires minimal maintenance. With its clean lines, it offers a fresh start and is ideal for those who appreciate simplicity and a clean-cut aesthetic.

Short Flat Top

by @los_cut_it

This men’s crew cut style incorporates a tapered fade and a flat top, maintaining a balance between length and comfort. Keep in mind the need for regular touch-ups to maintain its sharpness and masculine appeal.


Curly Crew Haircut

Curly Crew Haircut #crewcut #menscrewcut
by @keller_konturen

Even curly hair can rock a crew cut, offering a distinctive style. To achieve the look, trim your curls shorter while maintaining length on top to showcase your natural texture and embrace volume. Keep the back and sides tapered for a polished finish.

Slicked Back Haircut

by @z_ramsey

Length isn’t a barrier to rocking the style of your dreams as your short cut can be combed backwards to create this look. However, due to the length, it’s important to use the right styling products to keep your hair in place.

Faux Hawk Top

Faux Hawk Top #crewcut #menscrewcut
by @spukthebarber

Embrace a bold twist with the faux hawk top featuring a narrow strip of longer hair in the center, mimicking the edgy look of a traditional mohawk. Complete the style with matte wax for a textured, dry finish or pomade for added shine and moisture.


Crew Cut With Beard

by @giuse_laguardia

Combining a crew cut with a well-maintained beard creates a harmonious balance between ruggedness and sophistication. It enhances facial features, projecting a confident and stylish image. Seek your barber's advice on the ideal top length to suit your head and face shape.

Spiked Cut

by @z_ramsey

Sporting this cut adds a touch of attitude and flair to your style. You can decide to dress the cut up or down, making it a popular choice for both formal and casual occasions. What’s more, the spikes create the illusion of thickness perfect for thin hair.

Burst Fade Crew Cut

by @xbigwesx

Crew cut men who are lovers of anything fresh and dramatic likewise would love the burst fade crew variation as suggested by our editors. You enjoy a dramatic transition from short hair to the skin. This technique requires skillful barbering for a flawless result.

In the debate between crew cut vs buzz cut, the key lies in achieving a harmonious blend of style and functionality. While buzz cuts offer a fearless, easy-to-manage allure, crew cuts emanate a timeless elegance, providing a seamless styling experience, and catering to individuals pressed for time or savoring those extra ten minutes in bed.



What do I tell my barber for a crew cut?

Specify the length you want on the sides, back and front and decide if you want a gradual fade or a distinct taper on the sides. Ask for short sides that are high and need not be a fade but smoothly transition to the top.

What is the top length of a crew cut?

Generally, the hair on the top is cut relatively short, typically between 1/4 inch to 1 inch in length, similar to the bristle surface of a brush.

What is the difference between a flat top and a crew cut?

Both haircuts are almost similar, the difference being that for a flat top, the hair on top is styled to stand up, oftentimes not more than an inch and is cut to have a flat surface leading the style to have a square shape. A crew cut on the other hand is generally uniform and relatively short often leaving the scalp visible.

Who suits a crew cut?

The classic crew cut is usually a great option for men with diamond and triangular faces.