The Most Popular Tattoo Ideas And The Origins Of Tattoo Art

Awesome Tattoo Ideas For Artistic Souls

Meaningful tattoo ideas are featured in this photo gallery. Tattoo art is a popular kind of self-expression that has been a part of people’s cultures all around the globe for centuries.


From protective totems and tribal symbols to combat and military rankings to the symbols of love to the stories of people’s lives. Tattoo art has evolved over time, and we will also discuss it in this post.

Read on to plunge into the artistic world of permanent markings.

Tattoo And The History

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What is a tattoo?

It is a permanent marking on a person’s skin that is made with needles and ink. When the ink penetrates into the dermis, the 2nd skin layer, the skin repairs, and the design is exposed underneath the new skin layer.

What are the origins of tattoo art?

In Scandinavia, Portugal, and France scientists found evidence that tattooing had been practiced over 12 thousand years ago.

And the oldest tattoo ever found is on the mummy called the Iceman. The mummy was discovered in the ice of Alps, and its age was about 6-7 thousand years. Mummies with tattoos were also found in Siberia and Egypt. Tattooing was common among the Celtic and Germanic tribes, as well. Which leads us to the conclusion that tattooing was widespread early in the human history.


Popular Tattoo Designs And Their Meaning

Some tattoo designs are more popular than others. Many people choose to get a lotus, a butterfly, a feather, a dream catcher, or the sun tattooed. And we think that it’s essential to know what such designs represent.


Lotus Flower Tattoo

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Lotus flower tattoo has a deep meaning in different cultures.

  • In Buddhism, a lotus represents piousness and purity.
  • And in Ancient Egypt, it symbolized the outset of life or reincarnation. Egyptians believed that when life originated on the planet, a lotus flower emerged from the sea.
  • In Chinese culture, this flower is a symbol of marital harmony, the purest feminine beauty.
  • The Western culture views lotus as the reflection of divine conception, rebirth, new beginnings, searching for the meaning of life.


Butterfly Tattoo

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Butterflies represent metamorphosis, change, rebirth, and beauty. From a practically ugly creature, a butterfly turns into a vibrant insect. Japanese people believe that souls are often trapped in butterflies. Butterfly tattoo not only has a deep meaning but also looks very beautiful.


Feather Tattoo

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The meaning of a feather tattoo is a bit contradictory. Some cultures associate it with luck and birth, while others with loss or death. But when it comes to tattoo meaning, it’s always about your own perception.

Dream Catcher Tattoo

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Get a dream catcher tattoo, and you will get the protection against bad luck, bad dreams, and also evil spirits. It will bring you good fortune, happiness, success.

Tattoo Of The Sun

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The sun stands for many positive things – power, rebirth, perseverance, new beginnings, fertility, and life. Get one if you wish to leave behind all those rough times.


Popular Styles Of Tattoo

Here are some popular tattoo styles for your inspiration. See which style is true to you.

Watercolor Tattoo Style

It is a nice idea for those who wish to rock a piece of art on their body. The style is named after the actual method of painting because it resembles its freeform and lack of straight lines. And yes, most of the designs in this style are as cute as this one.

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New School Tattoo

New school tattooing styles originated back in the 1970-s. Heavy outlines, exaggerated depictions, and vivid colors are peculiar to this style of body art. In this pic, the owl is much bigger than the castle, which is definitely an exaggeration.

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American Traditional Tattoo Style

The American traditional tattoo style is also referred to as the Western style. Dark and heavy strokes are often used in a traditional tattoo design. In this pic, the Western tattoo has a religious context.

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Neo-Traditional Tattoo

The neo-traditional tattoo style is a kind of the American traditional or the old school tattoo styles, but with the modern flair. These are cool tattoos with bold lines, realistic cartoons, and images. This idea may work great for Pokemon fans.

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Outline Tattoo Style

Outline tattoos are among the most popular tattoos. Such tattoo art is understated and simple yet exceptionally beautiful. If you wish your tattoo to be more about form and art, go for an outline tattoo. It’s a great canvas for flowers like shown here.

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Geometric Style Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are among the most meaningful tattoo ideas. It’s because one can convey so much via geometric figures and symbols. In this pic, the impact of the space objects on the tides is shown.

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Ornamental Tattoo Style

In case you are looking for unique tattoo ideas, go for an ornamental tattoo. Such tattoos tend to be done with black ink. The owl pictured here represents wisdom and intelligence.

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Mandala Tattoos

If you wish to choose a tattoo that will cover a large area on your body, here is an amazing suggestion for you. As shown in this pic, Mandala tattoos have the shape of a circle or semi-circle.

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Realistic Tattoo Style

This tattoo design looks hyper-realistic, as if this American Indian man is living in the skin! And of course, in case you wish to get a design like this, we would recommend that you find an experienced tattoo artist.

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Blackwork Tattoo Design

The Blackwork tattoo style involves simple tattoos that occupy much space on a person’s body and that are done with black ink. Not any black tattoo is Blackwork. But, for example, a large black square could be called Blackwork.

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Japanese Tattoo Style

This full sleeve tattoo with flowers and a dragon in a Japanese style is super daring. Japanese tattoos tend to occupy large areas on a person’s body, and they often have spiritual meanings.

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Dotwork Tattoo Style

Dotwork tattoos are intricate because they consist of a huge number of dots. You can imagine how much time it will take to get one. But it will definitely worth it! Look at this pic, this tattoo is practically 3-Dimensional.

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Minimalist Tattoo Style

Minimalist tattoos come in a variety of sizes and shapes. But oftentimes, such tattoos involve angular shapes, crisp lines, and meager color palettes. The wrist tattoo design pictured here is barely visible.

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We are sure that you like all tattoo ideas for girls that we share here. Don’t forget to save them for later. And discover more ideas on our blog.

Celebrities With Tattoo

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a beautiful example of how women with tattoos can look super feminine no matter what occasion. She has so many of them, and each is a definition of her own personality and style. Most of them carry a personal meaning as she has stated and we believe that. Tattoos that carry a special message will never make you tired of them on your body, and Angie proves that.

Source: Jaguar PS/Shuttershock

Sabina Kelly

Wow! Sabrina Kelly and her unforgettable tattoo look amazing together! A full sleeve with colorful tattoos can change the appearance of the person so much adding a bit of spice to it. Have a look at our celebrity! She is confidently rocking it and shines brighter than anybody with her colorful images.

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Kristin Bauer

Such tender and beautiful tattoos will forever be classic in the industry. Even celebrities as Kirstin Bauer are obsessed with a cute and tender flower tattoo. Using light colors, thin lines, and a special watercolor technique, she got herself a true definition of beauty on her skin.

Source: s_bukley/Shutterstock

Laura Wright

We love a beautiful ornamental tattoo, and it seems like Laura Wright loves it too! Just look at her back that is inked with a huge tattoo like that. It looks super creative, fresh and outstanding as we don`t see celebrities with such art pieces on their skin often.

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Megan Fox

A popular tattoo with lettering is a very popular choice among people all over the planet, and there`s nothing strange about it. Simplicity and meaning are there without anything to uncover. Megan Fox prefers them too. A beautifully scripted phrase looks so essential on her body that we can`t imagine her without it.

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Guess who is also a fan of lettering tats? Rihanna herself! She adores thin lines, and carefully written words look stunning under her boney collarbone. It is such a small detailed tattoo, but it brings in so much style to her look.

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Maitland Ward

What makes you hesitate about getting a butterfly tattoo? Easy, simple and unforgettable it will for sure leave a beautiful mark on your life. Look at Maitland Ward with her gorgeous tattoo and make a choice in its favor.

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Lena Headey

Lena Headey`s lotus flower tattoo looks amazing on her! She brings so much definition and dimension to her appearance that it can`t be unnoticed. Such a simple but creative and colorful choice will make any place you choose for your flower pop.

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Cher Lloyd

Petite and charming Cher Lloyd is covered with tattoos, and we love that! Doesn`t that look amazing? Look at her skull tattoo on the left arm. Such a heavy sign decorated with feminine ornaments make it into her own style perfectly.

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Ruby Rose

We think there are no people in the world who haven`t talked about Ruby Rose`s tattoos. Her beauty is undeniable, and the way she adds these colorful tattoos to it is the proof. Her full sleeve tattoo looks amazing so don`t listen to those who say it is a bad idea. We are sure it will look perfect on you too.

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Creative Tattoo Ideas For Women

Minimalist Floral Bracelet For Wrist

Among unique tattoo ideas, you will for sure find this tender flower bracelet. With thin lines, it looks absolutely stunning on the wrist.

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Tiny Watercolor Flowers On Wrist

Another super cute flower option for the wrist that you can find in our tattoos ideas for girls. It is a great image for those who would love to have a tattoo but wouldn't want it to be too big and colorful.

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Small Lotus Flower Tattoo Design

It isn't a secret that a lotus tattoo has a lot behind it. That is why we think it is important to mention it in tattoo ideas with meaning.

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Minimalist Lotus Flower Design

Simple tattoo ideas go so well together with small tattoo ideas. When combined together they can create a tiny tattoo that will mean a lot but look super simple.

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Forearm Watercolor Lotus Flower Tattoo

Watercolor is in the trends right now and we love how cute and tender this technique looks. Just imagine it in forearm tattoo ideas and look at the one we have prepared as an inspiration for you.

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Small Lettering Tattoo For Wrist

Small tattoo ideas for women should definitely include these tiny lettering tattoos for wrists. Combine it with a tender image and it is the best choice you can make.

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Watercolor Dream Catcher Tattoo

A dream catcher tattoo is a true classic that will never get old in the tattoo industry. Of course, it is one of the cute tattoo ideas!

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Mandala Fox Tattoo On Thigh

Are you looking for sexy tattoo ideas? Then we have one ready for you. Just have a look at it!

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Watercolor Tattoo With Geometric Elements

A geometric tattoo that is mixed with a watercolor technique is super good looking. Don't you agree?

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Landscape Tattoo Idea On A Side

This landscape tattoo with beautiful flowers on the side is for sure in good tattoo ideas.

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Red Flowers Tattoo On Leg

Red flower tattoo ideas are super rare but we love how good they turn out in the end. Would you mind having such a tat on you?

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Poppy Flower Watercolor Tattoo With Geometric Elements

Another geometric tattoo with a watercolor technique that looks super unique in girl tattoo ideas. What do you think?

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Big Fox Tattoo Idea On A Thigh

Big tattoos are on fire now especially those ones that look like this one. Truly different in other cool tattoo ideas.

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Forearm Galaxy And Geometric Deer Tattoo

What do you think about arm tattoo ideas like this? Make a beautiful accent with the help of color and you will love the results.

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