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Awesome Tattoo Ideas For Artistic Souls

Meaningful tattoo ideas are featured in this photo gallery. Tattoo art is a popular kind of self-expression that has been a part of people’s cultures all around the globe for centuries.

From protective totems and tribal symbols to combat and military rankings to the symbols of love to the stories of people’s lives. Tattoo art has evolved over time, and we will also discuss it in this post.

Read on to plunge into the artistic world of permanent markings.

Tattoo And The History

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Tattoo And The History #flowertattoo #girlwithtattoo

What is a tattoo?

It is a permanent marking on a person’s skin that is made with needles and ink. When the ink penetrates into the dermis, the 2nd skin layer, the skin repairs, and the design is exposed underneath the new skin layer.

What are the origins of tattoo art?

In Scandinavia, Portugal, and France scientists found evidence that tattooing had been practiced over 12 thousand years ago.

And the oldest tattoo ever found is on the mummy called the Iceman. The mummy was discovered in the ice of Alps, and its age was about 6-7 thousand years. Mummies with tattoos were also found in Siberia and Egypt. Tattooing was common among the Celtic and Germanic tribes, as well. Which leads us to the conclusion that tattooing was widespread early in the human history.

Popular Tattoo Designs And Their Meaning

Some tattoo designs are more popular than others. Many people choose to get a lotus, a butterfly, a feather, a dream catcher, or the sun tattooed. And we think that it’s essential to know what such designs represent.

Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoo Design #lotusflowertattoo #lotustattoo

Lotus flower tattoo has a deep meaning in different cultures.

In Buddhism, a lotus represents piousness and purity.

And in Ancient Egypt, it symbolized the outset of life or reincarnation. Egyptians believed that when life originated on the planet, a lotus flower emerged from the sea.

In the Chinese culture, this flower is a symbol of marital harmony, the purest feminine beauty.

The Western culture views lotus as the reflection of divine conception, rebirth, new beginnings, searching for the meaning of life.

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Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo Idea For Afrm #butterflytattoo

Butterflies represent metamorphosis, change, rebirth, and beauty. From a practically ugly creature, a butterfly turns into a vibrant insect. Japanese people believe that souls are often trapped in butterflies. Butterfly tattoo not only has a deep meaning but also looks very beautiful.

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Feather Tattoo

Watercolor Feather Tattoo Design #feathertattoo #armtattoo

The meaning of a feather tattoo is a bit contradictory. Some cultures associate it with luck and birth, while others with loss or death. But when it comes to tattoo meaning, it’s always about your own perception.

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Dream Catcher Tattoo

Dream Catcher Tattoo Meaning #dreamcatcher #dreamcatchertattoo

Get a dream catcher tattoo, and you will get the protection against bad luck, bad dreams, and also evil spirits. It will bring you good fortune, happiness, success.

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Tattoo Of The Sun

Sun Tattoo Design #suntattoo

The sun stands for many positive things – power, rebirth, perseverance, new beginnings, fertility, and life. Get one if you wish to leave behind all those rough times.

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