While neck tattoos for women are not the most popular out of all tattoo placements, their recent rise in popularity prompted us to dive into this topic deeply. After all, when you get a neck tattoo, it is quite a commitment, as it remains visible all year round and hardly any clothes can hide it. So whenever venturing out for one, you need to be sure of what you are doing. And to help you make the final decision that you will not regret later, we have rounded up everything it is important to know about women neck tattoos and even included some inspirational ideas.


Neck Tattoo Things to Consider

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Maybe, the biggest advantage and drawback at the same time of female neck tattoos is that they are almost always on display. Yes, this is not the only thing to keep in mind before you start looking for neck tattoo ideas. Sometimes, even small neck tattoos for women may cause a lot of difficulties when applying for a job or traveling. The thing is in some countries, as well as at some positions, it is not allowed to have your body inked. So, if you decide to commit to such a noticeable tat, make sure you realize all the consequences it can entail.

Another thing to take into account is how well you tolerate pain. The neck has very thin and sensitive skin. Nerve endings, as well as nerves, are located very dense there. And since the skin is so thin, it makes the nerves easily accessible for the tattoo needle. Thus, you need to be prepared that it is going to hurt badly. Unless you have a very high pain threshold.

Because neck tattoos are located in such an exposing area, you can rest assured that they will never go unnoticed and neither will you. So, if you do not like to be in the spotlight, it is better to look for another option. But if you do, it is hard to think of a better tattoo idea.


Neck Tattoo Placement

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As for the tattoo placement, you have several options here. No, it does not mean that it can go anywhere but your neck. However, there are many neck areas that can be tattoed. When deciding on the placement of neck tattoos women should weigh in such factors as its size, shape and your preferences. If you are hesitant about where to get it, you can always ask your tattoo artist for help. Here are the locations they can suggest to you:

  • neck front;
  • neck back;
  • neck side;
  • underneath the chin;
  • beneath your hairline.

Neck Tattoo Pain Level

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It is worth mentioning that the location of the neck tattoo affects the level of pain you will have to endure. Like we said before, there are a lot of nerves in the neck area. That is why it is very likely that it will be very difficult or even impossible to tolerate. So, that you know what to expect from a neck tattoo in terms of pain, study the chart below:

  • Neck front. Front neck tattoos for women are extremely painful, which is due to the thin skin in that area as well as the lack of muscles and fat. Besides, the skin covers the thyroid cartilage and trachea, so there is a high chance that you will not be able to tolerate the pain. It can also be uncomfortable or difficult to breathe. When you also extend the tattoo to the clavicle, it will still feel unbelievably painful since there is very thin skin and a bone.
  • Neck back. Back of the neck tattoos for women make up the largest group in terms of popularity. They are still incredibly painful because of the thin skin and the cranial nerves responsible for transferring signals to the brain located in that area. But this may differ depending on the exact placement of the tattoo. As a rule of thumb, the lower the tattoo down the neck, the less painful it is. The thicker skin and some fat help to reduce the pain. Inking the spine sides and the area near the shoulders should not be as painful as other parts of the neck.
  • Neck side. Side neck tattoos for women entail minimal pain compared to other neck tattoos for females. It does not mean that it will not hurt at all, but you are most likely to be able to tolerate it. Yet, if you decide to get side neck tattoos, you should be prepared that the pain will be pretty high, as it has plenty of nerve endings and thin skin, which easily get irritated and damaged.


Neck Tattoos Healing

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The healing time for neck tattoos for females is quite long and tricky. This is caused by frequent movement and thin skin on the neck. As you have to constantly move your neck, it can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to months for your neck tattoo to heal. It is difficult for the skin to remain dry and uninterrupted fully.

There is also a risk that you will disturb your tattoo more often, as it is very tempting to scratch, rub or touch it. You may even not realize it, as this often happens while you are sleeping. As such, you may introduce bacteria to the wound and the skin may get infected or inflamed.

It is also important to cover neck tattoos for women while they are healing and this is not the easiest task to do. The thing is the majority of your clothes will get to the covering. Sunscreen is a must when you get a tattoo on your neck. Besides, you should apply it even when it is healed completely. In this way, the inked image will not be exposed to the sun so much and will not fade quickly.

How to Avoid Fading for Neck Tattoos

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Out of all locations of tattoos for women neck is one of the least prone to fading. There are many reasons why a tattoo may fade. The ink becomes less vivid as we age, especially when it is often exposed to the sun. Sometimes, your lifestyle also affects tattoo longevity.

To make the neck tattoo last longer, you should always apply sunscreen before exposing it to the sun. Also, try to maintain a sufficient level of hydration inside and out. Make sure to drink enough water and apply moisturizer topically. While these all are essential skincare steps, they are guaranteed to extend the lifespan of your tattoo.


Neck Tattoos Average Cost

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Similar to other tats, the price for neck tattoos varies depending on several things, such as its size, location and the intricacy of the work. In addition, every tattoo artist has their own price list. Even the area where the salon is located contributes to the price of the service.

As such, when it comes to the size of neck tattoos for women small images, which are not larger than two by two centimeters, will not cost you more than $200. For something larger, more elaborate and unique, you may be charged up to $4000. In this way, its price point is almost as high as the pain level.

With that in mind, you may want to consider other options for the same price or even more affordable and less painful. Besides, there are areas that allow for a larger and more complex design, like the upper arm or thigh, calf, stomach, etc.

Neck Tattoo Aftercare

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Proper aftercare is essential for successful healing and maximum longevity of your fresh tattoo. That is why you should always follow the aftercare recommendations that your tattoo artist gives you. Some general tattoo aftercare tips include:

  • The bandage should not be removed within 4 hours after the tattoo is done.
  • Rinse that tat with water and allow it to air dry.
  • Apply moisturizer to the tattoed area every day.
  • In case you notice any signs of infection or irritation, immediately show the tattoo to your doctor.
  • Postpone your workouts until the tattoo is fully healed.
  • Take the bandage off only when the artist allows it.
  • Avoid soaking and scratching the tat.
  • Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight.
  • Limit sun exposure.

Hopefully, our guide has given you enough information about neck tattoos for women so that you are not afraid to get one now. When you are informed, it does not seem that scary, right? Besides, the final result is totally worth the pain and expenses the neck tattoo entails. Also, you can find inspirational ideas of behind the ear tattoos, if you want to supplement your neck tattoo.


Is neck tattoo painful?

Since your neck, as well as the spine, are quite sensitive, getting them tattoed will hurt pretty badly.

What does a neck tattoo symbolize?

The symbolism of the neck tattoo often depends on its exact location. For instance, front neck tattoos women and men opt for mean communication. The general meaning of a neck tattoo is openness and willingness to meet new people and experience new challenges. Risk takers also love to show off their adventurousness with a neck tattoo.