A wolf tattoo is one of the most popular choices people take while choosing a tattoo. Do you think of getting one? We would be glad to give you some information about it. The idea on the meaning or what types of a wolf tattoo there are will be really useful before engraving it on your body forever. Follow our suggestion, get inspired with them and make your final choice of what you would prefer for yourself.


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Wolf Tattoo: History And Meaning

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As you have already understood a wolf tattoo meaning is really important. A wolf is a mystic and symbolic creature that brings sense to a lot of cultures and tribes. Even native Americans saw a wolf as their totem animal that will walk them through hard times and bring loyalty to their families bonding them together even more. Why? Cause in their opinion the Big Spirit was inside of this animal. From there comes the legends of people turning into werevolves. This shows how much appreciation the tribes had for these beautiful, powerful and free animals. A power is the main characteristic of all of them. Loyalty and bond for sure have to be listed too. Wolves are strong and that is why many people associate them with protection. All these descriptions come from the behavior of this animal, how close it stays to other members of the pack and how strong it is by its nature. Is that what you would love your tattoo to mean? Then let`s choose the design you like the most for it.


Wolf Tattoos In Roman History

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When you look through different wolf tattoo ideas, you may not essentially think about the Roman empire. However, the image of a wolf, especially a she-wolf, was all the rage at that time. All due to the fact that the founders of Rome were thought to be raised by a wolf when their mother abandoned them. The rooted historical background may have its say in the modern world too. Should you carry a passion for wolves or Roman culture, you can use the image to strengthen your bond.

Wolfs In Norse Mythology

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Norse mythology is utterly peculiar and rich in various hints and symbols. For instance, it is a known fact that the all-father Odin used to ride a big wolf right into the battle, and so did the Valkyries. So, if you seek a traditional wolf tattoo that is expected to bring victory in any venture you undertake, you may relate yourself to the Norse culture followers.


Celtic Meaning of Wolf

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The Celtic wolf tattoo is known to carry a more spiritual and divine meaning. The fact is that Celts used to believe wolves to be the fierce guardians of different heavenly realms. Thus, an image of a wolf is always filled with astonishing lunar power that will help you train your spirit and grasp the unknown.

Wolfs in Christian Religion

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Should you consider a howling wolf tattoo but you are afraid of what your Christian background may assume, you need to be aware of what the Bible has to say on the matter. In the majority of cases, the metaphor of wolves is referred to greedy and corrupted men, that is true. However, there is a story of St. Francis who saved a lonely, hungry wolf from an angry mob of people. The saint showed people that they could live in harmony with animals, even as wild and scary as wolves. There is no single good or flawed assumption about the image of a wolf in the Christian religion. What matters is the meaning that you transition onto your tattoo.


Wolfs in Tales and Literature

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Countless tales and fictional novels contain the image of a wolf. Think about Little Red Riding Hood to grasp the idea. Throughout literature, you can come across a negative depiction of a wolf. Some fewer stories and tales entitle the animal with a more positive connotation. It is always written in-between the line that you should keep away from wolves if you want to leave in one piece. That is why many people use a wolf head tattoo as a way of showing off their fierceness and wild nature.

Wolf Tattoo Placement

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No matter whether the wolf's negative or positive symbolic side is the one that speaks out to you, there are countless ways to contribute to it. The beauty of wolf designs lies in their versatility and adaptive nature. Whether it is a wolf hand tattoo or a chest piece – you can go for it without a hint of hesitation. Besides, the number of wolf tattoo designs is growing by the day at the moment.

Mandala Wolf Tattoo Design

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Really often nowadays people choose a mandala wolf head tattoo. The design of it looks unique and brings an additional meaning with all of the lines and bonds created. A beautiful picture will be definitely created on your body if you chose it for yourself.


Watercolor Wolf Tattoo

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A colorful watercolor wolf tattoo is the one that you should definitely think of. No sharp lines, just pure color that creates the head of the wolf. It is all about your creativity and what colors you prefer to use. Looks magical and magnetizing, doesn`t it?

Watercolor Wolf Tattoo With Tresh Polka Elements

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If you would like to have a big arm tattoo that will nearly look like a sleeve, then this inspirational idea is for you. Colorful lines and scratches, which look like drops of color around a wolf head, will be looking bomb on your arm. How special this colorful tattoo looks!

Outline Wolf Tattoo

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Thin lines and no color are the simple details that make this wolf tattoo idea so stylish. Just look at how classy it looks while bringing such a powerful message.


Wolf Paw Tattoo Idea

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A wolf paw tattoo is an extraordinary one that will make you stand out. Such a meaningful mark will be an excellent symbol for all the characteristics a wolf carries.

Inspiring Tattoo Ideas Of Wolf Tattoos

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Half Mandala Wolf Tattoo For Thigh

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Choosing a thigh tattoo can be complicated. The picture has to be of perfect shape and size to compliment your figure without becoming just a bright spot. We love how this wolf mandala wolf tattoo looks on such a part of the body. The combination of two different styles for sure has its charm.


Black And White Wolf Tattoo With Geometric Elements

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Geometric elements are super stylish nowadays, and we totally get why. Even a basic picture can become so interesting with the help of thin lines. Just look at this wolf tattoo that is decorated with geometry and colorful elements.

Geometric Wolf Tattoo Design

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Another geometric wolf tattoo design is more complicated than the first one we have offered. Small details that make the whole picture even more exciting and interesting. Create a unique frame with their help for your wolf, and you will love how it looks.

Howling Wolf Tattoo Filled With Galaxy

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A howling wolf tattoo is sending chills down our spines. Why? We associate it with a scary sound that brings a sign of the wolf`s presence. A powerful meaning is behind such a tattoo, so if you are up for it, do it.


Princess Mononoke Tattoo With Wolf For Anime Lovers

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The best thing about tattoos is that you can combine any ideas you have together to create something unique and meaningful only for you. Do you love Anime and Wolves? Then why don`t you use them both as an inspiration source for a new tattoo?

Small Wolf Tattoo Design For Wrist

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A really tender place as a wrist is really great for a massive, colorful or even a small wolf tattoo. Such a contrast will play its role in making your artwork appear even more outstanding. Any idea will be suitable for such a place so listen to your heart and get what it desires!

Wolf Tattoo Design With Deep Wild Soul Meaning

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If you feel like you would love something more artistic, then think of getting an exciting design inside of the wolf tattoo you have chosen. Make it meaningful, and you will be content with results. They will show what you feel inside your soul.


Abstract Wolf Tattoo With Galaxy Colors

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Another creative idea is an abstract painting that will help you show your feelings even better. Play with colors and techniques for such artwork, and you will never get bored of it.

Wolf Tattoo With Flowers

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As you have understood, you have a canvas that you can paint with whatever you desire. Choose what shows your personality and your personal style. For example, are you an emotional person that associates himself with flowers? Then add them to your wolf tattoo.

Simple Wolf Tattoo

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Sometimes style is in simplicity. Not a big size, thin lines without any fillings and small contrast details. That`s so good looking but still so basic that you won`t believe the fact how amazing it actually is.


New School Wolf Tattoo Design For Feet

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Modern, fresh and innovative. That`s what our generation is all about. Why don`t we create a wolf tattoo that matches these adjectives then? Split your colorful picture in two and place it on both feet. It`s such a bomb that can go off any second.

Realistic Wolf Tattoo With Flowers

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A genuinely unique technique of realistic tattooing has appeared recently and is not going anywhere soon. Of course, as it looks so beautiful and live that you can`t take your eyes off it. Add some other decorations like flowers and make them look real too. A whole painting is now on your body.


Wolf Tattoo Sketches for Your Future Ink Session

Looking to add a wolf tattoo to your next ink session? Check out these amazing wolf tattoo sketches that will give you all the inspiration you need. From fierce wolves howling at the moon to sleek and powerful wolves in motion, we've got everything you need to create the perfect wolf tattoo design. So get inspired and book your next appointment today!


A wolf tattoo is all about its meaning and the message you would like to share with the world. Get creative to show what you feel inside. You will love the results.



FAQ: Wolf Tattoo

What does a tattoo of fenrir mean?

Fenrir Viking wolf symbol, Fenrir tattoos represent strength and power. According the Norse mythology, this is a creature that the gods themselves feared and one who was destined devour the world.

Are wolf tattoos lucky?

Wolf tattoos generally symbolize the bravery and courage, loyalty and strong family bond, in addition, they can also be used to represent spiritual guidance. Tribal wolf tattoo is believed to give luck and resemble devotion to you loves ones and family.

What does a wolf girl tattoo mean?

Wolf girl tattoo symbolizes female empowerment. The design usually depicts a portrait of a woman wearing a wolf’s head as a headdress. Initially, this tattoo takes its roots in Native American culture, and resembles warrior strength and pride. It is also about a woman becoming free and finding a harmony within her instinctive nature.