Short Haircuts for Women Over 50 To Look Gorgeous

Short haircuts come in handy as we age. We start to take stock of our clothing and hair styles since we want to keep up with the times. Also, we don’t want to have the same tired, outdated hair style for years. Just because we are getting older, does not mean we have to stop being stylish and attractive. We might feel that shorter hairstyles make us look older. However, quite honestly, such haircuts can be low-maintenance and more convenient.


Here are some great ideas for short haircuts if you are older than 50. Remember, choose the style that works best for you. And sometimes it can be fun to go for a drastic change!

Women might think that they are doomed to boring short hairstyles for women over 50, however, there are plenty of flattering short hairstyles that are easy to maintain and also quite popular. Here are a few general tips for women over 50 who are considering a shorter hairstyle:

  • Bangs are acceptable as they can help you look younger. It is important to keep them styled and not too thick. Also, have them styled to one side so they do not completely cover your forehead.
  • If you want to look sophisticated and elegant, you should brush your curls back, thus opening your face.
  • Shaggy hairstyles appear awkward and sloppy.
  • To help you look years younger, consider lighter hues for your hair, stick to blonde or brown highlights, unless you are one of those women who can rock those silver locks.
  • Remember to keep in mind your hair texture and the shape of your face when you are considering a new do, luckily, there are plenty of short hairstyles for round face, square face, triangle face, and oval face.
  • Fine hair looks better when cut in layers.
  • Thicker and curlier hair looks better with elongated styles.

1. Blonde with Long Bangs

Adding a golden color to the front of your short haircut will add warmth to your complexion. It also makes your eyes brighter and gives your hair a youthful glow.

Source: Riawnacapri via Instagram


2. Soft, Tousled Waves

If you aren’t feeling bold and have naturally curly hair, why not add some soft flicks all over for a tousled, soft look?

Source: alexandre_takao via Instagram


3. Sophisticated and Silver

Short hair looks striking with a silver tone as it appears both chic and cool all at once. If you want to add some depth, mix in a darkish hue at the roots (we recommend a deep charcoal hue).

Source: Mojamezie via Instagram


4. Spiked & Stylish

A messy spiked style not only looks cool and chic, but adds volume to thin hair. Don’t opt for gel, however, as it tends to leave shorter hair looking brittle and crunchy. Instead, opt for a putty to help mold your hair and give it a softer look and feel.

Source: Suzido_ via Instagram


5. Brushed Back Long Pixie

While hot curler is perfect for a short term fix to add fullness to shorter cropped styles, soft rollers are a great way to achieve the same look. If you have the time, roll your hair before going to bed and wake up with fuller hair.

Source: Thisgirlmichele via Instagram

6. Short, Trendy Haircut

Trendy, feathered short haircuts are perfect for more mature women who want a simple yet fresh look. This style is not only charming, but it can go from casual to formal in a matter of seconds.

Source: Hairbyelena via Instagram

7. Short, Curly Hairstyle with Volume and Highlights

As older women, we tend to want a style that is not only easily manageable, but can work for any occasion. Cropped cuts can enhance natural volume without spending a lot of time on styling.

Source: Emilyandersonstyling via Instagram


8. Classic Pixie Haircut

The traditional pixie cut is fun and easy to maintain. You can color your hair any way you choose and still rock this look with both boldness and confidence year-round.

Source: Alexanderscotthair via Instagram

9. Short, Fiery Texture

A fiery reddish hue can make you look bold and vibrant. This short haircut is styled towards the face to give you a youthful appearance.

Source: Jesscervihair via Instagram

10. Bouncy Bob

An expertly layered cut can give your face a great shape. For those with straight hair, you can add extra body by using a large barrel curling iron to flip out the ends.

Source: Ficocellos_hair_salons via Instagram


11. Shoulder-Length Bob With Bangs

This long bob is all-time, elegant and simple. It makes any woman feel more confident, especially those who are older than 50. It is extremely feminine and very easy to style as you can choose to either straighten or curl your hair any way you desire.

Source: smelaniebell via Instagram

12. Wispy, Messy Cropped Cut

While many shorter hairstyles on older women can be dull, this cropped, yet messy cut can suit women of any age with its adorable wispy texture for a fun and playful look.

Source: Philipwolffhair via Instagram

13. Ruffled Pixie

This short but edgy pixie cut with the ends highlighted is great for everyday wear. It is easy to style and will make you feel years younger while making your face look brighter. And your eyes will glow with this adorable, trendy cut.

Source: alexandre_takao via Instagram


14. Short Bob With Colorful Highlights

Bobs are all-time and elegant. They are the perfect transition from longer locks to a short and sassy hairstyle that is not too short. For a modern flair, add layered bangs and bold highlights.

Source: jaymz.marsters via Instagram

15. Short, Wispy Cut For Fine Curls

Shorter cuts tend to make fine tresses appear much thicker. If you add a great color and back-comb your locks, you can subtly add more body to those shorter curls.

Source: violetthestylist via Instagram

16. Mega Shiny Short Cut

Layered hairstyles add volume on top and an added shine will add texture. This look will frame and flatter your face for an edgy and flirty look.

Source: Alexisbutterflyloft via Instagram


17. Short and Sassy Pixie

A short, textured pixie with a few casual, yet bold, spikes on top will make you look both sassy and stylish. This look works best on women with oval shaped faces.

Source: Elbmodels

18. Cropped, Stylish Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

This trendy style takes sass to a new level. Add some soft layers for added volume, but keep some length at the front in your bangs for a cute side-swept look.

Source: Emilyandersonstyling via Instagram

19. Slick, Tapered Cut

If you want a sophisticated, yet edgy short haircut, opt for longer side bangs with shorter layers in the back. This will make your face look slim while adding volume and texture to finer hair.

Source: Suzido_ via Instagram


20. Serious Side Bangs

Side bangs always grant you more room to experiment with your daily look. What is more, layered bob is precisely the cut that grants you that modern and stylish look that many ladies search for.

Source: anhcotran via Instagram

21. Classic Sleek Short Bob

There is nothing better than sticking to classics when it comes to your cut. One of such cuts is a sleek short bob with a straight bang. Short bob will ensure that you do not need to spend a lot of time fixing it and it will make your face look fresher and younger just like that.

Source: antonhair via Instagram

22. Messy Wavy Blonde Lob

When you do not want to experiment with anything too radical - we have a perfect idea in mind. The thing is that messy blonde lob is the cut that will add that youthful and trendy touch to your look that you may not even expect.

Source: anhcotran via Instagram


23. Chin-Length Bob With Straight Bang

Those of you who are open to experimentation – rejoice, there is something for you too in store. This modern-looking platinum blonde bob with a straight bang is surely worth giving a try to.

Source: anhcotran via Instagram

24. Extra Short Pixie

No length no fuss. If you think the same, then this extra short pixie was created for you. While being super easy to manage it is cute to look at, not to mention stylish.

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

25. Reddish Volume Bob With Long Bang

Red is the color of passion, but this hair color is something in between red and copper, which makes it combine both passion and experience in one. The only cut that can co-exist with such a hue is a voluminous bob with a long bang.