Pretty Nail Designs With Various Embellishments

Hey, fashionistas, pretty nail designs is our topic today. What can we say, we will never get tired of helping you to explore something new and useful! So, get ready to receive a fashion stroke, in a good sense, of course. The freshest ideas are waiting for your attention!


Pretty Nails That Will Blow Your Mind

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Summer and spring nail designs often involve elaborate accents. Firstly, the warm weather as well as a great mood calls for something bright. Secondly, you wear no gloves now.


Pretty Nail Designs to Inspire You

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So, you won’t worry about damaging those cool nail designs and adornments. Let us immerse ourselves into the world of fabulous and intricate accents for manicure.

Pretty Nail Designs in Dark Colors

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Rhinestones are probably the most well-known representatives of this world. They come in various colors and shapes: hearts, stars, butterflies, squares, rounds, bows, leaves, flowers.


Pretty Nail Designs for Any Occasion

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A sticker is another popular representative in a manicure accents community. Stickers are awesome, as they offer you ready designs, and you won’t have to spend much effort drawing.

Pretty and Unique Nail Art Designs

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A nail charm is one more beauty hack to get familiar with. They are sold in various sizes and shapes, from simple flat to modern 3-D designs. The former are made of thin metal.


Pretty Nail Designs for Long Nails

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And the latter are made of resin and resemble tiny sculptures. When learning about manicure accents, also pay attention to dangles. These allow you to have the real piercing done in your acrylic nails!

Best Nail Designs You Should Try This Year

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Not matter you're a beginner or professional, pretty nail design is only your imagination. Don't afraid to try new nail art at first time.

Trendy Marble Nail Design

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The water marble nail design has been trending for quite a while now and it isn't going to disappear anytime soon. Thanks to the multiple variations it has set off, you may easily find a style to match your preferences and nail shape.


Bright Ombre Nail Art

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Everybody is so crazy about an ombre effect that it's basically everywhere. Your nails are no exception. Though, to keep up with fashion this season, you want to go for ombre design in bright or even neon colors adorned with omnifarious nail art, thus combining three hot trends in one mani.

FAQ: Pretty Nail Designs

What is the apex of the nail?

The apex of a nail is the highest point in the center of the nail plate, it builds a symmetry of the nail and it is the point where you add strength. Forming a correct apex ensures that your manicure will hold longer and your nails won’t look flat. That is why you should always make sure your apex is balanced.

Where to put the apex?

Apex is put at the weakest point of the nail: to identify it you can gently press the tip of the nail down, the point where your nail bed turns lighter is where you need to apply extra product to build your apex. It is built in the middle, not too close to a cuticle.