By: | Updated: 04/26/2018

Explore Designs for Long Nails of Different Shapes

Long nails, what is the exact length that determines whether nails are long, you might wonder. While generally this differentiation depends on each person’s perception and taste, a nail technician would classify nails as long if their extension has the same length as the nail bed.

Many ladies really like longer nails, so it is their dream to grow out them. But luckily, the progress in the nail industry does not stand still. And if you cannot grow out your nails due to your lifestyle or so common lack of vitamins, you can get artificial longer nails. There are several types of artificial nails: acrylic nails, gel nails, and silk nails. And once you decide on going natural or artificial, consider the shape of your longer nails.

Everyone has her preferences of the nail shape, but practicality is also to consider sometimes. These are the major nail shapes: square, round, oval, almond, squoval, ballerina, and stiletto. Discover some fresh nail designs for different nail shapes here.

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