Almond shaped nails can become your little black dress in the manicure world. All because the shape is exceptionally versatile and can suit almost everyone. Chloe Corbishley-Bull, a known manicurist, claims that almond nails are her favorite shape since they are easy to work with and are very natural-looking.


Almond nails are elegant and sophisticated, so your manicure will look appropriate in any ambiance. Not to mention the fact that the number of designs to pair with the shape is almost unlimited. Care to find the best top 10 almond-shaped nail designs that will rock the season? You have come to the right place. Our devout experts ensured that the trendiest looks landed in this collection!

Pros and Cons of Almond Nails

Elegant Appearance: Almond nails are often considered one of the most elegant and stylish nail shapes. They have a refined and feminine look that can enhance the overall appearance of your hands.Prone to Breakage: While almond nails are stronger than some other nail shapes, they can still be prone to breakage, especially if they are overly long or thin. Activities like typing or working with your hands can put stress on them.
Versatile: Almond nails can be customized in various lengths and can accommodate a wide range of nail art and designs. They are versatile and can suit both casual and formal occasions.Not Ideal for Active Lifestyles: If you have an active lifestyle or engage in activities that require a lot of hand movement, almond nails may not be the best choice, as they are more delicate and can be more prone to damage.
Strength: The tapered shape of almond nails can provide more strength compared to other delicate shapes like stiletto nails. This can help prevent breakage and chipping.Difficult to DIY: Achieving the perfect almond shape can be challenging, especially if you're doing your nails at home. It may require professional nail technician skills to get the shape just right.
Lengthening Effect: Almond nails create an illusion of longer fingers, making your hands appear more slender and graceful.Potential for Snagging: The pointed tip of almond nails can be more likely to snag on clothing, hair, or other objects, potentially leading to damage or discomfort.

Natural Tips with Gold Foil

by @furiousfiler

This manicure is the epitome of where nature meets artistic brilliance. The daring enchantment of gold foil patterns and the neutral sophistication of natural tips make an excellent combination for those who want to look stylish without taking it over the edge. Think Ariana Grande’s casual looks to get the idea of how it will match your style.

Tip from our experts: Both almond and oval nail shapes are exceptionally adaptive. Whether you prefer short almond nails or care for longer tips, they will perfectly elongate the nail bed so that your hands look elegant and slender.

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Pink Nude

by @akademia.semilac

The subtle charm of pink nude almond shape nails will help you finish your versatile and refined look. A manicure like that will suit any event or occasion, no matter whether it is a casual dinner out or a formal staff party. The abstract swirls aim at contemporary style without disrupting the classy allure of the manicure.

Chloe Corbishley-Bull once stated that abstract nail art paired with almond nails is an unquenchable source of inspiration. Besides, the expert advises that you pay attention to the Olive & June or Essie nail polish collection to ensure the longevity of your nail art. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades so that your tips look individual and unique.

Pink French Matching Toes

by @akademia.semilac

It is time you change the classy perception of almond French tip nails and go for something vibrant instead. The neon pink French mani pairs exceptionally well with same-shaded pink toes. The celebrity manicurist Ashlie Johnson says that the combination of neutral and neon colors is a perfect option for the summer. Besides, a bright French manicure does not attract as much attention as a solid coating would. Yet, we leave the neon flair to the toes. Keep in mind if you aren’t fond of bright shades, you can go down a notch and opt for pastels instead. Your look will remain as stylish but slightly less vibrant.


Blue Marble

by @arizonails

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about blue almond nail designs is winter. However, we say there’s more to the combo than the universal winter nails tag. The captivating beauty of blue marble is hard to coat with words. The swirling and unique patterns, the interaction of blue tones, and the intense bling of gold foil make a one-of-a-kind union that screams modernistic artistry. According to Lisa Logan, the celebrity manicurist, your fingertips should serve as a slight hint of what your toes look like. Such a barely-there mystery spins interest around your personal, and it is fantastic how a manicure or a pedicure can help you succeed with that.

Neon Almond Nails

by @arizonails

Neon almond nail designs are undoubtedly the epitome of a bold statement. Yet, has it ever occurred that you can take the statement to the next level? All you have to do is to combine two vibrant hues in a single manicure. We are not talking here about the mix&match options. We suggest you add that pop of color by painting each hand in another color. Would you dare to pull off something as rebellious as this mani? We’re sure Lady G wouldn’t bat an eyelid before heading to the salon!

A word of advice on the shape from Fariha Ali: If you start with short nails, you will inevitably have to move from a square to an almond. The LA manicurist suggests that you start with an oval and taper the tip further into an almond. Dealing with longer tips is much easier since the shape is less prone to damage. Don’t worry if you don’t succeed with a perfect almond on your first attempt. It takes time to master the art of almond-shaped filing.


Mix and Match Trend

by @basecoatstories

It is effortless to embrace and express your freedom and creativity with almond shaped nail designs. Choose all the playful elements you like and combine them into a single mind-blowingly unique mix-and-match manicure. You can experiment with diverse patterns, shapes, and colors. However, it is advised to stick to a single theme, palette, or subject so your nail design does not look erratic. Browse through China Glaze’s recent collection to find the trendiest shades to experiment with!

Taupe Chrome

by @basecoatstories

Almond nail tips are praised for their subtle appeal, and even if you fuse them with a chrome effect, you can still achieve the muted elegance worthy of a classy manicure. This taupe chrome preserves the edginess but exudes the understated glam and grace worthy of your day-to-day look.

On top of it, we want to stress the fact that Deborah Lippmann thinks the shape is ultimately sassy. Pair it with chrome coating, and you will get a perfect concoction of fame-fatal vibes and a pure sense of femininity. The only requirement for this universal shape is that it reaches slightly beyond your fingertip. Otherwise, it will be challenging to shape it right.

Chocolate French Nails

by @basecoatstories

It is amazing how you can take almond nail inspo from anything around you. How about that bar of chocolate next to you? Warm brown hues in delicate sync with classy French tips and contemporary spiral heart accents present a tasteful twist on a tradition. If you seek a refined and tasty statement subtly projected through your fingertips, this may be just the idea to add to your collection.

Fun fact: The canvas of your nailbed is anything but overly spacious. However, present-day nail techs can create a true masterpiece with as limited room as possible. Amy Ling, the founder of the Sundays Nail Art Studio, says there’s a reason why artistic French tip designs go hand in hand with almond nails. The symbiosis of the two is attention-grabbing and genuine.


Red Ombre Mani

by @basecoatstories

Red hues reign over Valentines Day nails. That’s a fact. Why don’t you set some hearts on fire with these lovely French almond nails spiced with delicate ombre and carefully placed heart accents? While the red gradient exudes passion and allure, the nude base keeps the manicure on the business side.

Our experts say that a two-tone gradient isn’t a limit. You can implement three shades to add an extra spice to your look and express the creative transition from pink to hot pink and then to fiery red. The sky is the limit!

Plaid Almond Manicure

by @chillax_nails

Adorn your seasonal tips with plaid almond shape nail designs. The classy flair of the design, spiced with intricate details, exudes a perfect mixture of elegance and fashion-forward style. The iconic manicure can be incorporated into any style or dress code. Molly Romah has it that almond nail shape is so unique that it can either bring the manicure to the front and make it the ultimate statement or mute it to the point where it only completes the carefully planned look.

Butterfly Almond Nails

by @riornails

Do you know how to make your almond shape nails even dreamier? Why don't you adorn them with a butterfly design? It emphasizes the elegance and delicacy of your manicure like no other. Kylie Jenner loves such nail style a lot and often wears it on her almond French tip nails.


Green Gel Almond Nails

by @malishka702_nails

If you like long almond nails but struggle to grow your natural nails long enough for the desired result, a gel almond manicure comes into play. To accentuate the length even more, opt for bright colors, such as green. Consider OPI in Green-Wich Village and Zoya in Ivanka for the most breathtaking green nail polishes.

Milky Aura Nails

by @malishka702_nails

Milky aura nails are one of the latest and hottest manicure trends that you cannot miss. While it can be adjusted to suit any nail shape, almond shaped nails work best for it. This mani style is popular with such celebrities as Megan Fox and Madelyn Cline. So, if you are looking for aura almond nail inspo, we suggest you check their photos.

Leopard Print Nails

by @malishka702_nails

Once considered kitschy, animalistic print is making its way back into fashion and the nail industry is not an exception. Leopard almond shaped nail designs are all the rage now, so you can never go wrong with them. Kylie Jenner and Fergie love almond acrylic nails with this print. So, why don't you draw some inspiration from their leopard almond nail ideas?


Blue Swirls

by @malishka702_nails

Blue almond nail designs may come in many patterns and styles. If you are not looking for anything elaborate, go with simple swirls. They can add a playful feel to your mani without much effort on your part. It can also be a great idea for summer almond nails. Gucci in Lucy Baby Blue or Sally Hansen in Crystal Blue is what you need for this design.

Barbie Pink Nails

by @charsgelnails_

If it seems to you that the Barbiecore trend has replaced all other beauty trends, it is only because it actually has. That is why it may be a really good idea to paint your natural almond nails pink or embellish them with the Barbie inspired design. The best pink nail polishes can be found in Zoya, OPI, Orly and Essie.

Green Nails

by @charsgelnails_

Green short almond nails are your sip of freshness during the scorching summer days. Plus, there are numerous shades available, from pistachio green Easy Being Green from Nails Inc. to pine green Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow from OPI. You can also mix several shades of green in one mani. This may be a fun nail design or green ombre almond nails. It is up to you to decide.


Glitter Almond Nails

by @charsgelnails_

A surefire way to add a festive feel to your almond nail designs is to embellish them with glitter. As there is a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and even finishes of glitter, you may easily match it to your outfit or the occasion. See the best glitter nail polishes in OPI, Zoya, Essie and China Glaze.

Colorful French Nails

by @charsgelnails_

Give your French almond nails a colorful twist by painting each nail a different shade. You can pick out the needed colors in OPI and Zoya, as they have one of the biggest ranges of colors. For colorful French almond nails ideas, examine Gigi Hadid's and Rihanna's manicures. They are worth to be copied.

Floral Patterns

by @kangannynails

Do you have a romantic personality and would like to show it off? Then it is hard to think of a better option than garnishing your almond manicure with a floral print. This nail design seems good all year long. Yet, it has the best look in the early spring, when nature is blooming, so your mani could bloom with it.


Red French

by @basecoatstories

If you want to get a really bold manicure but black French tip almond nails are a bit too much for you, go with a red French instead. This passionate color guarantees that your manicure is going to be the center of attention wherever you go. OPI in Big Apple Red, Essie in Really Red, Chanel in Pirate and Dior in Rouge are arguably the best red nail polishes on the market.

Croc Print Nails

by @basecoatstories

Cannot decide how to decorate medium almond nails? You should definitely try a croc print design, which is so on trend now. To get it, you need to arm yourself with a white nail polish, such as OPI in Funny Bunny, and place drops in the middle of your nails one above the other. Now place dots in the same way as before on each side of the middle row of dots. Finish off with a top coat and you are all set.

Clouds Art

by @basecoatstories

When wearing almond nails short, you usually do not want to overload them with intricate designs or patterns. Choose something lightweight and relaxed, such as a fluffy clouds design. To draw it, you will need to stock up on a white nail polish (we recommend Nails Inc. in Free Time It's Me Time) and draw the image by placing several dots near each other.


Bridal Pearl Nails

by @basecoatstories

White almond nails are one of the most common bridal manicure styles and not for nothing. It is sophisticated, elegant and flatters everyone. However, if you would like to take it to another level, why not get pearl almond short acrylic nails for the bride? You may find the highest quality pearly nail polishes in OPI, ILNP, Essie and China Glaze.

Blush Nails

by @basecoatstories

Another trend to try in almond shape nail designs is a blush manicure. The technique is very similar to ombre nails. You need to blend the nail color so that it looks as if it fades into the nail. Yet, you should use either nail powder or your regular eyeshadow in a peachy pink color for it.

Autumn Swirls Almond Nails

by @basecoatstories

Fall almond nails are usually about deep dark shades and complex designs. Though, something simple, like subtle swirls, will work just fine. You can apply them to every nail or use as an accent on one or two nails. As for the rest, you can go for an all out color or only paint almond nail tips.


Black Almond Nails

by @basecoatstories

Who does not love a good bold manicure with a touch of drama? We do not know her. That is why black almond nails are something you will never be disappointed in. There is a myriad of top notch black nail polishes to choose from, such as Essie in Licorice, Jinsoon in Absolute Black and Butter London in Union Black Jack.

Matte Black Almond Nails Design

by @deville_nails

A nice, simple look for everyday nails – black almond nails. Some polish has glitter incorporated into it, but this matte design with silver glitter accent appears to be applied as a top coat. This is considered to be one of the simple nail designs since there are no extravagant embellishments.

Nude Almond Nails With Gold Stripe

by @deville_nails

The next nail design we are going to discuss is the nude long almond nails represented in this photo. The nude color is often chosen for formal events and special occasions. This color has become popular, and women from all walks of life are obtaining nude nails. This particular example has an accent design that is subtle and barely noticeable at first glance. However, when you look more attentively, there is a fine silver glitter line as the centerpiece of each ring finger nail. There are, of course, more types of accents – some are just as inconspicuous and others are more noticeable.


Pink Almond Nails

Source: Shutterstock

If you have a modern-day princess in your household, these pink almond nails may be exactly what she desires. The subtle nude pink color is a perfect color for her to show her girliness without seeming too overpowering. This model has amazing black patterns applied to her nude pinky nails, and a combination of three beautiful pink rhinestones on her ring fingers. There are various shades of pink, from pastel pink to dark or hot pink, that would also look great on this nail design.

Black and Red Almond Nails

Source: Shutterstock

Matte black almond nails are super cool. The matte black color gives your acrylic nails an edgy appearance. The most popular features of nail designs today are the accent designs that can be added to any nail job. This unique red accent adds a great contrast and blend with the main nail design... Marble nails become very popular as a design all on their own. Their chic style screams class, passion and fashion.

Cute Almond Nail Designs

by @geek_nails

One of the hottest new trends in the nail industry is the cute almond nails. This style of nails will probably be around for a while due to their wild popularity. If you desire to bring fashion all the way to the tips of your fingers, there are ways to use your nail design to accessorize your overall look with chic nail designs. The base nude color on these nails is a look that is suitable for a woman who wants to add style while not being too flashy. The custom silver glitter accent in this design that you see on the first photo is a feature that we adore! The aesthetician has used an amazing and uplifting “owl you need is love” lettering with black lacquer on middle finger, and a lovely pattern representing a cute couple of owls in love on the ring finger of the other hand. A simple "I love you" lettering or red hearts will help you "speak up" your feelings without resorting to verbal articulation. Since the design is topped with a couple of coats of clear lacquer, this design will last for a long time without worrying about damage.


Nude Nails With Crystals

Even such a low key manicure as nude may gain a glaring turn when adorned with crystals. Do not choose too big ones though, as they may look a bit flashy. Opt for petite gems instead, which seem elegant and tasteful yet quite prominent against your nude almond nails.

Black and Pink Almond Nails


Who says that your mani must be sole-colored? To the contrary, the more colors you involve into your mani, the more outstanding it will look! Although sheer mani is something that never fails to be appropriate, multi-colored nails – it’s something heart-warming and eye-pleasing. So, why not enhance the color palette?

If the almond shape is your go-to, it means that adventurousness is in your blood. However, this urge for adventure is not blind – you never forget about being cautious. Also, this nail shape is a sign of a creative and hip soul who loves standing out and not being like everyone else. Your choices tend to be unique and unusual, yet, rather practical. Your taste is modern, and quality is something that plays a significant role in your life. You will never opt for anything vintage or dated.

Does that sound like you? Well, the debate revolves around behaviorism as a science. So, don’t get upset if some of these qualities are not about you. The most important thing is that the almond shape is cool and complimenting. And the nail designs you can see here are simple but look totally awesome when combined with this shape.

FAQ: Almond Nails

Do almond nails look good on everyone?

Almond nails are definitely attractive nail shape that looks good on everyone. It is a classic and elegant shape that can be as long as your nails permit. This shape elongates the fingers and makes them look skinnier, so extremely long almond nails aren’t advised for people with already thin and long finders. Moreover, long almond is more prone to breakage.

What do almond shaped nails say about you?

You are elegant and feminine; you are always ready to try new things out although you like giving them some consideration first. You like facts and details, you are professional and good at making a nice first impression. Basically, you have your life together and have no idea why your co-workers don’t like the clicking sound your nails make when you type.

  • Almond shaped nails feature a slightly pointed tip and are often quite long, but short almond nails are just as chic Inside, see 37 almond shaped nail designs to inspire you. Source
  • Almond nails: sharper than ovals but less dangerous than stilettos. Source