Is a lip piercing something you have been dreaming of for a long time? Then what stops you from getting it done? If you are afraid that piercings do not work for you, then we are here to prove you wrong. Lip piercings look cool on everyone, it is just important to find your style. No worries, we got your back. In the following guide, we will give you full insight into lips piercing, covering types, styles, material, aftercare tips and many other important aspects. So, feel free to make good use of it.


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Types Of Lip Piercings

Glaminati team prepared all the important information and infographics to tell you all about lip piercing types.


Upper lip piercing

    • Medusa piercing. Do you know the subtle depression between your nose and top lip? This is philtrum. When you get its middle pierced, it is called a medusa piercing. To perform it, your piercer will most likely use a 16G needle. Sometimes, bigger gauges are also possible. Be prepared that it will take you anywhere between six and twelve weeks to heal.
Medusa Piercing

What's your favorite type of lip piercing?

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  • Labret piercing (center of the lower lip)
  • Monroe piercing (upper lip, off-center)
  • Snake bites (paired piercings on the lower lip)
  • Angel bites (paired piercings on the upper lip)
  • Vertical labret piercing (vertically through the lower lip)

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What's your favorite type of lip piercing?

Labret piercing (center of the lower lip)
Monroe piercing (upper lip, off-center)
Snake bites (paired piercings on the lower lip)
Angel bites (paired piercings on the upper lip)
Vertical labret piercing (vertically through the lower lip)
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  • Jestrum piercing. A jestrum piercing is pretty similar to medusa piercings, which is why it is also referred to as a vertical medusa. This upper lip piercing starts at the area right above your Cupid's bow and goes through the upper lip middle. Done with 14G-18G needles, it usually heals in 8-10 weeks.
Jestrum Piercing

Middle lip piercing

  • Dahlia Piercing. A dahlia piercing is a type of middle lip piercing where you puncture the areas on both sides of your mouth, indenting half an inch from the corners. It is usually paired, but if you decide to go for a single piercing, it will turn up amazing too. You will need to wait between three and ten weeks for it to heal.
Dahlia Lip PIercing


Bottom Lip Piercing

  • Ashley lip piercing. In an Ashley lip piercing, the entrance hole is located in the middle of the bottom lip, while the exit point remains invisible, as it remains on the inner part of the mouth. The healing period is between eight and ten weeks.
  • Horizontal lip piercing. As you can tell, most lip piercing names are derived from the position of the piercing and a horizontal lip piercing is no exception. It goes through the center of your bottom lip from side to side. You can expect it to heal from six to eight weeks.
Horisontal Lip Piercing
  • Vertical labret piercing. A vertical labret piercing is the one that enters beneath the bottom lip and exists in its middle. The healing process for this bottom lip piercing lasts around 8-10 weeks.

Under lip piercing

  • Snake bites piercing. A snake bites piercing is an under lip piercing where the ends of the labret are placed symmetrically below the bottom lip on each side of it resembling a snake bite mark, hence the name. It can heal anywhere between four weeks and up to three months.
  • Spider bites piercing. A spider bites piercing takes its name from the resemblance of, you guessed it, the marks from the bites of a spider. Yet, unlike the snake bites piercing, it is not symmetrical but rather placed only on one side of your mouth.
Spider Bites Piercing
  • Dolphin bites piercing. A dolphin bites piercing sits beneath the lower lip, just like snake bites. Yet the distance between the piercings is noticeably shorter. The healing time ranges between four weeks and three months.
Dolphin Bites Piercing
  • Shark bites piercing. A shark bites piercing basically consists of two spider piercings. It features two piercings on each side of your mouth near its corners. Because you get so many piercings at once, a shark bites piercing may heal in about 1-3 months.
Shark Bites Lip Piercing


Side lip piercing

  • Madonna piercing. It is not hard to guess that a Madonna piercing draws inspiration from one and only Pop Queen Madonna. It is pierced in the same place where the singer has her signature nevus – above her right upper lip. You will need to wait for around 6-12 weeks until it heals.
Madonna Side Lip Piercing
  • Monroe piercing. A Monroe piercing is another side lip piercing named after an iconic beauty mark of a legend. The main difference between Monroe and Madonna piercings is that the former is done on the left side above the top lip. The healing process lasts around 6-12 weeks.
Monroe Side Lip Piercing

Single, Paired, Or Double?

You can also group lip piercings according to the number of piercings they feature. So, the main categories of face piercings are as follows:

Single Lip Piercings:

Single Lip Piercings

A single lip piercing is any piercing located on your lip that incorporates only one labret and is not mirrored on the opposite side or complemented with a matching labret. It includes:

  • Medusa piercing;
  • Madonna piercing;
  • Monroe piercing;
  • Labret piercing;
  • Ashley lip piercing.


Paired Lip Piercings:

Paired Lip Piercings

A paired lip piercing is essentially a combination of two single lip piercings. It is not symmetrical and can be done either in the middle of the lip or on either of its sides. The most popular paired lip piercing types are:

  • Vertical labret piercing;
  • Horizontal lip piercing;
  • Jestrum piercing.

Double Lip Piercings:

Double Lip Piercing
Double Lip Piercing Chart

A double lip piercing is any two or more lip piercings that are symmetrical to each other, such as:

  • Dahlia piercing;
  • Snake bites piercing;
  • Spider bites piercing;
  • Dolphin bites piercing;
  • Shark bites piercing;
  • Cyber bites;
  • Cannie bites.

Lip Piercing Jewelry Types

Not all lip piercing jewelry types can be used interchangeably. So, it pays to know what jewelry to choose for a specific kind of piercing. Two major categories of lip piercing jewelry include lip rings and lip bars. Each of them, of course, has many variations.

  • Lip rings. These are usually labret lip rings with a thickness of 18G to 14G. The most common options include circular barbells, ball closure rings and segment rings. They work for a medusa piercing, a jestrum piercing, an Ashley lip piercing, a vertical labret piercing, snake bites, spider bites, dolphin bites, shark bites, etc.
  • Lip bars. Lips bars are a popular option for all facial piercings, including lip piercing. In their essence, these are labret studs that feature a bead or a gem on one end and a screw on flat back on the other. They are a perfect option for those who prefer a classy lip piercing. You can use them for medusa piercings, Dahlia piercings, horizontal lip piercings, vertical labret piercings, a snake bite, a spider bite, a dolphin bite, a shark bite, a Madonna piercing and a Monroe piercing.


What Is The Best Material For A Lips Labret?

What Is The Best Material For A Lips Labret?

When it comes to the choice of material for lip piercings, the selection is so wide that you can easily find an option that matches your preferences and meets your budget.

  • Gold. Gold is the type of jewelry material that you can never go wrong with, provided you can afford it. Though, look for higher grades, such as 24K, as the content of nickel in them is smaller than in others. However, you should keep in mind that the higher the grade is, the softer it is.
  • Surgical steel. Surgical steel is a quite popular material for lip piercings. Yet, not all grades will work, only those that have 316L and 316LVM markings on them. But, in case you are allergic to nickel, this may not be the best option for you because there is quite a lot of nickel in surgical stainless steel.
  • Titanium is a great choice for those with sensitivity to nickel, as it hardly contains any. It is quite hard and durable, so you may not worry about scratches and nicks. It can be considered quite pricey. Though, it will fully pay you off.
  • Zircon. Zircon is the most popular gem used for body piercings jewelry. It is a budget friendly alternative to diamonds, as it is as shiny and dazzling but does not cost you an arm and a leg. No wonder it is so popular for classy lip piercing jewelry.
  • Acryl. Acrylic jewelry offers many benefits. It is not overpriced, nor is it heavy. Besides, the style and color range is limitless. The main downside to acrylic jewelry is maintenance. It requires pretty much effort to keep it clean and can be easily degraded by alcohol if you try to sterilize it this way.

How Much Does Lip Piercing Cost?

The price for lip piercings may differ depending on many factors, such as the professionalism of your piercer, where their salon is located, what materials they use and, of course, the type of jewelry you insert into the hole. Sometimes, even the number of piercings affects the final price of the service. So, ideally, you should get a quote from the person who is going to pierce you. And, do not skimp on the tip, of course. Though if you still need a little heads up on the pricing, an average lip piercing fee is $30, while starting price for the jewelry is $38. That said, a classy lip piercing will cost you not less than $68.


What You Should Know Before You Get a Lip Piercing?

What You Should Know Before You Get a Lip Piercing?

So that you are fully aware of what to expect from a lip piercing, below we have covered the main concerns that may bother you.


Are lip piercings painful?

As lip piercings imply puncturing your skin, it will hurt. But, unless your pain threshold is extremely low, you will be able to tolerate it pretty successfully. Make sure however to keep your piercing intact, as any intervention, be it snagging, biting or sometimes even moving, may cause irritation, soreness or inflammation.

How long does it take for a lip piercing to heal?

Lip piercings take on average around 3-6 months to heal, so you will need quite a lot of patience and stamina not to give up halfway. Because you still unintentionally disturb it when you eat, drink or even sleep, the healing time is a bit longer than for other facial piercings. Besides, since your body tries to surround the jewelry with scar tissue to shield the open wound from bacteria ingress, you may need to wait longer than expected for the piercing to heal completely. Yet, this period may be both shortened and prolonged, which depends on the ability of your body to heal fast as well as your aftercare routine.

Aftercare tips

Aftercare tips

As we mentioned before, aftercare plays a huge role in successful lip piercing healing. So, you should not neglect it. While your piercer should give you detailed recommendations for how to take care of your new lip piercing, here are some general aftercare tips to keep infection at bay:

  • After every meal or drink, flush your mouth using a mouth wash. Yet, make sure it does not contain alcohol. Optionally, you can also brush your teeth beforehand.
  • Clean the pierced site from the outside in the morning and in the evening with a cotton pad soaked in a sterile saline solution.


How to deal with infected lip piercing?

If you still happen to introduce bacteria to your piercing, the first thing you should do is to rinse the inflamed area with a saline solution. Make sure your hands are clean and sterile. So, either put on gloves or at least wash them thoroughly with unscented soap. Then, you will need to contact your piercer for further instructions.

Now that you are familiarized with a lip piercing, you should not dread the idea of getting your lips punctured. As you will likely have gathered by now, there is a perfect option for everybody and even more than one. So, once you decide on the site where you want your lips piercing to be, do not hesitate to book an appointment with your piercer.

FAQ: Lip Piercing

1. Are lip piercings painful?

Because your skin is more tender on the lips and around your mouth, getting it pierced feels more painful than nose or ears. Yet, the pain is not long lasting. On the ten point pain level scale, it is between four and five.

2. How long does lip piercing take to heal?

Healing time for lip piercings ranges between 6 and 8 weeks. This may vary from person to person, as every body heals differently. Besides, you can aid the process by following the aftercare tips carefully.

3. What does lip piercing symbolize?

Lip piercings, as well as mouth piercings, have not only an aesthetic purpose but also a symbolic meaning. For the Dogon, an ethnic group of Mali, it symbolized the creation of the world by the spirit of their ancestors.

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