Many people these days dream about getting a peculiar type of face piercing, and medusa piercing wouldn't be a striking exception. However, aside from getting ready to have this body mod done, you should remember that a proper aftercare routine is a lot more important than the courage you gain to get the lip pierced. To be absolutely sure that you are ready to commit to such a delicate and pretty demanding type of piercing, you need a detailed guide at hand. That is precisely what we will provide you with today!


Medusa piercing. What is it?

Before you continue with the healing tips and other vital bits of info, you need to fully understand what is a medusa piercing. Clearly, it is a type of top lip piercing. However, most people think that Medusa is just a cupids bow piercing, while it is located right above it. Surely, many experts claim that a Medusa is just a lip piercing, yet the scientific term Philtrum is another, let aesthetic but the more academic name of the piercing. All due to the same name that the location bears.


The Jestrum or Vertical Medusa Piercing

Now, when you know what's a medusa piercing, you may consider yourself ready to book a piercing shop appointment. However, we've got news for you – there's an intricate alternative to medusa piercing, called vertical medusa piercing. While the entry point coincides with the philtrum location, the exit is visible from the outside too. The fact is that the exit point is through the upper lip instead of being hidden behind the lip tissue. This is a quite requested type of Medusa piercing and truly looks intricate and appealing.

Pain and Healing

There is a circling opinion that any type of cupids bow piercing is extremely painful and takes quite a period to heal completely. While, there is a grain of truth to the assumption, medusa piercing pain can't compare with that of a nipple piercing, yet, it surely hurts more than a belly button variation or a popular snake bites option.

As to the medusa piercing healing time, it ranges up to 3 months. Primarily the healing time depends upon your genetic predisposition and, of course, the aftercare. A crucial point to keep in mind – the second day after the piercing is the worst since the area swells and hurts when you try to touch it. Yet, the only way to deal with it is to live through the day without taking the jewelry out.



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When it comes to almost any type of lip piercing, you should be immensely careful with it while it is still healing so that you don't get it infected. Philtrum piercing fits the category. Thus, you should stick to the following pieces of advice to have it heal well and in no time.

  • Since the area swells, you should wear the jewelry big enough to withstand the process without causing any pain or discomfort.
  • Stick to high-quality jewelry types, such as titanium, stainless steel, and precious metals.
  • Keep the hands off the piercing to avoid unnecessary infection.
  • Make sure that the piercing is dry to prevent the bacteria from spreading.
  • Put the makeup routines away for a week or so.
  • Try not to smoke and drink.
  • Rinse the mouth every time you've just had a meal.
  • Keep the outsides clean with antibacterial soap.


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Whether you decide to get a small medusa piercing or a classy medusa piercing, you need to pick the right medusa piercing jewelry. It's best to listen to the piercer's advice on the initial jewelry to start with. You can change it to the one you like most after the piercing is healed.

Labret style – you can get this type of jewelry if you sport a classy look. While the outside part can be experimented with, the inside is usually a secure plate that keeps the piercing in.

Barbell – if you pick a vertical medusa as your dream piercing type, then barbells are the best type of jewelry to stick to.


Side Effects

Infected medusa piercing isn't something you would like to deal with. Thus, you should take proper care of it since day one. Yet, there are some basic side effects to keep in mind before you get a medusa body piercing. They are the following:

  • Lip swelling that will last a few days.
  • Crust covering the around-the-piercing area. This is the sign that the piercing is healing, so you shouldn't pick on it but rather spray it with saline spray and wait until it comes off.
  • Tooth damage may occur if you play with the piercing too much. Also, the placing matters, so pick a professional to choose it carefully for you.

Medusa piercing is capable of many things, and lighting up your face and emphasizing your style are just to name a few. Choose the variation that suits you most and enhance your style to the fullest!

FAQ: Medusa Piercing

Can a Medusa piercing go wrong?

This particular piercing is considered to be a combination of body and oral piercings and should always be done by a specialist. If something goes wrong, medusa piercing can have consequences that can seriously affect your face, teeth, gums and mouth.

Can you kiss with a Medusa piercing?

Kissing someone who has pierced lips is not much different than a regular kiss. Just remember that the act of kissing can also bring bacteria, fluids or harmful debris like lipsticks, lip balms or other cosmetological products into the newly made piercings…

Can you eat after a medusa piercing?

Refrain from eating salty, spicy, acidic or hot foods and drinks for several days. Cold foods and drinks have a calming effect and help control swelling, whereas foods such as mashed potatoes and oatmeal are difficult to eat because they often stick to the mouth and piercing jewelry.