A watercolor tattoo is one of the most beautiful ones you will ever get. Don't you agree? Made by carefully blending different shades of colors, it becomes a true classic right now. A watercolor tattooing style has always been popular in the art, so there's nothing strange for it to be popular in a tattoo industry. Looking truly different from all the tattoo techniques we are all used to, it captures the attention of everyone who will see it. Any body part you want to perfect with such a masterpiece will look gorgeous. Good care during the healing process and your watercolor tattoo will look bomb. Are you curious about the tattoo ideas we have for you? Then check out our top watercolor tattoo designs for any body part.


Watercolor Tattoo On The Arm

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Haven't you noticed how popular it is to place a watercolor tattoo on the arm? Of course, you did and we believe there's nothing strange about this trend. It is a visible part of our body not only for other people but also for us, and it will always be in our sight. A great place for those who always want to admire the beauty of their permanent body painting.

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A watercolor technique looks so good on the thin skin of our arm that the tenderness of your design will be shown even more. Different sizes, colors and design ideas are here for you to choose from. Whether you are a fan of a big or tiny tattoo design with pastel or bright colors, this tattoo placement will be perfect. Flowers, in our opinion, are perfect for an arm tattoo. They look wonderful with other details and will show the world how special you are. Do you want something different? Then consider getting a geometric tattoo with an animal that will look magnifying on your arm.


Beautiful Watercolor Tattoo Designs For A Back

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A watercolor style is perfect for any part of our body, don't you think? It looks perfect anywhere and will bring out tenderness, magnificence and beauty of you. If you don't want it to be visible much, we have a great idea. Think of getting your watercolor tattoo on your back. A perfect place for those who don't want to show the presence of a tattoo on their body.

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The best thing about such an option is its size. It can be as big or tiny as you want, so the picture will be shown precisely. On your shoulder blade or at the back of your neck - these ideas will look perfect. A beautiful mermaid in a constellation done in blue shades, a cute tender girl with perfectly blended colors or two fish swimming around. All these tattoos will symbolize your beauty and differ from any other tattoo you have ever seen.

Leg Watercolor Tattoo Designs

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Body art has become such a great thing nowadays that more and more options for its placement come along. What do you think of getting a watercolor tattoo on your leg? A thigh or an ankle will look so beautiful decorated with a gorgeously done painting.

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What can be more stylish than a watercolor tattoo? Flowers or geometric pictures with animals can be chosen, anything your heart desires, as in watercolor anything you think of will look perfect.


Side Watercolor Tattoos

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A watercolor tattoo on the side of your body is an absolutely great idea for those who want a tattoo that is not visible for everybody. It looks absolutely stunning and delicate and it will bring out how tender and beautiful you are. Small or big, this colorful watercolor design is incredible. More and more people choose the side of their body for a tattoo placement and we understand why. Thin lines and blurred colors look perfect on bare skin. Bright or pastel colors can be chosen, so it's up to you. Flowers, colorful animals that you associate with yourself or a dream-catcher that will be a charm for the rest of your life.

Watercolor Tattoo Designs On A Chest

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A chest watercolor tattoo is for those who are not afraid to experiment and are ready to accentuate the beauty of their bodies! Such a placement of a tattoo will only bring out how gorgeous-looking you are. What can you choose? A geometric tattoo with an interesting filling, this elephant tattoo is a great example of creativity you can show through the tattoo art, flowers in the middle of your chest or at the side to define it. Sexy, creative and different at the same time, it is for those girls who are confident. If you are worried about how painful it can be, believe us, a beautiful result will make it up for the pain on a thin skin.


Hided Watercolor Tattoo Ideas

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Do you prefer color tattoos but don't want to risk having a big one for now? Great, then these tiny options are for you. Super tender and delicate, they will be perfect to show through dreaminess and beauty. Little accurate flowers with small details can be slightly visible but really attractive at the same time. A great choice that will show how special you are. Bright or pastel colors to fill in the watercolor are up to you.

Watercolor Tattoo On A Belly

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Another option for confident ladies out here. Are you satisfied with your body and would like to decorate it with a gorgeous-looking picture? Then look at these suggestions. Placed on the belly, they will help you define your beautiful body even more, making you look even sexier. Many options are available that will look perfect with great aftercare. Flowers or birds done in different colors are among our top ideas.

Tiny Watercolor Tattoo Ideas

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As you can see, watercolor tattoo are really good choice for those who wants to show their personality. Huge variety of designs and colors that you can combine in any ways will help you to find your own style.