Some tattoo designs feature an undeniable appeal that both men and women are inevitably drawn to, and the moon tattoo is on the list. There is barely a person who can resist the pull that the celestial body has. Many myths, legends, and mysteries are connected with the moon in either of its phases. Besides, moon tattoo designs are rich in aesthetics and meaning. Thus, the reasons to pick the ink from the rest are one reason too many. Care to learn something new on the subject and get your fair share of inspiration? You have come to the right place!


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Moon Tattoo Meaning


Before we proceed with trendy and beautiful moon tattoo ideas, you have to learn about the moon tattoo meaning. Just like the sun tattoo, moon ink has more than just one connotation to it. Let’s discuss the most popular ideas:

  • Femininity – because of the moon’s transition phases, the celestial body is closely connected with the female image. Throughout the ages, the moon has been depicted as a goddess and people worshiped it for its power, light and guidance during the darkest times.
  • Constancy – the moon is ever-present, as opposed to the sun. You can see its outline during the daytime as well.
  • Friendship – if you want to eternalize the notion of friendship in your skin, you can choose the design of the sun and moon in one tattoo. The connotation can be taken further to symbolize strong emotions and feelings such as love and devotion.


Phases of the Moon


When you decide to depict a moon phase tattoo on your body, you have to realize that all phases carry a different meaning to them.

  • New moon – of all the moon phases tattoo with a new moon will signify a fresh start or a new beginning in your life.
  • Waxing crescent moon – this phase stands for strong intentions. As the moon grows brighter, so will your intentions shape themselves well.
  • First quarter moon – when you have already finalized your decision, you can choose the phase to remind yourself of your choice.
  • Waxing Gibbous moon – the current phase is where you think about the refinement.
  • Full moon – such a design would stand for the start of the intended operation no matter what.
  • Waning gibbous – as opposed to all the ‘active’ phases, the waning one is about something you are grateful for.
  • Waning crescent – among all the minimalist moon phases tattoo, the given one is about surrender, yet it does not necessarily mean failure, but rather acceptance.

Galactic Metamorphosis

Galactic Metamorphosis
by @tattooist_danha

What will come out if you combine cosmic wonder with profound transformative symbolisms? Looking at this gorgeous ink piece, we say – a stunning metamorphosis masterpiece! Let the cool glow of the moon light up the path of your transformation to become the person everyone would look up to!


Water Splash Moon

Water Splash Moon
by @tattooist_danha

The interplay between the elements and the cosmic beauty is alluring and unique. A black and white moon washed by colorful water splash inspires a sense of tranquility and curiosity. Being as visually appealing as it is, this piece has more to it – its hidden symbolism indicates infinite possibilities that deserve your undivided attention.

Red Moon with Snake

Red Moon with Snake
by @tattooist_danha

The red moon is a rare and enigmatic condition that feeds the imagination and triggers powerful emotions. While you can observe blood moon only up to 4 times a year, a red moon tat etched in your skin will be there for you 24/7. We must admit that the symbolism that the notion bears is quite unique and versatile. Most often, the red moon is associated with mystery, passion, and primal energy. When encircled by a slithering snake, the design enquires a taste of danger. All in all, it is a powerful statement, both visually and conceptually.


The Moon with Geometric Elements

The Moon with Geometric Elements
by @tattooist_mate

You can’t conquer the unknown without a map, can you? A crescent moon enriched with various geometrical symbols can be your personal guide toward a new beginning and a brighter future. Besides, a design similar to the one that has come from under the fingertips of Mate – a devout dark-style artist from Korea – will serve as a perfect tribute to your fascination with the cosmos and creative personality.

Personal Lettering

Personal Lettering
by @tattooist_uzi

If you have a quote or phrase or any meaningful words you’d like to carry etched in your skin through life, combining them with a delicate moon image is a great choice. The mysterious appeal of the moon, matched with a profound connotation, completes one another. To visualize the combo, we suggest you take a closer look at the masterpiece that Uzi, a devout tattooist, created.

Sacred Mandala

Sacred Mandala Tattoo
by @nurburgink

The elaborate appeal of the mandala is well-known, but there’s more where it comes from. Mandalas are also deeply meaningful and even mystical. Unusual geometric patterns may bear spiritual significance and proclaim one’s inner harmony. Besides, intertwining a mandala with such a powerful celestial body as a moon is a perfect opportunity to magnify the symbolism of the design.


Scar Cover-Up with Moon Design

Scar Cover-Up with Moon Design
by @tattooist_namoo

Moon tats can serve multiple purposes. While this watercolor design is stunning and can be enhanced with a unique and personal meaning, it also hides a scar.

Moon with Trees

Moon with Trees
by @tattooist_namoo

The timeless magic of the forest encapsulated with the serene outline of a moon creates a resonating synergy. You can enhance the design with an individual connotation, but usually, trees symbolize growth and a deep connection to nature. When combined with the calmness of the moon, the union acquires a mythical flair.

Double Exposure Style Moon

Double Exposure Style Moon
by @evgenymel

This double-exposure design by Evgenii Malgin, a skilled tattoo artist based in Amsterdam who has been working in the tattoo field since 2009, is thought-provoking and magical. The artist has used the teal palette that he is recognized by. Yet, teal shades symbolize tranquility and emotional stability. If you look a little closer, you will see the forest and the mountain silvered by the moon, which project an adventurous yet relaxed vibe.


Tarot Card

Tarot Card
by @mardenanquim

The Moon card is one of the most mysterious in the Tarot deck. Usually, it tells you to follow your instincts and don’t discard the intuitive feelings. At the same time, the Moon card warns about the potential dangers of delusion and self-deception. We must say that this piece of art created by Lisbon tattoo artist Jacque López projects mysterious vibes.

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Full Moon Tattoo Ideas

Any tattoo artist will tell you that a full moon tattoo is one of the most requested ones. All due to the fact that the design signifies goal achievement and determination. Besides, you don’t have to limit your imagination to either a blue moon tattoo or a black moon tattoo. You can go purple or any other preferred shade if you please. The connotation will be slightly altered, but the core remains.

Crescent Moon Tattoos

There is a peculiar connotation to a crescent moon tattoo, especially if you are a woman. The design stands for motherhood and fertility. Overall, the image is utterly feminine, and you can take things a little further by spicing your ink with gentle girly colors and such mythical creatures as wise ravens and unicorns.


Sun and Moon Tattoos

The direct sun and moon tattoo meaning is the notion of friendship. That is why a sun and moon tattoo is usually paired ink. Keep in mind that you don’t have to double the design with your bestie. As long as either ink contains both celestial bodies, your intentions will be fulfilled.

Moon Dream Catcher Tattoo

Moon and stars tattoo is another popular design that many women are head over heels about. Unlike the moon and sun tattoo, the moon and star tattoo is about the family. Mothers often view their kids as little, twinkling stars and thus the combination. Moreover, you can pair your moon and stars with a lovely dreamcatcher to keep all the bad energy and dreams at bay.

Moon with Constellations


Moon with Flowers Tattoos

To reach the peak of a feminine vibe, lots of girls choose to pair their moon tattoos with flowers. Even the most minimalist moon tattoo adorned will flowers will take your breath away. Make your ink colored, and you will have a masterpiece etched into your body.

How Do You Find A Reliable Tattoo Artist?


It can’t be stressed enough how much it depends on the skill and professional training of the tattoo artist you choose to complete your ink. However, finding one may be slightly trickier than expected. We’ll share a few practical tips to help you fulfill the quest.

  • Online research – start with simple homework and locate a reputable tattoo artist in your area. Usually, experienced and reliable artists have dedicated websites and social media containing their work and user feedback.
  • Pay close attention to the tattoo artist’s portfolio to ensure they are skilled in the style you want.
  • Reach out to the artist and inquire about their experience in the field. The more experience they have, the more crafted they usually are at what they do.
  • Ask around your friends in case they’ve been to a studio themselves and have an artist in mind to advise.
  • Go to the salon to check the conditions and atmosphere at the workplace. A reliable workspace is clean, well-organized, and free of potential hazards. You can observe the artist’s work to get the hang of their general skill, attitude, approach, and personality.
  • Consider the price policy of the tattoo artist. While you don’t want to overspend on the tattoo, going the cheapest isn’t the best solution, either.
  • Trust your instincts if something does not seem right to you – it is best to follow your gut. Every ink is a permanent investment, and you should be fully satisfied with the potential outcome.

How To Take Proper Care Of Your Moon Tattoo?

After you pick the best design and get it skillfully etched into your skin, you must ensure the original outcome remains unaltered throughout the year. To succeed with the task, you must help your ink heal well. While an experienced tattoo artist will supply you with a dedicated aftercare guide, you may want to write these useful tips down:

  • Keep the bandage on – your freshly inked skin will be covered with a bandage, which should remain on for at least a few hours. The main aim of the cover is to keep your tat clean of bacteria and related contagious agents. You should wash your tattoo gently after you remove the bandage.
  • Keep the irritated area well-moisturized. After you clean the area and pat it dry, you should apply a hypoallergenic moisturizer. Repeat the procedure at least a few times a day. This will put peeling and itching at bay.
  • Keep away from the sun. Direct sunlight will cause the ink to fade. If you must go into the sun, you should cover the tattoo up and/or use protective sunblock.
  • Keep away from swimming. Soaking your tat in water, that is, taking prolonged baths and going for a swim, may lead to fading or infection.
  • Keep away from peeling or scratching your tattoo vigorously. Should you damage the skin, it will lead to scarring, which will ruin the initial design of your tattoo.
  • Wash your tattoo with gentle, hypoallergenic, no-fragrance soap.
  • In case you spot some signs of infection, including but not limited to redness, swelling, or oozing, you should consult your tattoo artist or visit a doctor.


Moon Tattoo Popular Placements
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The tattoo placement plays as vital part as the design itself. Surely, you pick a unique placement according to your own wishes and preferences. However, modern trends show that back tattoos for women, especially the nape of the neck, ankles, and wrists, are the fittest locations for a moon tattoo. If you think about it, you can fit a small half moon tattoo even behind your ear or on your finger. That is the beauty of moon designs. They can fit almost anywhere.


What do moon tattoos symbolize?

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