Best Honeymoon Destinations For Your Romantic Getaway

What are the best honeymoon destinations for newlywed couples? Maybe on some of the most relaxing beaches? We would like to discuss it in this post.


But in sum, you should choose the place that will offer you something to your taste. If you crave for some adrenaline, go to the spot where you can get it. And in case you prefer just sunbathing and sipping cocktails, pick a popular beach resort.

Now let’s discover the top places for your future romantic honeymoon.

Explore The Paradise In Bali, Indonesia

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In case you are dreaming of walking hand in hand seaside, then Bali would be one of the best options. And besides white sand beautiful beaches and mesmerizing clean blue water, the island can lure you with its bright art scenes, amazing mountain vistas, temples half-covered with mist like Pura Luhur Uluwatu.


Florence, Italy – The Resort With A Rich History

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Florence Italy is probably the best honeymoon destination in Europe.

Unforgettable sunsets, delicious Italian cuisine, resorts that offer not only romantic charm but also the exceptional accommodation ratings attract happy couples from all over the globe. It’s best to visit Florence in May-September. Then you can enjoy warm and inspiring Italian sunshine and art festivals as well as dine open air.

The Northern Nature Is Waiting In Blue Lagoon, Iceland

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Blue Lagoon is famous for its massive hot springs, soaring geysers, and shattering waterfalls. Whether you’ll be chasing the Northern Lights or relaxing in hot springs, there will be many opportunities for ‘adults only’ fun, you know what we mean. In these nooks, you’ll be all alone. Don’t miss a chance to mix romance with adventure.


The Tropical Maldives – Your Luxury Escape

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Atolls, secluded resorts, spa treatments, crystal-clear, calm water, and beaches with white sand – that’s what the tropical Maldives can offer to even the most demanding honeymooners. When you are there, don’t miss a nightclub placed underwater, a restaurant where you can get by boat only, and an amazing coral nursery.

United States, California – Why Not Stay Close To Home?

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If you don’t really want to cross the ocean to honeymoon, the great news is that you don’t have to! Super long flights are pretty exhausting. And the United States can offer you a lot, too! Especially if you two are into the world class food and wine.


The Bahamas For Sun-Starved Honeymooners


We think that you could not even imagine that such a paradise exists! Pink sand beaches that are truly postcard-perfect, turquoise water ideal for scuba diving – things and places that you can discover here are definitely unique. Make sure your room has a balcony to enjoy your open-air breakfast.

Bora Bora – The Destination Of Your Dreams

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Bora Bora is probably the most beautiful honeymoon destination. The resort offers you everything: water that is crystal clear, a coral reef with bright fish, and picturesque mountains. It’s like living in a fantasy for several weeks! Ready to splurge? Fly around in the helicopter to see it all.

The Incan Citadel Machu Picchu

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Interested in amazing scenery and also a rich local culture? In Machu Picchu, you can get a ceremony where you can renew your vows. And one of powerful local shamans can perform this ceremony. The sunrise is the perfect timing!


Quiet Sri Lanka Spots

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If you aren’t scared of monkeys, then Sri Lanka will bring only pleasant moments to you! The place is wonderful with the ocean, rivers, and jungle. And when you are poolside and surrounded by the jungle, it feels very private. But monkeys will get you even in a hotel. They really like playing with things that tourists leave unattended.

The Most Romantic Getaway: Paris, France

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If you spend your honeymoon in Paris, you should definitely visit the Eiffel Tower. And of course, every guide will recommend that you visit the Louvre, the Musée d'Orsay, popular art galleries, and famous cathedrals – the masterpieces of French architecture. Also, there’s a bridge Pont des Art where happy couples tie ribbons as symbols of their eternal love.

Rainy But Mesmerizing Costa Rica

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It may sound surprising, but along with rain forests, mountain views, and unblemished beaches Costa Rica resorts can offer you modern and luxurious lodgings ideal for your honeymoon. This destination is especially tempting for couples who are fond of surfing.


Historical And Adventurous Cappadocia, Turkey

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This Turkish resort built on historic sites lures tourists with many outdoor adventures. Its landscapes are truly otherworldly. The resort is located 4 hours from Ankara. If you want to meet with the shadows of the past, stay in a hotel that is built on the ancient monastery site, with the rooms restored from underground caves and tunnels. When going out, try horseback riding or hot air ballooning.

Tropical And Isolated Hawaii

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If the ocean view is one of the most important things for you when you consider the best honeymoon destinations, think about Hawaii. You’ll be amazed at a calming tropical sunset when cruising along the coastline. For more active tourists the resort could offer snorkeling and horseback riding.

Thailand – A Tourist Magnet

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Thailand is one of the best honeymoon destinations. And we will tell you one thing you don’t know: here you can have the cheapest bed and breakfast ever! And the quality will be the same, comparing to more expensive island resorts. Breathtaking beaches and low prices are waiting!


St. Lucia Black Beaches

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If you’re looking for something special, go to St Lucia. It will amaze you with its beaches with the black sand, which is quite a rare thing worldwide. This gem of the Caribbean has breathtaking landscapes. Some hotels here have open walls for the spectacular view.

Immerse Yourselves In The Fiji Culture

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Fiji is one of the best honeymoon destinations. Due to its popularity, there are many romantic hotels to choose from. And once you see coral beaches and bathe in warm lagoons, you will keep coming back here every year.

Philippines Eco Resort

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Tropical beauty, waterscape scenery, mountain ranges, and warm weather – what else could you possibly want? This eco resort will bring you much relaxation and happiness. It will be a true fairy tale there.


Distant And Glamorous Cape Town, South Africa

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In Cape Town, you can find the buzz of the big city along with wild landscapes, beaches, and stylish secluded resorts. Yes, it involves it all! Plus, if you like active rest, you can’t miss the best safari in the world! And at a relatively low price, you can get a hotel room with only four neighboring couples. No one will disturb you from enjoying your honeymoon.

FAQ: Best Honeymoon Destinations

Who pays for honeymoon bride or groom?

The groom and the groom’s family used to pay for the honeymoon. However, this no longer applies in our days. We frequently see both the bride’s and groom’s parents paying for the wedding and enabling them both to plan and pay for their honeymoon.

How much is a typical honeymoon?

The average honeymoon expenditure is $5,000, according to an internal research of over 26,000 couples who married in 2019. This is in addition to the $33,900 average wedding expense. With around 70 percent of couples planning a honeymoon in 2019, honeymoons are one of the most popular wedding-related events.