Outdoor lighting is the best way to make your backyard look even brighter and cozier for the warm summer evenings. The most important thing is that you do not need to spend lots of money on your new exterior, most of it can be done on your own with the least funds spent.


How to Decorate Your Garden Place with Lights


Outdoor string lights are awesome, but you can always go for something new and unusual. Just like this mason jars filled with acorns and candles. It is simple and not expensive!


Lights Decor for Romantic Evening

An outdoor fireplace is a perfect addition to your newly done backyard string lights. And it does not matter if there are simple tiny lights or fancy flower-shaped ones.

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With the national holiday coming, you can come up with some patriotic ideas on how to light up your yard a bit. Just paint the national flag on the candle jars. As simple and perfect as it sounds.


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Tin can lanterns are perfect for the diy ideas. Put a can full of water into the freezer, take it out when it’s frozen and depict the pattern you like with hammer and nails. Put a candle in. Done!

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For those who seek magic in everything around them, we suggest these magical ways of lighting your porch or backyard. Just look at these fantastic fairy-dust lanterns!


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If there are lots of trees in your backyard, then wrap them with white rope lights. The atmosphere of comfort and warmth is granted! Invite your friends and spend an amazing evening!

FAQ: Outdoor Lighting

How can I light my backyard without electricity?

You can light up your pathways with solar lights, garden torches or luminaries, they provide a mild and welcoming glow. Another options are battery-powered LED lights that create coziness. Bluetooth lights come in various shapes or colors, that don’t need to be connected to an outlet and can be controlled via your phone.

How do you light outdoor spaces?

Place your lights to things you want draw attention to, highlight things that you love. On the other hand, don’t put up outdoor lightning to the areas you want to hide. Light up spaces where you spend most of your outdoor time relaxing. Once you create a cozy atmosphere your whole family will start hanging out together more. Place some solar powered stake lights along your path to light up the way and enhance the yard.

How can I power my outdoor lights without an outlet?

There are a variety of ways to power outdoor lights without needing to install an electrical outlet in the yard. They include solar garden lighting fixtures, battery-powered lighting, battery-powered outlets, as well as real or LED candles and wireless LED motion sensor lights.