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Edgy Bob Haircuts That Totally Rock This Season

Edgy bob haircuts are best for those of you who are dreaming of some change in your lives but have no clue what to start from. Yet, edgy does not necessarily mean that it can’t have a soft and feminine touch if you look close enough. To cut the long story short, we have something for you, and it is up to you to choose whether to go ahead and change or stay in your comfort zone.

The Beauty Of The Bob

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The Beauty Of The Bob #shaggyhair #blondehair #stylishhaircuts

It is not for nothing that the popularity of bob haircuts has spread all over the world. First off, this is one of the most beneficial cuts that can accentuate the best features of a woman and work on her flaws, hiding them up naturally. The bob will suit anyone, no doubts, as there are lots of different types of bob hairstyles. But if you want to get the most out of it, keep in mind these tips.

  1. Bob hairstyles are known for their face-framing magic. It works unbelievably cool for round faces, giving a slight angle to chubby cheeks and hiding the round silhouette with its front tresses.
    Such haircuts work best for regular, thin to medium textures. But if you rock a thick, curly mane, you can opt for layered bob haircuts because they won’t give that awful triangle body.
  2. Bob haircuts stand among the best haircuts for fine hair: the variety of cutting options know no limits. If you have very thin hair that tends to fall flat, a graduated or inverted bob is the right choice. It features various lengths and layers throughout the hair that gives a well-groomed, volumetric body.
  3. To keep up with the immaculate look of your bob, whatever it is, make sure that you have a good flat iron and blow dryer with a nozzle. Most edgy bob haircuts require a perfect shape, so working with these tools is essential. Plus, it gives you a lot of room for experiments.

A-line Bob Haircut

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Blonde Wavy A-Line Bob #blondehair #wavyhair #alinebob
Natural Brown A-Line Bob #bobhairstyle #brownhair
Sleek Brunette A-line Bob #brunettehair #angelbob

A-line bob can come into your life as a short, medium, or long bob. The point is that it has no length restrictions while giving a nicely angled body with a flawless framing effect. As the name of the cut suggests, the hair at the front is longer than in the back. In this way, you can have the desired volume at the crown and frame your face with front tresses curving at your chin.

Tasteful Asymmetrical Bob

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Short Blonde Asymmetrical Bob  #blondehair #shorthair
Brunette Layered Asymmetrical Bob #asymmetricalbob #brunettehair
Rose Gold Asymmetrical Bob #rosegoldhair #asymmetricalbob

Asymmetrical bob haircut also has many faces: it can be a short bob haircut with a dramatic shift of length, a medium bob that fascinates with its outweighed and beautifying body, or a long bob with a little touch of asymmetry. Everything is simple: one side is longer than the other. And your task is to decide what look you want to achieve.

Classy Inverted Bob

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Natural Blonde Inverted Bob Hairstyles #blondehair #invertedbob
Platinum Blonde Inverted Bob Hairstyles #blondehair #invertedbob
Ash Ombre Inverted Bob Hairstyles #ashhair #ombrehair #invertedbob

The medium bob haircuts you see above are inverted bob cuts. They are also known as graduated or stacked bobs as they feature stacked layers in the back. One of their best features is that they’re not as sharp as A-line bobs but still have a nice round shape that works for any face shape.

Blunt Bob Or Typical Bob

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Platinum Blonde Blunt Bob #bluntbob #blondehair
Short Brown Blunt Bib #brownhair #shorthair #bluntbob
Short Ash Blonde Blunt Bob #blondehair #shorthair #bluntbob

Don’t forget about the classics when you are about to get a bob! The good-old short bob haircuts that are the same length all around the head are still the most frequently chosen idea. They’re simple and slightly framing, which is a win-win option for most hair types.

Blunt & Sharp Bob Haircut

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Ash Blonde Ombre Blunt Sharp Bob Haircut #pmbrehair #blondeombre #bluntbob
Short Blonde Blunt Sharp Bob Haircut #shorthair #blondehair #bluntbob
Braided Blonde Blunt Sharp Bob Haircut #blondehair #bluntbob

One-length cut doesn’t mean that you can’t have a distinctive, sharp look. Once you opt for texturizing at the ends only, you will see your blunt bob appear in a new light. The texture of each layered bob above is changed only at the lower portion, yet, it’s enough to lift up the overall look and give a bit of an edge.

All-Beautifying Layered Bob

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Blonde Ombre Layered Bob #layeredbob #blondehair #ombrehair
Navy Blue Layered Bob #bluehair #layeredbob
Layered Bob With Balayage #balayagehair #highlights #layeredbob

It seems like there’s nothing impossible about layers. Whether you struggle with your uncontrollable thick locks or your super weak and thin tresses fall flat after hours of volumetric styling, a layered bob haircut knows how to sort things out. For thin hair, it can bring the needed volume back with its various lengths throughout the hair. And for thick chevelures, it will lighten the texture thus bringing it to the decent shape. Aren’t these layered medium bob hairstyles flawless?

Contemporary & Edgy Bob Haircuts

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Short Edgy Bob Haircuts picture1
Short Edgy Bob Haircuts picture2
Short Edgy Bob Haircuts picture3

The edgy crop that accentuates every single angle of your bob is the cut that follows all the modern trends. Such edgy bob haircuts also go well with bangs, as they give even more room for the pointed oomph. You can make your bob angled, layered, and even asymmetrical: the point is to keep it as sharp as possible.

Straight & Sleek Bob

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Sleek Bob Hairstyles picture1
Sleek Bob Hairstyles Picture 2
Sleek Bob Hairstyles Picture 3

Another benefit of edgy bob haircuts is that once falling flat straight hair can finally show its full potential. You can ask your stylist for a slightly angled bob, where the back portion is a bit shorter. In this way, you will have more volume in this area. Bob cuts usually get a little curved at the chin, giving a very balanced silhouette to your straight hair.

Side Swept Bob Styles

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Side Swept Bob Styles picture1
Side Swept Wavy Bob #brownhair #wavyhair
Side Swept Bob Styles Picture 3

Now we’d like to focus on some common styling tricks that can make your bob even more flattering. These medium bob hairstyles look so charming and attractive due to the right parting. Sweeping one of the sides is a nice way to get a voluminous and, most importantly, effortless look.

Bob Cut With Bangs

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Bob Cut with Bangs picture1
Bob Cut with Bangs picture2
Bob Cut with Bangs picture3

Want to add some framing while keeping up with the volume in your hair? Let bangs into your life, then. But remember that it’s very important to choose a fringe based on your face shape: to hide broad forehead, you can opt for baby, curtain, and wispy bangs, and to work on round cheeks or sharp jawline, long side bangs will be the right choice. As for your bob, don’t worry; it will look awesome with any type of bangs.

Edgy doesn’t mean that only the cut itself should be taken into consideration. Don’t leave out the color! No, we are not talking here about blondes or brunettes, use your imagination, break the rules!

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