Curly hairstyles: are you already out of ideas? We have something new for you in store if you are ready to make your hair look amazing. These ideas will give you hints on how to style your hair the best way possible.


Some people see curly hair as a burden, but we are here to reassure you it is your specialty. Unordinary and gorgeous, it will look so great when styled. If you have a pixie cut it's not a problem for you to style your hair, but if your hair is longer we prepared some ideas for beautiful every day hairstyles.

Read our suggestions for curly hair styles and get inspired to create the best daily hair look ever.

Super Easy One-Minute Hairstyles For Curly Hair

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Every girl dreams about managing to do great hairstyles within minutes. It would be such a great skill when you are late or want to spend more time in bed, don`t you think? Well, girls with curly hair, you`re lucky! As there are so many easy one-minute hairstyles for you. We believe a bun is one of the best among them all. Tired of your curly hair being all over your face? Then pick your hair as if you`re going to do a ponytail and neatly twist it, layering the hair to create a bun.

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For more structure and volume, let your hair become a bit loose in this hairstyle. Add a few bobby pins to set your hair in place and, voila, it’s ready! Super easy and fast, it will look really great on every girl with curls. Whether you have medium curly hair or you`re looking for curly hairstyles for short hair, this one will be so good for you! Practical and good looking, what can be better?

If you have a bit more time, then add a few plaits at the front to make it look more interesting. Add them to your bun and look like a goddess through the whole day! Another option is to put your gorgeous hair back, letting it become a bit loose and adding hair jewelry to complete the look. Interesting? Hair jewelry has become such a trend recently that you will look as great as possible!


Beautiful Curly Hairstyles For Special Occasion

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Having a special occasion and want to do something special with your hair? We would like to give you a few suggestions on hairstyles for naturally curly hair. Believe us, with all these hairstyles, you will look stunning!

For example, try this one. Take a few sections out of your hair. The one in the back can be left loose for volume, and the front ones should be neatly twisted and put at the front to create a crown. Beautiful, isn`t it? Inspired by ideas from the last century, it will make you look as stylish as possible.

Another hairstyle has something in common with that. Do the same crown from your hair at the front. But at the back section, do a low bun to finish a clean, neat look.

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If you want to have something less classical, then we have something for you too. Take 3-4 sections and put them all carefully onto each other joining them with few elastics. Create a cascade effect by letting your hair get loose from the fixed sections. Such a volume will look so complimenting for any special occasion.

Don`t want to spend much time on preparation? Then use some hair jewelry for a special event, too. Do a simple hairstyle and complete the look with some hair accessories. A few minutes, and it’s done no matter what the length of your hair is.

Hairstyles To Make Your Curls Your Dignity

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Our best advice for you would be to love curly mid-length layered haircuts! Believe loving and taking care of your curly hair will make it look so bomb that you won`t have to think of doing any special hairstyles. If you have long naturally curly hair, we would like to give you some inspiration for the hair looks. Ready?

Then the first one would be just to let your hair loose. Yes, you got us right. Bring some volume to it with the help of your comb and trust us, you will look as if you`re straight out of the hairdresser`s. People will look at you with aw and compliment about your hair the whole day, trust us.

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Another option is to get your hair into a ponytail leaving a few curly strands by the face to make you look as innocent and flirty as possible. Getting your hair at the sides of your face back will make the same effect of easiness and romance.

For a daily routine, it is so important for hairstyles not only to look good but also to be practical. Making two neat ponytails or braids will do the magic of both. Add a hair accessory to any hairstyle if you want, and it will definitely bring even more attention to your curliness. All these ideas are so great for any length of your hair, so whether you have long, medium or short curly hair, try them all!


Cute Space Buns Hairstyles For Every Day

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These cute space buns curly hairstyles look so good! Haven`t tried them on yet? Then it`s your chance now.

Part your hair into two sections and carefully gather and twist the hair around making rounds full of volume. You can leave them like that or add a few braids to go on with the look. You can also leave the part of your hair loose at the back and the sides. Any way you prefer will look gorgeous for either a special occasion or daily life. Trendy and super girly, it will make you look as innocent and stylish at the same time as possible. There are different variations on how to make this hairstyle work for any hair length. So, get your hands on it and find the best one for you.

FAQ: Curly Hairstyles

Why do my curls look dry and frizzy?

Curly hair is more prone to dryness and curling than any other type of hair because the natural oils on the scalp make it difficult to coat the hair from root to tips. Excessive heat styling is also to blame. Using high heat can dry the hair, damage the cuticles of the hair and cause excessive curling.

How can I moisturize my curly hair every day?

Use a leave-in conditioner every day and try different oils (castor, coconut, avocado or jojoba oil) to see which one is most moisturizing for your hair. Also, use low-protein products, such as B.Natur All Ice Cream Avocado Deep Conditioner to maintain hair strength.

Why is my curly hair going straight?

Hormonal changes, such as those seen during puberty, pregnancy, or menopause, can change the form of the hair follicle. Imagine the follicle as a tube. If it has a tiny curvature, the hair will grow in curly, but if it doesn’t, it will grow in straight.