Medium-length layered haircuts are a superb choice for modern women. In today’s fast moving and hectic pace of life, it is hard to stay well-coiffed and feminine because it takes our precious time. And such a cut is super universal – our life saver.


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Stylish Medium-Length Layered Haircut Ideas

Medium layered haircuts became so popular. And it is no wonder. They have a ton of advantages. And quick and easy styling options are only one of them.


Perfect Layered Haircuts For Brown Hair

Some ladies mistakenly assume that choppy medium layered hair is reserved for blonde locks only. However, the truth is that brown shoulder length layered hair looks as fabulous. Side-swept layers or wispy bangs will intensify that natural shine of brown tresses. Besides, trendy blunt fringe can intensify your mane's movement.

Chic Layered Hairstyles for Blonde Hair

There is one grand reason why layered haircuts for women are so highly requested – they are all-flattering. If you lack volume, the well-designed shoulder-length layered hair with layers will give it to you. And in case you wear too thick a blonde mane and you wish you could get rid of some – a chick, a layered haircut is what you should aim for. It is amazing how well-cut layers bring out the blonde hues, isn't it?


Colored Medium Haircuts with Layers

Another outstanding feature of a medium length layered haircut is that it looks gorgeous in every possible tint and hue. We are not trying to exaggerate here. Whether you prefer your dusty pink hairstyles for medium hair, deep cherry reds, or rose-gold coppers – the style will look breathtaking in any shade. Moreover, outgrown roots bring in their utter vibe that is hard to ignore.

Medium Lenght Layered Haircuts with Bangs

Very often, layered shoulder length hair is depicted without additional attributes. Surely, the style is self-complimenting, but you can always take things a little further and add some fashionable bangs to the scene. In 2023 medium length haircuts for women are all for the bangs. You can leave them as they are or introduce additional layering. Moreover, you can play around with a type of layers that suffices your face shape best. Thus, the range of opportunities to pull off is almost unlimited.


Middle Parted Medium Layered Haircuts

Those who seek the most universal women's layered haircuts medium length should pay attention to this collection. As you can see, layered cuts seem to make a perfect match with a medium part. One of the extraordinary perks of the combo is that you can introduce some more framing strands to your face so that you bring out your best features and hide all the things you would rather have hidden. As you flat-iron your framing locks, add some volume to the roots to emphasize the style.

Side-Parted Layered Haircuts for Medium Hair


Not all the layered medium length haircuts are reserved for the central part. You can test various looks by styling your hair with a side part. Such an experiment will ensure that you introduce that necessary volume to your crown. Besides, you can spice things a little with your curling iron too. Yet, make sure that you curl those strands in different directions. Such an approach will help you succeed with an effortless flow. Should you be afraid of damaging your locks through heat-styling, you can wave the top layers only and leave the rest of the hair to adapt.

Medium Layered Haircuts with Highlights

It is a known fact that highlights are one of the best coloring techniques to introduce immense texture and depth into your look. However, combining it with medium length layered haircuts for women will double the effect and reap all the additional benefits that either styling technique offers. Keep in mind that growing out highlight is twice as simpler as it is with solid color coating. Thus the option is easier to maintain too.


Gray Colored Layered Haircuts

Short layered haircuts are more beneficial than straight haircuts. They create some attractive shapes that look more intricate and allow versatile styles. Look on these layered inverted bobs! We think they're beautiful! Those seeking the best daring shade to make their layered haircuts for medium length hair stand out should consider grey shades. Whether it is a light silver or darker graphite hue, your hair won't go unnoticed. Besides, the tints are known to be flattering to all textures and complexions. Feeling like you are ready to kill two birds with one stone? Use this idea to your ultimate advantage!

Shaggy Hairstyles

Shag hairstyles are full of life, freedom, and carefree vibes. So whether you want to add a lightweight but volumetric tough to your mane or you’d like to work on your thin hair, these ideas are your musts.

Stylish Layered Hairstyles For Shoulder Lenght Hair

Versatile and chic, these cuts add dimension, texture, and movement to your locks. Whether you crave a soft, face-framing effect or a trendy shattered look, layered hair is your go-to choice. Effortlessly complement any face shape and hair type while enjoying easy styling and maintenance. Embrace the beauty of layered hair and elevate your style with these fabulous ideas that will leave you looking stunning from every angle. Flaunt your shoulder-length tresses like never before with these captivating layered hairstyles!


Medium Length Haircuts You Will Love

Choose one of these ideas and create an individual look to be unique and stylish this summer. Use your imagination and others will say "WOW!" Medium bob hairstyles is a good option if you want to look perfect every day.

Trendy Medium Length Hairstyles

On layered hair, any hairstyle you’d like to bring to life will appear more interesting and different. You can create various braids and half-ups with long layers, leaving short ones to build a volumetric and harmonic look. Or, just wave those layers to see the difference!

Medium Length Layered Hairstyles With Long Bang

Bangs have always been a nice addition to layers for one simple reason: they serve as an extra layer for creative styling and give a nice framing touch to any look.


Medium Length Hairstyles With Side Bang

What can be better than a side fringe seamlessly blending with the rest of your layered hair? The best thing is, you can always style your bangs so that they frame some facial features you’d like to cover.

Voluminous Feathered Layers

Here’s another version of medium layered haircuts that work wonders changing the hair texture for the better. This time, every single edge of each lock is defined and accentuated with a voluminous flip pointing up. Some would call it magic, but you can simply call your stylist and ask him or her for feathered layers on the tips.

Layered Tips For Medium Length Hair

Yes, it’s layered tips again. But, they look totally different in this pic! As we told you already, layers can be done in a variety of ways to flatter your best features and enhance your hair pattern. Here, the edges are softly lightened at an angle to create sharply accentuated pieces on the ends. Basically, layering the ends only is enough to breathe a new life into your locks.


Retro Shaggy Haircut

Now, let’s get back to the origin of layers. To be more exact, to the haircut that featured them first. You may have seen the restless shag on fashion icons or rockstars from the stylish 80s’. The initial shag features lots of sharp and short layers on the top to create a voluminous crown and dramatic cascading layers on the bottom. The best thing is, this cut is still popular today, as it’s adapted to modern standards. Just look at this pretty new shag with a retro flair!

Straight Lob With Layered Ends

Wearing your lob straight is trendy and quite low-maintenance. However, if you think that there is some spice missing from the look, we suggest you experiment with layered ends for a change.

Wavy Long Bob With Textured Ends

There is that peculiar touch that light waves grant any cut. However, in the case with textured ends, the magic is twice as noticeable and captivating. Besides, when mixed with professional balayage, such a cut is a pure attention-magnet.


Shaggy Haircuts With Fringe

When you are tired of all the routine cuts, and you are willing to let the inner rebel out without the need to opt for a multicolored mohawk – we have something in store. A blonde shag with a fringe to it will deal with the task perfectly.

Shaggy Layers With Long Bang

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To keep that edgy vibe up, you need a fitting cut and a skilled stylist at hand. We can help you with the former by presenting this shaggy layered cut with long bangs. The latter part is not your responsibility.

Curly Shaggy Haircut

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Curls are feminine, no matter what some may claim. If you are born with a curly mane, it is your task to learn how to enhance it so that it is hard to take the eyes off it. We say that a curly shag is one of many options, but it is the trendiest at the moment.


Lob With Textured Ends And Long Bang

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The fact is that curtain bangs are great for face-shaping. At the same time, textured ends make your cut stand out from the rest. If you match the two, you will get a killer combo, and that is you are aiming at, aren’t you?

Celebrities Choices

Medium layers effortlessly add volume and movement to any hair texture, making it a top choice for Hollywood's elite. From cascading waves to edgy shags, these A-listers prove that versatility knows no bounds with medium-length hair. Get ready to make a statement with your locks, just like your beloved stars, by opting for one of these fabulous and camera-ready medium-layered hairstyles. Embrace the star power and step into the spotlight with your show-stopping hairdo!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which haircut is best for medium hair?

The chances are that every girl knows the torture of choosing between short and long cut. What if we told you that there is a golden middle? You read it right. There is that perfect balancing range of cuts that you can opt for with ease. If you are wondering which medium haircuts are the best ones to consider this season, here is the list you can use:

  • Inverted lob – whether straight or wavy, the cut will always look stunning.
  • Shoulder-length bob – a timeless cut that suits all hair textures and face shapes.
  • Graduated lob – if you are seeking some additional volume added to your mane, then a cut like that will assist you in achieving the goal.
  • A bob with side-swept bangs – suits those who can’t decide whether to keep those bangs or not.
  • Modern shag – if you are seeking for a modern and a bit edgy way of expressing yourself, we can’t think of any other cut that fits the purpose.

What hairstyles are in right now?

When the new season is right around the corner, every lady starts looking for a new haircut hectically. To spare you all the tiresome research we are going to share with you a list of cuts that are going to hit the spotlight this season:

  • Beach waves – mid-length cuts spiced up with light beach waves are more than requested these days, and we think you know why.
  • A-line bob – if you are all in for a sleek and elegant style, then an A-line bob is something you should consider in the first place.
  • Shoulder shag – a sultry look requires drastic measures, and a shoulder-length shag can provide those with ease!
  • Chin-length bob with layers – if you are looking for a new cut that will grant you both additional volume and ultra-trendy style, then a chin-length bob is on the list.
  • Mid-parted lob – beauty comes in simplicity, and an elegant middle-parted lob proves the point perfectly.


Is Layered Hair Good?

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Layered hair is always a good option, no matter how thin and fine or thick and unruly your hair is. Since there are lots of layering techniques, including those that your stylist can customize based on your features, this haircut suits everyone. For fine tresses, layers can provide an extra lift to the crown, cascading down to the longer texturized pieces. As for thicker locks, a bit of lightweight texture on the edges is what will make the hair more manageable.

Do Layers Make Hair Look Thicker?

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Layers can actually make your hair look thicker. However, to achieve the fuller effect, you should be strategic with layers, asking your stylist for rather a texture, not direct layers. In fact, a long bang that follows the structure of your cut and gets slightly lighter at the edges is a good start for getting thick-looking hair. This fringe will also serve as an additional layer of hair which will add volume on the top.

  • Layered hair is a hairstyle that gives the illusion of length and volume using long hair for the illusion of length and short hair for volume, as an easy style to manage. Source
  • Layered hair frames and enhances features, making it a great choice for any face shape. Source