Short layered haircuts are totally in at the moment. With summer just months away, you might be thinking of trading in your longer locks for a simpler style to survive those torrid summer months.


From sexy long layered haircuts to mid-length hair styles to funky short haircuts with layers, the sky's the limit! And with explosion of color trends, you can really go wild. Try a colorful ombre, playful balayage or subtle highlights to add some flair to your layered hair cut.

Whether you want a longer style or a shorter hairdo for summer, there are plenty of adorable layered haircuts out there.

Short Blonde Bobs With Layers

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Very often sticking up to the class is a great idea however when there is a chance to upgrade it – you should not waste it! Piecy layers added to classical short bob is quite a perfect example!


Long Layered Pixie Haircuts

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There is rarely such a thing as too much volume when you opt or the properly chosen cut. Yet, if you want to make quite an impression with your hairstyle anywhere you go – opt for cotton candy hair dye!

These adorable pixies have enough length in the front to give you some fun styling options. The shorter layers at the crown give them some added height, and the neck length will help elongate your neck.

Long Bang Layered Pixie Haircuts

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Pixie cuts are not limited in ways you can style your hair that is for sure. If you feel like adding some curls to your mane today – go for it girl!


Short Inverted Layered Bob Cut

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Inverted bobs are popular no matter what century it is outside and there is no wonder why. There is barely anything that would look as gorgeous as this messy layered inverted bob cut!

Bright Blue And Purple Layered Bob

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If there is a statement to make – go for it. However you have to be sure that no matter the brightness this layered bib looks extremely gentle and feminine not to mention stylish!


Layered, Tousled Bob Hairstyles

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This look is extremely flattering for those with fine hair. The longer side bangs that are set slightly higher will help add height and volume. Some blonde overtones will add depth to the look.

Layered, Curly Bobs

This look is perfect for girls with natural curls. The tousled style is fun and playful. Additional length at the face will add volume and depth.

Far Out Shag

Meucabelocurto via Instagram

This shaggy, short style with its pink highlights is totally adorable. The shaggy bangs will draw attention to your eyes. Add a few random alternating curls to perfect this sweet style.


Totally Grunge Girl

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With its stacked-back and longer front, this fun style harkens back to the 90s. If you want to make it look modern, keep the bangs extra long and dye them deep dark blue.

Soft Layered Bob

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With its soft, feathered layers, this style screams elegance and sophistication. The razored edges will give you a modern, yet totally feminine, vibe.

Layered Bob for Thicker Hair

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For those with really thick hair, it can be tricky to find the right short hairdo. However, this look with lots of short layers will help lighten the weight of your hair while retaining volume and movement.


Short Layered Cut for Straight Hair

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This cut works great for those with straighter hair. If you want to enhance the volume, use a leave in conditioner or volumizing mousse. However, this cut requires a trim every four to six weeks to maintain the short layers. But it’s well worth the effort as it is extremely low maintenance.

Retro Shag

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This sexy look with its blue-black color and the feathered bangs is reminiscent of Betty Boop.

Feathered Bob

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This chic style is perfect for those with thicker hair. The short, feathery waves are sleek and ideal for any occasion.


Crop With Piecey Bangs

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This cut with the funky, piecey bangs is totally hip. All you need to do to achieve these choppy layers is run some pomade gently through your hair. The piecey fringe makes this look fun and playful and adds a youthful vibe.

Asymmetrical Crop

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This haircut is easy to style and it is totally adorable. All you need to do is blow dry your hair with a medium-sized round brush for extra volume.

There you have it! Now your task is to pick one of these short layered haircuts and make sure that it flatters your features and personality.

Punk Style Pixie for Bright Girls

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Do you like to shock and surprise others? Then this bold style will suit you as it is impossible. A long asymmetrical pixie and bright colors of your short hair will leave an unforgettable impression!


Elegant Sleek Crop

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If you want to look stylish but do not like extravagant hairstyles, choose an elegant sleek crop and dye it bright red hair shade.

Classic Textured Lob

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It is another example of an elegant short haircut. A classic chin length bob will look really feminine if you curl your hair a little.

Short A-Line Bob with Side Bangs

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This hairstyle is an excellent option for active and modern women.


Layered Pixies With Side Bangs

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Going for a layered pixie is the key to feeling confident with your hair 24/7. The good news is, this fantastic hair effect can be even better. Once you spice up your modern layers with a hint of a fringe, you will literally take it to the next level. How? Bangs give more room for volumetric styling!

Blonde Textured Bob

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Short and thin layers were created for ladies who are tired of dealing with their thin locks. In other words, you can forget about those unpleasant flat looks. The flirty, voluminous texture of this layered bob proves that thin hair is not a sentence!

Shaggy Bob Cut

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Shaggy layers, where the texture of hair is slightly lightened, give a modern and sophisticated silhouette to short haircuts. Also, it can add a bit of an edge to the body of your cut, which is a win-win for those rocking a straight bob.


Face Framing Layered Bob

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Layers have so many advantages that we can’t find an excuse for ladies who don’t have them! Besides a volumetric, organic texture, they can give a face-framing touch to your face. Feel insecure about some facial feature? Let front layers deal with it.

Short Layered Bob With Highlights

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How about you to enhance the power of layers? Since they’re variously cut pieces of hair that make the whole cut stand out, you can emphasize the beautifying effect. With the help of color accents, of course: they will highlight each layer, putting it in the spotlight.

Inverted Bob Haircuts

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It’s hard not to be on point if you have an inverted bob. Its edgy, short body is doomed to have all eyes on it, especially when a bunch of lively layers finishes the look. Want to go short and bold? Steal this look, then.


Layered Stacked Bob

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Everlasting Classic Bob For Straight Hair

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Layered Bob With Multicolored Balayage

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Messy Layered Blond Bob With Bangs

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Layered Pixies With Short Bangs

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Fresh Bold Layered Pixie Ideas

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FAQ: Short Layered Haircuts

What is a choppy layered haircut?

Choppy layered haircut is created by cutting large chunks of hair in asymmetrical proportions and in a chaotic way. The achieved result gives volume and movement. It is a complex and pretty bold hairstyle which makes you look fun and carefree. Requires some at-home maintenance.

How do you hide short layers?

  • Try blow drying hair or your hair’s natural texture work instead of using flat iron. Straightening your will only make your layers more apparent.
  • You can razor the layers to make them thinner therefore blending into the hair better.
  • Trim the ends and not the layers, this way the layers will even out with the rest of your hair.
  • Have your hairstylist transform your hair into a different cut.