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Sassy Straight Hair Styles And Useful Tips

Straight hair looks incredibly sassy and elegant, we all know that. But not many of us are aware of its structure, the science behind straight tresses. Also called Type 1, such hair consists of round fibers that let it drop evenly from every side of a person’s scalp.

Straight tresses have pros:

  • Straight tresses handle serious styling and brushing more easily because they are capable of spreading and saving the nourishment – oil.
  • Straight tresses have the surface that can reflect more light. So, straight tresses are shinier, comparing to other textures.
  • Fast growth. Due to the sufficient nourishment, ladies with straight tresses rarely face dehydration or split ends. Nothing prevents their hair from growing.

Let’s explore how to style your hair so that it looks sleek and fab.

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