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Reasons Why Women Are Suffering – Your Hair Loss

Many women suffer from hair loss and thinning hair. While it’s true that hair loss is more prevalent among males, it is more common among women than you would think. There could be many reasons you are losing your hair, from an underlying health issue such as a thyroid condition to something simple like a vitamin deficiency. 

15 Reasons Why You're Losing Your Hair

It is not the time to consider switching to short haircuts yet. The following article will explain some of the reasons why you may be losing your hair. Some of them seem obvious, but others may surprise you. However, there are ways to treat hair loss for both women and men, so don’t get discouraged if you experience this issue. You are not alone. Thousands of men and women are suffering from thinning hair or hair loss.


Simple changes in your diet could contribute to your hair loss: A vitamin deficiency, not enough protein? We will discuss several of these factors below. 

15 Reasons Why You're Losing Your Hair

1. Not Enough Protein

Lack of protein in the diet could trigger hair loss because your body will try to store up protein by ceasing hair growth, thus resulting in thinning hair. You should eat 2-3 servings of protein a day. Good sources of protein include chicken, meat, eggs, fish, beans, nuts and grains.

2. Overdosing on Vitamin A

Too much Vitamin A can also stimulate hair loss. If you are taking more than 5,000 IU of Vitamin A a day, it could be triggering your hair loss. Once you reduce your intake of Vitamin A, you should notice a decrease in hair loss.

3. Vitamin B Deficiency

Those who are not taking sufficient amount of Vitamin B could also be suffering from thinning hair or hair loss. You can take Vitamin B supplements to combat these issues. Also, you can consume Vitamin B naturally in foods such as meats, starch vegetables, fish and berries. 

15 Reasons Why You're Losing Your Hair

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