Coconut milk and coconut oil have been used in various capacities to treat multiple hair woes, such as to prevent hair loss. Rich in fatty acids, the coconut has been used to preserve and foster healthy hair for centuries. Boasting a wealth of vitamins, minerals and other compounds, coconut oil can be used by itself or in conjunction with other ingredients to fight common hair problems and hinder the loss of hair.


1. Prevention of Hair loss

Coconut oil is one of the greatest hair growth treatments. Hair loss can occur in numerous ways such as inflammatory conditions that affect the scalp, nutrient deficiencies, bacterial and fungal infections and mechanical damage by combing and brushing hair. To remedy nutrient deficiencies, coconut can be taken internally as it is rich in vitamins and minerals. To treat external conditions, a mix can be made using coconut oil and either ginger or rosemary oil. To one tablespoon of coconut oil, add four to six drops of ginger or rosemary oil and massage into the scalp to treat hair loss.

10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Prevent Hair Loss


2. Mending Damaged Hair Strands

Hair strands can be damaged by combing, brushing and even washing the hair. Due to these activities, the outer layer of the hair, the cuticle, can wear away. When the cuticle is worn, hair problems such as breakage, dryness and split ends occur. To prevent further protein loss and damage to the cuticle, apply warm coconut oil to the hair as a pre-wash treatment and when styling hair. Thus, it works as a tool for hair loss prevention.

3. Smoothing Hair Strands

Coconut oil works to smooth hair strands. When the strands are smooth, they are able to glide past each other without tangling. Rough hair strands can easily tangle with themselves and with other stands causing split ends and tangles. By applying a generous amount of coconut oil and donning a plastic cap for up to 30 minutes before washing will allow the coconut oil to penetrate hair strands and condition them. This results in silky, shiny and smooth hair.

10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Prevent Hair Loss


4. Fighting Fungal Infections

Coconut oil offers a natural alternative to treating fungal conditions of the scalp. It contains antibacterial and antifungal fatty acids which have a soothing effect on the scalp and can dull the itching and damage to the scalp which are common for fungal infections. By moisturizing the scalp, it prevents further cracking and peeling. It also helps the scalp to recover from the fungus. To treat fungal conditions, apply pure coconut oil directly to the scalp daily until the condition of the scalp improves. Consistent use of coconut oil will prevent hair loss.

5. Eradication of Lice

Lice have been known to plague the hair and scalp of humans, particularly young children. The presence of lice causes severe scratching of the scalp. Coconut oil is a cheap, readily available, natural remedy to fight lice. Being rich in fatty acids, coconut oil suffocates lice and their eggs. It also makes it difficult for them to latch onto the hair. As a result, it impedes their reproduction and propagation. To treat lice, apply coconut oil to the hair and scalp or mix it with tea tree oil, garlic, and lemon juice.

10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Prevent Hair Loss


6. Detangling Hair

Women with long, thick and curly hair often face the challenge of knotted, tangled hair. Adding coconut oil to one’s hair grooming regimen can improve detangling. By warming coconut oil in a hot water bath and massaging it into the hair, you can easily improve detangling. Allowing the oil to stay in the hair for a few minutes will allow it to condition the hair, making detangling easier. You can use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to detangle the ends working upwards to the roots.

7. Sunscreen for Hair

Coconut oil is an excellent sunscreen for the hair since it coats the hair strands. Having a sun protection factor (SPF) of 10, coconut oil protects the hair strands from UV radiation. Along with being affordable, it is also healthy and safe to use. On a hot day, the heat from the sun can easily fry hair strands causing damage, breakage and hair loss. Coating the hair with coconut oil before going outside can reduce hair loss and damage as oil blocks out harmful radiation.

10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Prevent Hair Loss

8. Prevents Hygral Fatigue

Hygral Fatigue refers to the swelling of the hair strands: they absorb water when they are wet and contract when they dry. The constant swelling and contracting of the hair strands can cause damage to hair strands over time, resulting in hair loss. By applying coconut oil before washing hair or wetting it can reduce the extent to which the hair strand swells. This is another way to use coconut oil to prevent hair loss.


9. Combats Dandruff

Dandruff is a skin condition that causes itchy, flaky skin. It is caused by fungus and various internal factors. Dandruff often caused by a fungus thrives off the naturally produced oils. To prevent it, scalp tries to get rid of the fungus by shedding skin more rapidly. This results in the flaking and itching of the scalp. In some cases, the itching can be so severe that the scalp and hair follicles are damaged resulting in hair loss. Coconut oil can prevent hair loss by soothing the scalp, and its antifungal properties help to kill the fungus.

10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Prevent Hair Loss

10. Boosting Hair Growth

Coconut oil is generally able to fight hair loss by boosting hair growth. Rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other compounds, coconut oil imparts a wealth of nutrients to the hair and scalp, which results in longer, thicker, healthier hair. For boosting hair growth and hair loss prevention, coconut oil can be applied to the hair and used as a deep conditioner after washing the hair; the hair can be coated with oil and left to process under a plastic cap.

Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Prevent Hair Loss

Used for centuries as a hair and skin elixir, coconut oil has chemical properties, which help to preserve and improve the health of hair. It has been proven to protect hair from the harmful elements, diminish hair loss and boost hair growth. This safe, affordable, all-natural ingredient serves as a cure for many cosmetic woes. You can find good tips on how to get rid of receding hairline.

FAQ: Prevent Hair Loss

Can hair grow back after thinning?

Basically, if the reason of hair thinning is hereditary qualities, it’ll not grow back naturally. If you want to restore a full head of healthy hair, you’ll have to take measures, including medical examination that will help determine the exact cause of hair loss.

Can coconut oil damage your skin?

Coconut oil can be used as a cooking oil to treat harmed hair, and also as a moisturizer for your body. Cosmetologists don’t recommend applying coconut oil all over the face, because it is comedogenic and clogs the pores all over the face, which often causes oily skin.