Spring break is a perfect time to shake off winter mood and refresh yourself. No matter how you'd like to spend this precious time, your hair also needs a rest. So, what hairstyles are the best for your vacation?


See our collection of easy hairstyles that are just the perfect for spring break as it is the time to have much fun rather than pay extra attention to the way your hair looks. Believe us, you do not have to spend half a day to look gorgeous.

Simple Updo For Medium And Long Hair

If you’re concerned about your hair during the spring break, then you should try some updo styles. From a polished easiest low bun to brave attractive braids these styles are playing well all day and night. If you can’t do a braid by yourself, this break is a good time to ask your girlfriend for a help.


Half-Updo Hairstyles For Long Hair

Half-up half-down hairstyles are the most simple and quick styles that any girl is able to do. If you had spent the spring break on a seaside then your hair would have a naturally beach waves. To rock such a hair just make a high knot or pull a few tresses of your face and pin them up on the back.

Half-Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Braids are still on demand and they look very pretty on any hair length. We have collected medium length hairstyles with braids above, but you can do them on short or long hair as well. Start braiding from your part line and finish it on the back of your head and pin it there. You can always add a few hair extensions to have a more voluminous style.


Side Braided Hairstyles

Side braids are easy to do, and they don’t request much time. To achieve any of the looks above you need about 10-15 minutes. Where to go with this braid? Well, the spring break means a lot of fun, parties, festivals, and you can go to a photo session!

Down Styles – Simple, But Pretty

Are you tired of styles, braids, and all these things about being super-perfect girl? We can assure you that any down style will work well! Where to wear it? The answer is: on a road trip, to any music festival, or a beach party, even for lazy days at home. Try something new with your BFF!


Amazing Puffs And Top Knots

Credit photo: instagram.com/princesspollyboutique

Luckily, there is a big number of easy medium length hairstyles that look cool and are appropriate for a vacation.

Ponytail Hairstyles

Bun Hairstyles

Which is kind of convenient, as unlike women with short haircuts, those with medium to long hair should figure out how to move their hair away from their face. Thus, your day will be carefree.


Spring Hairstyles With Hats

Twisted Hairstyles For Romantic Look

And if you just let your hair down, it will constantly distract you during the day on the beach. Especially when you go swimming and diving. Besides, loose hair is likely to get damaged by the sun.

Trendy Hairstyles For Perfect Look

You will look perfect this spring with one of these amazing hairstyles.


Spring Hairstyles For More Fun

Choose one of these options to be pretty and stylish.

Messy Updo With Headbead

Credit photo: instagram.com/oliveandpiper

Running out of time and you need to leave the house in a few minutes? Take that elegant headband of yours and implement it into a loose, a little messy ‘do. Such an easy-going style brings in all the requested charm for the time out!

Twisted Low Ponytail

Credit photo: instagram.com/xenia_stylist

Those light waves of yours look extra gorgeous, whether up or down. If you want to spice things up a little, then twisting your locks into a low pony is the worthy option to consider. It won’t take you long to achieve the look, and it will be absolutely outstanding to look at.


Messy Low Bun With Loose Strands

Credit photo: instagram.com/lindsay.upstyle

There is that special vibe about messy buns, and we can’t deny it. Wear it like you just woke up like that, and everyone around you will cast adoring glances at that courageous and stylish look of yours.

Messy Triple Bun

Credit photo: instagram.com/hair_vera

When you wish to introduce some more skill and taste into something as simple as a messy bun, we say go for three of them combined in one. clearly, such a hairdo looks exquisite and fantastic.

Simple Idea For Short Hair With Scarf

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbybetiime

Some ladies find it absolutely difficult to form any simple ‘do. We feel you, girl! However, you should not fall into despair. Grab that stylish light scarf of yours and wrap it around your head in a carefree manner, and you are ready to rock and roll.


Messy High Bun Hairstyle

Credit photo: instagram.com/hair_vera

There is something incredibly innocent and feminine about high buns with a touch of messiness to them. Leave a few strands framing your neck and shoulders, and no one would be able to resist the urge to cast another glance at you.

Chignon Hairstyles With Scarf

Credit photo: instagram.com/hair_vera

There are times when a simple bobby pin or a hair tie is not enough to bring all the elegance into your outlook. That is when a fashionable silk scarf comes in irreplaceable. With a bun like that, you will steal the show anywhere you go!

Crowned Braid With Flowers

Credit photo: instagram.com/annette_updo_artist

There is rarely anything more innocent and lovely looking than some flowers in the girl’s hair. If you agree with the idea, then this gorgeous spring look with braids and sweet flowers will come to your taste and liking.


Swept Up Loose Knotted Updo For Longer Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/sarahwhair

Braided, Textured, & Accessorized Spring Updo

Credit photo: instagram.com/sarahwhair

Side-Swept Vivid Green Spring Curls

Credit photo: instagram.com/thehairygodmotherr


Spring Waterfall Braid With Flowers And Leaves

Credit photo: instagram.com/yeghairbyalex

Textured 3D Curls For Afro Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/tomsmithhd

Easy Tutorials For Your Unforgettable Spring Break


Side-Braid Hairstyle With Flower

Low Bun Braided Hairdo With Fringe And Front Locks


FAQ: Easy Hairstyles

How to do a simple hairstyles?

  • Make a middle parting in your hair. Take two small sections at the front and braid them, secure with elastics. You can place two cute clips on top of your braids.
  • For the second hairstyle you will need to part your hair in the middle. Gather the hair above your ears as if you are doing a ponytail and secure it with a claw clip. Let out a few strands of hair at the front.

How to do a messy hairstyle?

  • Start on wavy hair. Gather some hair at the crown at desired height.
  • Take a hair tie pull it down the hair halfway and then gather the rest up and twist it into a messy bun shape.
  • Take some hair grips and grip the bun into the style you want it to be in.
  • Let out a few strands of hair at the front and curl them slightly if necessary.
  • Spring break is a vacation period in early spring at universities and schools which started during the 1930s in the United States and is now observed in many other countries as well. Source
  • Whether your hair is stick-straight, or you're rocking a head full of flourishing kinks, there are options that are as easy to execute as they are gorgeous. Source