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Make Friends With Ash Blonde Hues To Make Your Blonde Transformation Big!

Ash blonde hair color is a growing trend that colorists from all around the globe bring to life every single day. Well, no wonder it’s so popular: it’s a mixture of an effortless blonde and amazing faded hue that is so in demand these days.

Blonde hair color has a countless number of options. Can you imagine how many enviable variations ash blonde can offer to you? Well, today you are going to face its variety with your own eyes.

Even though it’s a light, a bit muted color, it makes heads turn and can be anything you want it to be. That means there are no restrictions about complexion: it can suit any girl! Have a look at a blonde hair color chart, and pick the shade you love the most. Then, add some cooler tone over it and embrace the trend that is on everyone’s lips today! And before going for experiments, it’s better to get inspired by some impressive ideas. The latest shades are waiting for you!

Ash Blonde Hues

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Ash blonde hair has many faces. It can be a natural ash blonde, medium ash blonde, light ash blonde, dirty ash blonde and whatever your imagination pleases. The best thing is, besides a great variety of ashy options, it offers a manageable maintenance routine. Unlike blonde shades that require regular updates to keep up with a shiny look, this color doesn’t condemn you to such a huge commitment. Since it’s muted and faded, it doesn’t require such frequent upkeep.

Whether you’re a blonde who wants to change something in her look while sticking to the natural base or a brunette who needs to go in the opposite direction, these ideas will make you fall in love with the trend. Check out the iconic color decisions that have blown up the whole Internet!

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