The magical charm that comes along with blonde hair can never be underestimated. From the sun-kissed beach blonde to the glamorous platinum, each shade has a unique story to tell. What’s more, is that there is a blonde shade for every skin tone. While medium skin tone Blake Lively and Emma Roberts with a Pale skin tone can effortlessly rock blonde shades, Taraji P Henson has equally proven the shade has no limit. The editor team has listed out a variety of blonde shade options and even provided tips and tricks for maintaining and perfecting your blonde look.


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Neutral Blonde Hair Color

Neutral Blonde Hair Color #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_beauty.byrachel

Neutral blonde color is a versatile shade that's neither too warm nor too cool. It strikes the perfect balance between golden and ashy tones, making it an excellent choice for those who want a natural and low-maintenance look.

How many shades of blonde are there?

What is the prettiest shade of blonde?

Which blonde suits my skin tone?


Buttery Blonde Hair

Buttery blonde is a shade that exudes warmth and radiance. It's characterized by its soft, creamy, and sun-kissed appearance. The editors suggest this shade for those who want a gentle, luminous glow to their locks.

Platinum Blonde

If you have no trouble with a high-maintenance style, platinum blonde hair is a great option. The platinum blonde is a pale, almost white shade of blonde that demands regular upkeep to keep it looking fresh.


Ash Blonde Hairstyle

Ash blonde hair features cool, silver or grey undertones that give it a sleek and modern appearance. Ash-blonde works particularly well for people with cool-toned skin, and it can be tailored to be ashy platinum or slightly darker, depending on your preferences.

Caramel Blonde Hair

Caramel Blonde Hair #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_tressesbytress

Do you want a warm and indulgent shade that resembles the rich tones of caramel or toffee? The editor team suggests caramel blonde hair. This color choice brings a touch of sweetness to your hair, giving it a luscious, sun-kissed glow.


Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_sheffpavelstylist

As spotted on Beyonce and Taylor Swift, honey blonde hair is a delightful and luminous shade that resembles the golden hues of pure honey radiating energy and positivity. If you're looking for a hair color that embodies the essence of summer, honey blonde is the way to go.

Cream Blonde

Cream Blonde #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_sofiya.bravo

If you want something that’s almost ethereal yet delicate looking, how about cream blonde? It's a pale, cool-toned blonde that can give you an otherworldly, fairytale-like look.

Brown Blonde Balayage

For those looking to add depth and dimension to their style, brown blonde balayage does more than that. This trendy and harmonious blend of blonde and brown shades typically involves blonde highlights or lowlights seamlessly woven into brown hair, creating a natural, sun-kissed effect.


Dishwater Blonde

Dishwater Blonde #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_shades.of.blonde

Dishwater blonde is a term that may not sound appealing, but the color itself is a subtle, muted blonde with hints of ashy and beige tones. The editors recommend this if you want a laid-back, effortless choice that's perfect for a low-key, natural look with a touch of uniqueness.

Peachy Blonde

Peachy Blonde #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_sofiya.bravo

Another fresh and whimsical shade combining warm blonde tones and peachy undertones is the peachy blonde shade. Those looking to experiment with a playful and imaginative look should definitely try this color!

Sandy Blonde Hair

Another option worth considering if you want that sun-kissed glow is the sandy blonde color. natural-looking hair color that combines the warmth of blonde with the cool undertones of sandy beige. It's reminiscent of a day at the beach, and its subtle highlights can brighten up your complexion.


Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty Blonde Hair #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_katieclairedoeshair

For a low maintenance shade, dirty blonde hair strikes the perfect balance between blonde and brown for a chic look. The mix of dark and light strands gives your dirty blonde a lived-in, relaxed appearance, making it a popular choice among those who want a natural feel.

Light Chocolate and Vanilla Blonde

Light Chocolate and Vanilla Blonde #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_katieclairedoeshair

This delectable combination of light chocolate and vanilla blonde offers a sweet and sophisticated twist on traditional blonde hair. Almost like adding blonde highlights on brown hair, the chocolate undertones add depth, while the vanilla highlights provide a soft contrast, resulting in a multi-dimensional look.

Copper Blonde

Are you looking for a blonde shade that quite vibrant and elegant at the same time? The likes of Kendall Jenner and Zendaya have countlessly shown the charm of the copper blonde shade. It infuses the fiery warmth of copper tones with the classic charm of blonde hair.


Wheat Grain Blonde Hair Color

Wheat Grain Blonde Hair Color #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_sofiya.bravo

Wheat grain blonde is a golden, wheat-like hue that brings a natural and wholesome feel to your hair. If you desire a sunlit radiance and a carefree appearance, it’s the ideal choice to make.

Silver Ombre

Silver Ombre #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_caroline.anythingbutbasic

For a blonde ombre look, how about pairing it with silver tones. This silver ombre is a futuristic take on traditional blonde, showcasing a transition from dark roots to silver or platinum ends. This striking and modern style is perfect for those who want to embrace a bold, fashion-forward look.

Dark Blonde Layers

Dark blonde hair are a blend of rich, deep blonde hues that offer a luscious and voluminous look. The layering adds depth and dimension, making it a fantastic choice for those seeking a sophisticated and textured style.


Sandy and Ash Blonde Gradient

Sandy and Ash Blonde Gradient #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_thestrawberryblonder

For a unique blonde balayage Glaminati suggests combining sandy and Ash blonde to form a classic gradient. The result of the gradient is a mesmerizing blend that’s hard to ignore and makes you stand out wherever you go.

Brown Sugar Blonde

Brown Sugar Blonde #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_tressesbytress

If you want to bring warmth and richness to your hairstyle, brown sugar helps you to achieve such. With its soft caramel undertones, it's a luscious choice that complements a variety of skin tones. So you can consider it if you want a shade that’s not too picky!

Golden Blonde

Golden Blonde #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_thestrawberryblonder

Time and time again, golden blonde is still quite as classic as ever! This timeless and radiant shade exudes a sunlit golden glow. If you want that unique glow once you step out of your house, this classic hue is the right choice and also brightens up your overall look.


Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_caroline.anythingbutbasic

If you’re interested in a rare and exciting hair color, strawberry blonde hair steals the spotlight. It's often likened to the hues of ripe strawberries and can vary from subtle to vivid, depending on your preference. This warm and enchanting color complements fair and rosy complexions beautifully.

Natural Blonde Hair Color

Natural Blonde Hair Color #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_thestrawberryblonder

Just so it seems like you’re a natural blonde, this shade is the right option for that natural look. You get the sun-kissed effect and the editors recommend this short blonde hair if you also want a low-maintenance style. What’s more, is that it complements a wide range of skin tones.

Rose Gold Hair Color

Rose Gold Hair Color #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_brysonblonde

Blend soft pink and warm blonde tones for a stunning Instagram worthy look with the rose gold hair color. This trendy color has gained quite a popularity in recent years and works well for both cool and warm complexions. However, achieving the perfect shade may require some expert blending.


Light Blonde Hair Color

Light Blonde Hair Color #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram__edwardsandco

Light blonde hair is a classic choice that imparts a fresh, youthful appearance. It includes shades like platinum, vanilla, and baby blonde, all of which brighten your overall look. They are also ideal for those with fair to light-medium skin tones.

Light-Beige Blonde with Lowlights

Light-Beige Blonde with Lowlights #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_sofiya.bravo

Lowlights create contrast and make your hair appear thicker and richer in color. So if you want blonde highlights introduced into your light beige hair, this is a fun way to go about it. It’s an understated style that adds a unique charm to your appearance.

Chamomile Blonde Hair

Chamomile Blonde #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_amburgerofhair

Chamomile blonde hair is reminiscent of the soothing colors of chamomile flowers. It is a pale, warm blonde with a subtle hint of yellow that exudes a gentle, sunny aura. The editors highly recommend this shade if you want to radiate a calming and relaxed vibe.


Bronde Hair Color

Bronde is a fusion of brunette and blonde, resulting in a dimensional, sun-kissed look. Brunettes also have the chance to explore blonde shades with this bronde hair color. It's a versatile choice, as it allows brunettes to experiment with blonde without going fully blonde.

Pearl Blonde Hair

Pearl Blonde #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_caroline.anythingbutbasic

If you want something that’s elegant and refined, pearl blonde is a cool-toned shade with silvery and iridescent undertones. This ethereal color is perfect for those with cool skin undertones who desire a striking, icy look.

Champagne Blonde Hair

Champagne Blonde #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram__edwardsandco

Champagne blonde hair mimics the bubbly effervescence of champagne with its warm, golden tones. It's a celebratory and glamorous choice that suits those with medium to dark skin tones. The glimmering effect of this color is perfect for special occasions.


Cream Blonde with Highlights

Cream Blonde with Highlights #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram__edwardsandco

Cream blonde hair with highlights is a creamy and luscious shade that adds brightness to your hair. Highlights provide a pop of contrast, giving your hair depth and dimension and also adding a luxurious charm to your style.

Butterscotch Blonde Hair

Butterscotch Blonde Hair #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_thestrawberryblonder

Butterscotch blonde often features golden undertones that add a touch of radiance to your hair. It's an excellent choice for those who want a more subdued yet striking blonde look. The richness of butterscotch candy with the elegance of blonde hair creates a mesmerizing, sweet and luscious color.

Classic Balayage Blonde

Are you searching for the epitome of timeless beauty? Classic balayage blonde is the definition of this laid-back beachy look. Regardless of hair texture and length, this style technique works well to enhance your overall charm.


Ice Blonde Hair Color

Want a frosty elegance, Glaminati suggests ice blonde hair which is as cool and refreshing as its name suggests. It's a bold and striking shade characterized by its icy, platinum hues that can make you feel like a winter queen. Achieving and maintaining ice-blonde hair may require more effort, but the result is worth it.

Sunset Blonde Hair

Sunset Blonde #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_elissawolfe

For a vivid and radiant style, sunset blonde is sure to stand out wherever you go! It is like capturing the warmth and vibrancy of a beautiful sunset in your locks. Achieve a harmonious balance between red, orange, and yellow undertones and add a pop of color to your hair with this shade.

Browned Blonde Peek-a-Boo

Browned Blonde Peek-a-Boo #blondehair #blondehaircolor #blonde
by @instagram_sofiya.bravo

For a subtle surprise, brown blonde peek-a-boo highlights are all about adding a touch of intrigue to your hair. These hidden, brown-blonde strands are discreet yet impactful when they catch the light. It’s a fun way to include blonde streaks into your style without going all out.


How To Pick The Right Shade Of Blonde For Your Skin Tone

When deciding what blonde hair color to opt for, you need to consider whether you have a warm or cool undertone. Warm blonde shades like honey and gold best complement people with warm undertones. On the other hand, cooler blonde shades like platinum and ash best suit those with cool undertones.

Each of these blonde hair colors offers a unique and captivating way to express your personality and style. Whether you prefer a classic, natural look or something bold and attention-grabbing, there's a blonde shade that's perfect for you.

Maintaining Your Blonde Hair

When it comes to maintaining your blonde hair, the editors advise that you wash your hair in cool water as this reduces the chances of fading. Nicole Lucero, a colorist at NYC's Mahogany Grace Salon in the same line stated that you should treat your locks in that way:

"Protect your hair from UV rays by wearing a hat or using a leave-in conditioner with SPF and always use heat protectants when styling with hot tools, as heat damage can also cause brassiness. And don't forget that it is best to avoid chlorine and salt water as they can also cause discoloration. Regular trims and toners can help keep your hair healthy and prevent the hair from looking dull.”
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