Finding your perfect hairstyle can be a challenge at any age, and sometimes it becomes even more difficult over the years. We believe that for women over 60, the key to beautiful hair is to choose what suits their features and add some trending elements to the style. Essentially, it is about finding the balance between modern and classic shapes, as well as knowing what brings out your strong sides.


Keep reading to find plenty of inspiration we have rounded up for you in this article.

Pixie With Undercut

by @deborah__darling

A well-structured pixie is the best framing for naturally grey hair. Its sharp lines make the hairstyle look edgy and put together. This androgynous, Tilda Swinton-style pixie cut particularly suits those subtly built ladies over 60.

What hairstyles suit women over 60?


Sleek Pixie Haircut

by @meucabelocurto

Often with aging, hair becomes thinner and more brittle, which means that it requires more care and attention. If you feel like your hair lacks lustre and appears flat and dull, consider a shorter haircut that will look modern, sophisticated, and fresh. Cheekbone grazing fringe and shorter, tapered sides will make you look youthful and chic.

Textured Layered Pixie for Women over 60

by @meucabelocurto

If you are toying with the idea of going short, start with a longer version of a pixie cut, also called bixie – a hybrid of a pixie and a bob. Choppy layers add texture and work for fine and frizzy hair.


Straight Short Bowl Bob Haircut

by @neveartofhair

A bowl bob is one of the most powerful trends, yet it looks elegant and is a perfect hairstyle for more mature women. If you have thick, straight, and heavy hair, it’s safe to say, that the bowl bob is one of the styles that will require very minimal effort to style.

Inverted Choppy Bob

by @salsalhair

Perhaps a bob is one of the most versatile and flattering hairstyles for any age. Wear it straight or wavy, go for a middle part or sweep your hair on one side, add some layers or keep it blunt – there are plenty of options to suit everyone.


Shoulder Length Layered Haircut


If you are seeking a low maintenance hairstyle for fine hair, this medium length layered cut is an all-around great choice. Long enough to put it up for ‘second day hair’, it’s also easy to style using a round brush and a hair dryer. A side fringe and face-framing strands look soft and feminine, whilst layers add volume to finer hair.

Pastel Pink Bob with a Layered Fringe

by @olgashatyko

Ladies who have 100% greys are lucky to have the freedom to experiment with pastel colors, like this subtle candy floss-pink hue. Paired with a classic cut and soft side fringe, it is just enough for a statement look without being too OTT.

Short Grey Bob

Shutterstock Shutterstock

If you prefer to keep it safe, a short bob is the ultimate no-brainer. A shorter, chin-length bob is one of those contemporary hairstyles that always look beautiful on mature women. Simple but elegant, it has just enough volume and beautifully frames your face.

Should a woman in her 60s try to wear grey hair?


Choppy Pixie With Bangs

by @headrushdesigns

Whether you are looking to give your current pixie a little spruce or thinking of going short for the first time, this short, textured cut is brilliant. Tousle it with some texturizing paste or pomade to get that foxy look.

Medium Lenght Wavy Hairstyle

by @oldushkamodels

While we are firm believers that age should not define the length of your hair, that old misconception is still lingering around. However, if your hair is in good and healthy condition, long and medium length hairstyles look great at any age. These soft waves with a deep side part clearly prove it. Undoubtedly, sleek and put-together hairstyles are the best bet for women over 60.

Can a woman over 60 wear long hair?

Low Textured Updo

by @oldushkamodels

A low bun or a twist is another style for those with longer hair. If you wonder how to wear your hair up without it looking frumpy and outdated, here are some tips. Using a spritz of texturizing spray and leaving a few loose strands will give your hairdo a fresh look. Soft shape, defined strands and face-framing – are the small details that can make or break it.


Updo With Long Fringe

by @oldushkamodels

In case you are looking for curly hairstyles for women over 60, there is a suitable option for you too. All you need to do is to gather your hair in a low updo but leave longer fringe on the side. Use the curling iron to add some waves to the fringe and an elegant and stylish hairdo is ready!

Messy High Bun

by @oldushkamodels

Whether you are looking for inspiration for a night out or generally thinking about a change of your hairstyle, a high bun is a perfect option. A classy and elegant updo will elongate your neck and draw attention to the cheekbones. If you are conscious of feeling too bare, leave a few strands to frame your face.

Accessorize with a Headband

by @mayemusk

Try hair accessories to complement your look. This swanky headband with a bow creates an illusion of volume (and even height). While it might not be a regular day-to-day look, headbands can elevate a special occasion hairstyle and add to the outfit.


Halo Braided Updo

by @oldushkamodels

If you are a fan of all possible braided style – we have something for you in store. A nice halo braided updo will introduce additional charm into any look. Besides, such a hairdo ensures that no hair will be getting in your face no matter the conditions and that is surely a lovely benefit.

Wrapped Updo

by @thesilverstylist

One of the easiest, foolproof medium length hairstyles for women over 60 is a French twist. Whilst you could find it too traditional, it’s certainly not, if your hair is dyed pastel lilac. And if you aren’t feeling brave enough for the vivid colors, dress up your updo with a splash of texturizing spray or try a new clip.

Half-Up Half-Down

by @thesilverstylist

Another option for those who prefer longer hair is a half-up half-down hairstyle. All around beautiful and easy to wear, half up half down can be tailored to suit any face shape and hair type. Whilst it’s common to consider short hairstyles a go-to choice for more mature women, in fact, medium length and longer hair can often look very flattering, especially if it is healthy and looked after.


Short Permed Bob Hairstyle

In case you are looking for curly hairstyles for women over 60, think of a short, graduated bob. The good news is that natural curls have plenty of texture and volume, so all you need to do is find a hairdresser who is confident in cutting curly hair.

by @alidastyle

On the other hand, women with straight hair and dreaming of curls certainly should consider a perm. Technologies have changed over the years, and modern perm has nothing to do with the tight sets your mum used to get back in the day. Also, there’s practically no damage to your hair.

Sleek Retro Bob

by @mayemusk

If less is more is your vibe, opt for a simple, minimalistic bob. This classic, understated haircut works miracles for ladies with thin hair. Use a bit of mousse and style it with a round brush. Perhaps put in a few large diameter velcro rollers to give extra movement to your fringe.

Pompadour Updo

by @justannkharchenko

A pompadour is one of those hairstyles that always look striking. To nail a perfect pompadour, you need to start with the right haircut. Layered bob haircuts or pixies are the easiest to work with, although this look can be created on shorter hair too. Start with blow drying your hair towards the back; then back brush the crown area and tame it down with a dot of texturizing pomade or wax. Make sure to finish the look with a strong hairspray.


Classic Long Pixie Haircut

by @styleatacertainage

Nothing can beat a long pixie haircut with side bangs. Modern and versatile, this hairstyle would suit virtually every woman in her 60s.

Long Curly Layers

by @mayemusk by @nubiarezo

Elevate your elongated bob or a layered haircut with a curly blowout. You would need 1” tongs or hot rollers to recreate this look. Curl all your hair away from your face, let it set, and gently brush through with a wide tooth comb (or your fingers). Backcomb the crown area and finish with a splash of hairspray.

Wavy Hair with a Hair Ribbon

by @thesilverstylist

If you prefer wearing your hair down but struggle to keep it out of the way, try a band or a ribbon instead of clipping it back. This little trick will help to maintain the shape of your locks intact and avoid any marks and kinks.


Volumetric Layered Pixie

by @mila_kryshchykhina by @mila_kryshchykhina

Somewhere in between a long pixie and a short bob, this ultra voluminous and textured haircut looks superb on curvier ladies.

Everclassic Long Sleek Hair

by @neveartofhair

Dusty Pink Textured Bob

by @neveartofhair


Sleek Bob With Side Swept Bangs

by @neveartofhair

Sometimes less is more, remember? You can spend less time to get a more beautiful look. Of course, such ideas can’t do without creativity and a good sense of fashion. You can amp up your hairdo with tons of volume without using any styling products. Instead, you can simply use a stylish headscarf or even a ribbon. Note that the color of your accessory should match the color palette of your outfits and you will reach harmony.