Stunning And Sassy Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair That Are Too Cute For Words

Chic and Sexy Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are perfect for hot summer days. And they’re super cute and sassy.

If you are looking for short haircuts for women with fine hair, you have come to the right spot. We have compiled a list of 21 most adorable pixies and bobs for fine hair. Yes, they may require a bit of upkeep.


However, these short styles and short haircuts will add a ton of depth and movement to your thinner tresses to make you look and feel years younger!

Side Parted Disconnected Pixie

Source: Rayahope via Instagram

This adorable pixie with disconnected layers that are swooped over to one side will add a ton of volume to your fine tresses. Dark roots with silver or blonde over-tones will add more dimension for a playful, flirty vibe, which will also nicely complement both casual and formal looks. Besides, such short layered hairstyles are surprisingly easy to style: just work some texturizing product into your damp tresses, adding more movement by running your fingers through the length. If you want to have a more defined texture, you can give your top some passes of a flat iron. To finish the look, give it a coat of a lightweight hairspray to forget about countless touch-ups throughout the day.



Short Stacked Bob With Wavy Layers

Source: Polishedbypaigey via Instagram

Now, let us tell you one thing about dealing with fine hair: it’s not only about a haircut or hairstyle. It’s about both plus the right color combination! This hairstyle is flattering for those with fine hair, as the highlights and stacked layers will add more depth and dimension. Nicely chopped tresses of a stacked bob will create the actual volume for your hair, while pleasant, effortless highlights will enhance the effect visually, getting most of the look. Its styling routine won’t become a commitment if you have salt spray and hairspray. Blow dry your hair, spritz some salt spray, scrunch your hair a little, and finish everything with regular hairspray.



Absolutely Asymmetrical & Deep Side Bob

Source: Ezmialove via Instagram

The variety of short bob hairstyles is so vast that sometimes they don’t even look like bobs. Here, for example, the haircut crosses the line between a pixie and a bob, giving an absolutely new take at both of them. This dramatic asymmetrical bob is daring. But if you opt for icy blonde tones, you’ll add a bit of seduction and playfulness to the overall edginess. By the way, even though it’s pretty short, it’s actually a great canvas to your styling creativity. Be it a wavy or super straight hairstyle, it will look ravishing, no doubts.



Buzzed Summer Cut

Source: kassiabarbo via Instagram

Whoah, it’s getting pretty hot, isn’t it? And it seems like it has something to do with short hairstyles 2019 has prepared for this summer. This look is perfect if you want to bring out your inner punk rock chick. The buzzed cut with long layers on the top that form long, side swept bangs is super cute and trendy. If you are feeling really brave, you can dye your hair bold color. The good news is, there are a plethora of ways to style the top: you just need to be equipped with several foams and pomades to define your strands and keep them in place all day long. To achieve the look from this pic, semi-shine hair gel is key.



Short To Medium Messy Layers

Source: Anhcotran via Instagram

This look is great for those with round or square faces, as it is really slimming. With its slightly shorter layers in the back and messy front layers, it’s fun and carefree cut that adds fullness to your locks. Since the front tresses are longer, they don’t only give a stunning face-framing effect but also provide you with lots of creative styling options. If you want to make the beautifying effect even bigger, you can slightly wave the front locks. In this way, you will simply turn your casual hairstyle into a formal, big-day look that will go well with dresses, jeans, and literally everything you’d like to put on.


Shaggy Tapered Pixie

Source: sarahb.h via Instagram

There are as many short hairstyles for women as you want because you can always customize your cut and style, creating a one of a kind look. This taped pixie is totally adorable with its tapered layers that add a ton of texture. Those with thicker tresses would not be able to pull off this cute look. So, embrace your fine locks and totally own this sassy short pixie! And now you can see with your own eyes that very short hairstyles don’t kill the feminine vibe. On the contrary, they can reveal it from a new angle. Keep your top well-shaped and defined if you want the hairstyle to fit in your sophisticated, smart image.


Chopped Bob With Balayage Hues

Source: Chrisgreenehair via Instagram

Choppy layers really add a lot of volume to thinner tresses. And this chocolate brown to honey blonde balayage creates a stunning waterfall effect that adds even more texture and volume to this edgy cut. Needless to say, the look is so well-shaped and voluminous that it doesn’t even need styling. Yes, it’s the so much desirable wash-and-go! To keep up with a bouncy, lightweight, and textured body of this masterpiece, make sure to do deep conditioning once a week. This will always keep your hair manageable and soft, setting the beauty of layers into motion. Plus, any hairstyles for short hair you’d like to recreate will be absolutely straightforward.



Tousled Beach Bob

Source: styled_by_carolynn via Instagram

This short cut is really fun, as it looks totally effortless with its beachy waves. It will appear especially stunning with platinum blonde streaks. Or add bold color like neon pink or electric blue streaks to give it more of a punkish edge. In fact, short layered bob hairstyles look their best when finished with wavy texture: waves can amp up the whole silhouette, enhancing the color and natural volume. And this tousled beachy bob is living proof! The way these dynamic messy waves lift up the mane is just to die for. Whether you rock your days with a punky attitude or your look is all about romance and femininity, tousled wavy bob has an approach to all girls and images.


Chin Length Layers

Source: Mechesalonla via Instagram

There are some simple but versatile short hairstyles women from all over the world, including famous ones, won’t ever stop sporting. This retro bob with chin grazing layers is celebrity-inspired and totally adorable! No wonder if you see your favorite actress or singer with this classic bob spiced up with a hint of modern flare: it’s very practical and stylish at once. If you’re one of those women who know the value of time and also wants to keep up with fashion, this bob is just what the doctor ordered. A hairdryer and soft hairspray are all you need to make stylishness meet practicality in your life.


Peter Pan Pixie

Source: sarahb.h via Instagram

This boy cut is totally adorable and chic. Its trendy taupe color is what makes the pixie really sweet and sassy. Due to various little layers running through the cut, it looks like it came from the famous tale. And even though it’s rather a tomboy haircut, paired with a stylish shade and defined texture, it still preserves the girly mood. And, most importantly, it deals with fine hair, building perfect balance for the whole look.



Short Bob With Braided Fringe

Source: chloenbrown via Instagram

If you think that you can’t create braids on pixies and bobs, here comes one of the cute hairstyles for short hair that is going to change your mind. For instance, If you have a fringe or your haircut has longer layers that cascade to the front, this is where you braid can take place. Even a hint of braided texture is enough to spice up your casual look and make it more elegant. This thick braid across your bangs will add some fullness to thinner hair. We think a Dutch or milkmaid braid will work best for a Boho chic and sexy look.


Carefree Pixie With Sideburns

Source: alexisplatun via Instagram

You can get your hair layered to volumize its silhouette; you can get yourself a fringe to have more room for volumetric styling. And finally, you can let your sideburns do its own thing to create a fuller look to your hair. Short length hairstyles for fine hair are indeed full of surprises! For example, these long sideburns are fashionable and help create the illusion of thicker tresses. Isn’t that an amazing way to get the effect of fullness?


Not-Quite-a-Pixie Cut

Source: Flore_mrs via Instagram

This look is really fun and edgy. With long and choppy angled layers that are slightly shorter in the back, it adds a ton of volume and movement. It also helps elongate your face and accentuate your facial features, which is a win for ladies who’d like to work on their face shapes. Apart from the sharp structure of the haircut, the styling choice also takes part in making this pixie looking so different. The hair was styled with a flat iron that made the edgy layers so sharp and distinctive. And if you style it with a blow dryer, simply drying it, you will see a gentler, more even hair texture that will remind that wearing versatile and cute short hairstyles is fun!



Wet & Disheveled Cut

Source: sarah_louwho via Instagram

Those who are looking for short wavy hairstyles, here’s an idea that will put an end to your search! What can be better than messy wet waves that actually look like a real waterfall flowing on your mane? These choppy, modern layers are chic yet carefree while the disheveled layers add fullness. Although the waves in itself aren’t really voluminous, their distinctive texture works wonders, creating a full appearance to the strands. Of course, you will need some product to maintain the texture, but it’s well worth the effort! As a matter of fact, this hairstyle takes some time: you should prep your hair when it’s wet and style it when it’s damp. But, as we told you already, the result is worth it!


Shaved Sides

Source: Sky_eyes_ via Instagram

This funky look with really short sides and back and longer combed forward layers is a bit daring. And it goes without saying that only those women who are brave enough to have all eyes on them can pull it off. At first sight, the idea may seem to be too long and heavy for fine hair. However, in reality, this swaggy cut adds height and volume to your thinner hair. To make it work best for you, ask your stylist for subtle layers that will make the texture airy and thus more manageable. As for styling, sweep your top to the side: it will add extra volume while showing off your awesome shaved sides.


Punk Princess

Source: behindthechair_com via Instagram

Let’s not forget what a crucial role our hair plays in our self-expression. When we want to change something in our life, it just so happens that we start from our hair. And when we are about to show how different we are, we go for bold changes, turning our hair into a palette of experiments. This zig-zag shaved pixie with feathery layers is totally edgy. Still, the haircut isn’t the only thing in this look that makes heads turn. The faux-hawk adds a lot of puffed up layers on top for a rocker chic vibe. Recreating won’t require a lot of time. Yet, you should ensure you’ve got enough hair gel to make it right. And last but not least, things will get even more fascinating with some bold colors: this look is one that screams for a bright and daring burst of color.



Short Pixie With Long Bangs

Source: Sky_eyes_ via Instagram

Another fantastic way to let your inner rebel take over your look! This pixie leaves us speechless with the serious character and great visual impact. As you might have noticed, this time, a pixie doesn’t come alone; it’s accompanied by long side-swept bangs to add even more volume and framing magic to the front. Just like many pixie haircuts, this idea is absolutely versatile and can be styled differently based on your mood and outfits.


Undercut Pixie

Source: Nealmhair via Instagram

Pixies are never boring for one simple reason: they can adapt to any image and nicely blend with another haircut. Here you can see an eye-catching combination of the good old undercut and ageless pixie haircut finished with a creative hair design. Layers on top add a lot of definition while providing dynamics and dimension to the mane. Cut a long story short, this look is low maintenance but totally cute. Cut your back and sides really short and add some feathers the top for a look that's fab and full of volume. On top of that, the cut is very comfortable in terms of styling: you can do nothing and flaunt with a look to steal.


Sleek Sophisticated Bob


It’s no secret that straight hair texture tends to fall flat, regardless of how many products you used to amp it up. And when it’s fine, things are getting even trickier. Luckily for ladies with such a hair type, there are perfectly-shaped short to medium hairstyles that can perfect your styling life. This look is great for those with straighter locks and round face shapes. Have your hair cut into a defined bob and style to add volume to the crown. A few minutes with a flat iron on the edges and you’re good to go!



Bulky Angled Cut

Source: Jenhairinspired via Instagram

When it comes to choosing an idea from the variety of short to mid length hairstyles for fine hair, remember: nothing can beat voluminous angled bobs. It doesn’t matter how thin or thick your hair is, this type of haircut has the power to take your texture to the next level, giving it an amazing bulky twist. This angled bob will create a perfectly rounded silhouette to add volume to your thinner tresses. All you need to do is blow it dry with a round brush to add fullness to this cute haircut. It’s one of the most popular short hairstyles for those with fine hair, not for nothing: it’s easy to style and super chic to wear.


Two-Toned Sleek Bob

Source: Cleencuts via Instagram

This cut is cute for those who want a straight blunt cut. The subtle layers add more body, but the darker roots are what really will add fullness to this adorable and trendy style. Ladies who appreciate the beauty of simplicity should definitely give this idea a shot. Keep in mind that sleek styling usually requires regular conditioning with oils and shine spray to enhance the sleekness. In general, there’s nothing complicated about the look, yet its visual impact is absolutely fabulous. Also, you can play around with the parting, changing the mood of your look in this way. A side-part will add some flirty character, while a middle part will make the look more sophisticated.


Tousled Layered Bob

Source: chihaircare via Instagram

Believe it or not, tousling and layers are all you need to make every single look complete. If you’re going for a walk with your friend, you can finish the hairstyle with a fancy hat that matches the outfit. For a date look, some lovely hair accessories will do the romantic trick. When going for a wedding ceremony, floral embellishments or even real flowers will be enough to make this bob fit the occasion. Who would’ve thought that messy hairstyles would turn out to be so versatile?



Stacked Bob & Side Dutch Braids

Source: _wildfern via Instagram

Braids know how to amaze! While most people associate them with femininity, these little cuties show that they’re not as simple as they seem to be. Braids, whatever they are, can become a part of your daring hairstyle, thus finishing it with a beautiful texture. How about you to create a side-swept look on your stacked bob, braid one of the sides, and show everyone how different you are? Besides a statement-making look, you will also spice up your hair with the so much needed volume.


Bob Headband Braid

Source: chloenbrown via Instagram

Who needs accessories when we can always create them with our hair? Furthermore, hair accessories may weigh down the look, which is a disaster for those suffering from flat tresses. Not only is this bob headband super voluminous and edgy but also very lovely and girly. The best thing is, you can do the hairstyle in less than an hour: just wave your hair and create a braid that falls as a headband.


Easy-To-Style Side Fringe Bob

Source: via Instagram

Let us share with you one more wash'n’go that you will never want to change once you go for it. It’s a super short bob with a long fringe that blends with the rest of the hair seamlessly, forming an organic whole. When dealing with fine hair, it’s very important to keep the perfect balance between your fringe and your cut. Why is this cut called “easy-to-style”? Well, how would you call a haircut that doesn’t even require blow drying? Yep, you can leave it air dry and still look ravishing. How? Layers are the secret password.



Twisted Half-Up

Source: Ryohei_katayama via Instagram

For some unknown reason, women tend to bury their hopes of wearing feminine updos when they get short haircuts. Gone are those days when ‘short’ meant limitations, ladies! In fact, such days didn’t ever exist, as once you take a creative approach to your hair, you can turn it into an updo that will also work on your fine hair. Wave your layers, do some twists, pin them at the back, and tousle up the crown saying “voila!”.


Messy Half Bun

Source: Kristin_ess via Instagram

Whether you’re staying at home all by yourself or going to get some sweets to watch your favorite series, you still want your hair to look decent. That’s why we’ve prepared an amazing casual or even home hairstyle you can do in minutes to always feel confident with your short locks. The rules are simple: wave your hair a little, section off the top layer, and twist it into a loose bun. Then, tousle up some edges and enjoy the effortless volume and fullness in your hair.


Dutch Braid Updo

Source: Alex_HairCraft via Instagram

Your eyes aren’t lying to you: that’s an all-over crown braid updo done on short hair. Obviously, the hairstyle requires a rather short-to-medium length, as it incorporates all the hair. And the secret of creating the style lies in working without much tension on second-day hair. Yes, we’re not kidding. Second-day hair is more manageable for braiding because hairs don’t stick out when trey’re a little bit greasy.



Space Buns

Source: xandervintage via Instagram

Nothing can compare to space buns when you’re about to strike everyone with cuteness and sexuality at the same time. There’s no need to tell you how simple such hairstyles are, but there’s still something we should mention: go wild and creative to create a space bun look to remember. Once the buns are ready, add some messy touch to them by tousling up the edges to that they stick out like crazy. That’s how you can create a funky modern updo!


Quick Bandana Style

Source: chloenbrown via Instagram

Probably the easiest hairstyle of all time! That’s the case when you can do an absolutely fashionable and decent updo even if you’re short of time and haven’t washed your hair for days. A stylish bandana or scarf can be your saving grace. The only thing you need is to tie your crown with the accessory, and that’s it! And the fact that it will maintain fullness in your hair is just the icing on the cake.


Whimsical Updo Hairstyle

Source: aliyousha via Instagram

Creativity is your best weapon when working with short hair. If you want to create an updo that won’t only complement your look but will also express your individuality, don’t forget to ask your imagination for help. Braids and twists will be there for you, too! Defined texture, pleasant twists, lovely braids: these are three elements of an updo that will catch people's eyes.



Braided Faux-Hawk

Source: alex_haircraft via Instagram

Everyone who thinks that doing a faux hawk on short hair is impossible should see this idea! With the help of braids, you can create your own, textured version of the trendy hairstyle. Braid the top into a classic Dutch braid, working with big strands. For the sides, it’s better to go with tighter types such as three-strand or fishtail braid.


Curly Bob

Source: nathaliebarros via Instagram

We just can’t leave you without short curly hairstyles you can wear on a daily basis! Yes, it’s just a side-swept bob. But the way these defined, well-shaped curls stand out makes this hairstyle simply unforgettable. To achieve a look like this, coat your hair with a product designed for curl definition. Once it adapts to the texture, sweep those curls and get ready to shine!


Curly Updo Hairstyle

Source: nathaliebarros via Instagram

The texture of curly hair is so pleasant that even the simplest hairstyles for short curly hair look like red-carpet hairdos. And this updo is no exception. Though it doesn’t take much effort to tie your hair into a high bun, you should make sure that you’ve prepared your curls for the hairstyle. Condition them, apply a product that enhances manageability, and then go on to create an updo. P.S. The messier, the better!



Updo With Low Bun

Source: tonyastylist via Instagram

Let’s be honest: without this transformation pic, it’s hard to believe that this hairstyle was done on short hair. And while it may seem to be too complicated, in fact, it’s nothing but a breeze. Again, you need to start working with second-day hair or with an oily product applied. To create the hairdo, just twist your strands from both sides and tie them low, securing with some accessory.

Feeling bold enough to try one of these short hairstyles? We think you’re ready! And we know that no matter which cut you choose, you’re going to be totally sexy and stylish!