A buzz cut is one of those mens haircuts that you should try on at least once in your life. And who knows, maybe you will want to make it your go to type hairstyle. In addition to looking neat and tidy, it is also low maintenance and practical. It is a perfect option for those who pick short haircuts for men over other popular hair looks. If you are ready to give it a go, you are welcome to explore our guide. For your inspiration, we have collected the best buzz cuts existing.


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Buzz Cut Fade

Since a buzz haircut is so short, it may seem quite tricky to make it look pronounced and high contrast. And that is when a fade haircut comes into play. As it takes your hair on the sides down to the skin, it appears striking against the hair on top. Besides, a buzz cut with fade becomes easier to maintain.


Buzz Cut Taper With Design

Buzz Cut Taper With Design #buzzcut #buzhaircut #buzzhairstyle #short
Credit photo: instagram.com/xbigwesx

If you prefer to leave more hair on the sides than in a buzzed fade, a taper buzz cut is your way to go. Yet, it is still possible to give it a bold touch thanks to a hair design. What is more, a buzz cut with design is a surefire way to express your personality, as you may customize it according to your taste and preferences.

Taper Fade Buzz Cut

A taper fade is a vital solution when you cannot decide between a buzz fade and a taper. This haircut creates much impact thanks to the hair on the sides gradually decreasing in length and blending into the scalp. In addition, a buzz cut taper fade is extremely versatile and suits almost any ambiance.


Long Buzz Cut

Long Buzz Cut #buzzcut #buzhaircut #buzzhairstyle #short
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Even though this cut are mainly short, a long buzzcut may also take place. It can come in really handy when your dress code at work is rather conservative. Just leave your buzz cut long enough so the bald scalp does not show up and you are all set. In case you simply prefer to have longer hair on top, you can go with a long fade buzz haircut.

Low Taper Buzz Cut

A low taper fade is a moderate way to add a stylish twist to your hair look. Since it does not take much hair from the sides and back, the final result turns out quite low key. Though, it does not mean that a buzz cut low taper looks inexplicit. It is still trendy and bold, yet has a little less striking appearance.


Buzz Cut Low Fade

A low fade buzz cut is another level bold. It is a great option for guys who are not fond of showing too much scalp. In this hair look, fading starts quite low, hence the name. So, it seems appropriate in most ambiances, including quite formal. Feel free to complement the look with a line up or a beard.

Military Buzz Cut Fade

The military style is always in great demand. Men all over the world choose it over other male haircuts. With an army fade buzz cut, you will not go unnoticed. It allows you to accentuate your facial features, taking them to the spotlight. Practical and low maintenance, this look is made for guys who like to emphasize their masculinity.

Brush Cut

For a fancy and dressy event, you may need an elegant hairstyle that would fit the occasion. If normally you wear a buzzcut, then in this situation, you may get away with its more classic version – a brush cut. As it is so tidy, it can also be sported in a professional environment.


Blonde Buzz Cut

Wondering how to give your buzz haircut a boost? We have a great idea in mind. If you are not a fan of intricate hair designs and styling, you can play around with the color of your hair. Bleached blonde locks are unbelievably eye catching and bold, so you are sure to be the center of attention.

Buzz Cut Designs

Yet, if you feel like adding some creativity to your hair look, no one dares to stop you. Do not limit your imagination when enhancing the buzz cut haircut with a hair design. From straight lines and light bolts to elaborate prints and patterns, there is a wide variety of options to choose from.

Mid Fade Buzz Cut

A buzz cut mid fade is a failsafe option for guys who always choose the middle ground. It is still quite impactful and prominent, yet does not look overly daring. A perfect choice for both work or studying and casual outings with friends. A beard may be worked into the look too.


Skin Fade Buzz Cut

Skin Fade Buzz Cut #buzzcut #buzhaircut #buzzhairstyle #short
Credit photo: instagram.com/spukthebarber

If you are not afraid to stand out in the crowd, then a buzz cut skin fade may be the best option for you. It is very sharp and edgy, as it blends into your skin on the sides. So, you may expect it to be the show stealer wherever you go.

Buzz Cut Mullet

A mullet haircut is back and it is now one of the trendiest haircuts. Yet, if the idea of growing hair pretty long does not appeal to you, you can always go with one of its variations, such as a buzzcut men mullet. The cut only mimics the profile of a mullet with a slightly longer back and shorter front. Yet, it generally remains quite short.

Butch Haircut

The main feature of a butch hair is that the top is of an even length. As such, it has a slightly rounded silhouette. For this reason, you may want to incorporate a line up to bring some angles to it. This type of a mens buzz cut pairs nicely with a taper or a fade.


Mid Taper Buzz Cut

Mid Taper Buzz Cut #buzzcut #buzhaircut #buzzhairstyle #short
Credit photo: instagram.com/los_cut_it

Tapering is a common haircutting technique that accompanies most if not all short mens haircuts. And this cut no different. If you are hesitant about how to combine a buzz cut with taper, you can never go wrong with a mid version of the cut. It is universal and always looks fitting.

Short Buzz Cut

A men's buzz cut may be as short as you like. Should you prefer a barely there hair look, you are welcome to go for it. Leave slight stubble on the head and you are sure to get one of the sharpest and coolest haircuts. The only potential drawback it has is that you may need to update it quite often to keep it crisp.

High Fade Buzz Cut

High Fade Buzz Cut #buzzcut #buzhaircut #buzzhairstyle #short
Credit photo: instagram.com/giuse_laguardia

A buzz cut high fade is one of the boldest short haircuts for men. The hair on the sides starts fading quite high, so the top is taken to the center stage. Because it takes off so much hair around the head, you may pair it with a bushy beard or another facial hair style.


Curly Hair Buzz Cut

One of the main benefits of buzz cuts for men is their versatility. They work for any hair type and curly hair is no exception. Moreover, curly buzzed hair is very textured and pronounced. So, it will not take much effort to create a defined look. You may just want to apply a tad of a hair styling product to enhance the structure of your hair.

Buzz Cut No Fade

While a buzzcut fade combo is very popular, they should not necessarily go together. You may get a cut without a fade too. The hair is evenly cut all over the head, which looks quite flattering. This is also a failproof thin hair buzz cut option, as it keeps quite a lot of hair intact.

Buzz Cut Line Up

Want to add a sharp accent to your buzz cut men hairstyle but without overdoing it? Team it with a line up. A clean line that goes along the hairline across your forehead and temples can make the look more chiseled and clean. Although you will need to visit the barber for upkeep quite often, that should not be a problem.

Getting a buzz cut is a wise decision, as it gives you plenty of advantages. It allows you to tame your locks while creating a neat look. Hopefully, our guide has helped you to find the buzzcut hair idea that resonates with you most.


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