If you prefer mens haircuts with a bit more edge, then a high fade is your way to go. It goes high up from your temples and blends or fades into the skin toward the hairline. And that is basically where the name comes from. Being one of the most popular types of haircuts for men, a fade haircut offers you versatility and ease of maintenance. Ready for a stylish upgrade to your current hair look? Find your portion of inspiration in our guide.


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High Skin Fade

If you think that a high fade gives you the ultimate boldness, we are here to prove you wrong. You can take it to another level by going for a high skin fade haircut. The top may be styled to your liking and even if you decide to pair it with a buzz cut, the high bald fade is still going to look contrasty and pronounced.


High Fade Comb Over

A high fade haircut provides your regular hairstyle with a daring and edgy twist. So, expect to have all eyes on you when sporting such a cut. Hence, the top may feature something rather reserved and low key, such as a comb over. This combo suits perfectly both a formal and casual ambiance.

High Top Fade

Not sure how to accentuate your high top haircut? No worries, we got your back. A high top fade may be exactly what you are looking for. It takes your hair on top to center stage, which is why your high top is guaranteed to be in the spotlight. A line up compliments this hair look just right.


High Fade Buzz Cut

If a buzz cut is your go to haircut, we have a great idea of how you can elevate it. A high fade cut creates a noticeable difference in length between the top and the sides, so you get a contrasty look without effort. Feel free to team it with a short neat beard for a more masculine look.

High Fade Short Hair

All short haircuts work just fine with a mens high fade. Guys who opt for them usually value practicality more than anything else. Yet, it does not mean that it will not look stylish or trendy. Instead, you are sure to get a very sharp and edgy ‘do, which is easy to style and maintain.


Undercut High Fade

High Fade Undercut #highfadehaircut #highfade #fade
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A high fade mens undercut is a popular combo that takes the best features from both haircuts. An undercut provides contrast and a fade blends it into the top flawlessly. Talking of the top, you are welcome to experiment with the length and the style, as anything looks good with an undercut mens high fade haircut.

High Fade Long On Top

One of the best things about a high fade long top haircut is versatility – you can style it in a great number of ways to suit any ambiance and situation. When you need an elegant and classy hair look, go with a slicked back style or pompadour. In a more relaxed environment, consider surfer’s waves or curtain bangs.

Medium High Fade

Medium hairstyles are a failsafe option for guys who struggle to choose between high fade long hair and short. As such, it can look appropriate in any environment and with any outfit. Style the top to your taste, be it a textured fringe, a polished pomp or a spiked up faux hawk.


High Fade With Beard

Since a men's high fade creates such a neat profile, it can be matched with almost any facial hair style. Whether you prefer a short stubble or a full bushy beard, you may not worry that it will look unkempt. With a high fade men achieve a neat look with any kind of facial hair.

High Fade Crew Cut

A crew cut high fade is a modern way to wear the classic version of the look. As the top is cut evenly, the faded sides add interest to the look. Ask the barber for a textured cut if you want your haircut to appear more defined and structured.

Wavy Top Hairstyles

Wavy hair guys often resort to high fade haircuts and no wonder. Their hair texture may require a special approach and with a high fade, things become much easier. You may want to emphasize the texture of your top by applying a styling product of your choice.


French Crop

As a French crop is already quite textured, you only need to shift the focus to your top. A high fade mens haircut is sure to help you with this. Despite being edgy and bold, the look comes out perfectly balanced. So, all you have to do to accentuate it is to apply a tad of a texturizing hair product to the top.

Slicked Back Hairstyle

Pair a daring high fade hair cut with a slicked back top to end up with a stylish and refined hair look that suits any ambiance. This hairstyle looks amazing on absolutely anyone no matter your hair type and head shape. Just ensure to use a strong hold hair styling product to keep those strands in place.

High Taper Fade

For a softer effect, you may mix your high fade with a taper fade. This haircut is universal and matches all hairstyles on top. It is a great way to go for guys who are looking for a hair look idea that would be suitable for an office as well as casual outings with friends.


High Fade Mullet

It is no secret that a mullet haircut has made a comeback to the world of mens grooming. However, a modern version of the look is much more stylish and flattering. You opt for shorter hair in the front and back than with an original mullet, while the sides feature a high fade.


A mohawk haircut is made to be paired with a fade. If you are not sure that you will be able to pull off an ultimately daring hair look, then you may start with a low fade. Yet, we encourage you to go with a high fade mohawk. Something tells us that you will not regret it.


A quiff is a very popular haircut for men. It can be incorporated into any style and suits the majority of hair textures. But to make it work for you even better, consider partnering it with a high fade cut. This combo will not leave anyone indifferent, including you.


High Burst Fade

Whenever you are tired of a regular high fade haircut, feel free to experiment with different variations of the look. For example, you may upgrade it with a burst fade, which creates a very recognizable pattern on the sides. It also allows for various accents, such as a hair design or a line up.

High Fade Pompadour

A modern pompadour is often accompanied by a fade. As a rule of thumb, the more impact you want to make with your haircut, the higher the fade should start. That is why for an extremely striking hair look, you should go to do this haircut.

High Fade Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you know how difficult it is to tame. For that reason, you may often choose a high fade as your signature haircut. In addition to making your locks easier to maintain, it also draws attention to the top. So, your curls will be in the limelight, especially if you enhance them with a styling product.

Hopefully, these high fade ideas have come in handy and you have managed to choose a look that resonates with you most. Do not forget that this haircut is incredibly versatile, so you may play around with styling the top and accentuating the sides and back as much as you want. And when you need more inspiration, you are sure to find it here.



What is a high fade?

A high fade is a short haircut that implies taking your hair from the longest near the forehead or temple area to the shortest toward the hairline.

Does a fade fit everyone?

A fade fits everyone, no matter your face shape and hair type. However, not all hairstyles on top are universally flattering. So, keep that in mind when choosing a suitable hair look.

Is high fade professional?

A high fade belongs to professional haircuts, as it creates a neat and elegant profile. So, you can feel free to sport it to the office.

What face shape is good for high fade?

In general, a high fade suits all face shapes provided the hairstyle on top looks good on you as well. If you have round, square or heart shaped face, opt for a high fade haircut accompanied by a high top style.

How long does high fade last?

On average, a high faded haircut lasts between two and three weeks.

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