How many flairs to a fade haircut are there? The fittest answer would be – an unlimited number. In case you have been considering spicing your everyday style with a mens haircut, you may as well take a pick at the trendiest fade looks that 2023 brings. There is a suitable option for each and every one of you. We can promise you that much!


What Is A Fade Haircut?

Before you decide to test any of the existing boys haircuts, you must realize what it is all about. In terms of a fade, it can be described as a cut with a shorter back and sides and quite an extended top. There are different types of fade to experiment with, so you can attune the style to your personal needs and preferences in no time. Keep in mind that the length of the top varies too. In case it feels like you would want to give the style a try, consider the following points before you head to the barber’s.

  • Pick the layer – low, mid, or high fade.
  • Choose the top length – short, medium, or long.
  • Decide on the everyday style – textured, messy, straight, something individual.
  • Evaluate your everyday style – formal or casual?

Once you have all the answers at hand, you can book a visit at your hairdresser’s immediately.


The Different Types of Fade Haircuts

Low Fade

As you already know, there is more than a single fade level to choose from. It happens so that a low fade haircut is one of the most frequently picked variations, and there is more than one reason for that. The thing is that a low fade starts above the ears and goes down in length toward the nape. Thus, the style is easily implemented into any style and pairs well with every hair texture. Not to mention that the number of options to style the cut is nearly unlimited.


Medium Fade

Another fade choice is a mid fade haircut. The medium fade is sometimes described as a regular fade, the classiest variant. The medium fade starts higher than a low one, at least an inch above the ears. The haircut is impressively neat and brings more definition to your face. Considering the countless top variants, you can pull off a plethora of trendy looks with the cut.

High Fade

A high fade haircut is slightly edgier than the mid and low fade. It starts below the temples and suits those who want to succeed with a dramatic look or emphasize the stylish top. In case you wonder which styles the cut fits best, we would name anything with cropped hair, but there are no boundaries you can’t push.


Skin Fade

On top of the three primary fade levels, there are additional choices to keep in mind, and a skin fade haircut belongs to the list. As you may have already guessed, the name implies that a part of your head is shaved right to the skin. Usually, it is done with the help of a foil shaver or a straight razor. With the skin fade, it is possible to implement either of the three primal fades into the mix. The cut may start as a skin fade and seamlessly transition into a low, mid, or high fade.

Taper Fade

There is yet another subcategory of fades – taper fade haircut. The primary element of the style is how it is cut. In the case of a taper fade, there is no such obvious and quite dramatic transition to notice. The hair is neatly clipped without getting too short.

Drop Fade

With a drop fade haircut, you get a very interesting profile. The hair on the sides is trimmed so that it looks as if it drops behind the ear. As such, you have a longer top and a slightly shorter back, which allows you to style your men fade haircut in a myriad of different ways.


Burst Fade

While a burst fade is a bit similar to a drop fade, there is still quite a telling difference. Burst fades for men are cut at a similar distance from your ear, creating a curved pattern, yet they do not drop behind it. They also allow pretty much hair on top, with the back being a little longer than in the drop fade.

Temp Fade

Temp mens fades start very high on your head – at your temple area, hence the name. Because of that, this type of fade haircuts for men allows you to create a high contrast look. For more emphasis, it is often combined with skin fade haircuts on the sides. The look turns out incredibly edgy and sharp.

Undercut Fade

A long fade haircut pairs pretty well with an undercut haircut. Because of the long top, you will unlikely be able to blend the hair on the sides into the crown. That is why it is a good idea to create a steep transition and only then fade the hair into the scalp.


Fade Hairstyles Combinations

A fade is not an individual haircut. It is more like an accompaniment to your main hairstyle. As such, there are plenty of great combos of fade haircut styles. Below, we have put together the best of them for your inspiration.

Short Fade Haircut

Now that you are fully aware of all the fades in fashion, it is time to discuss how they match different hair textures and styles. As you can see, a stylish medium fade haircut is all you need to emphasize your curly top. The sleek transition between the top and the back and sides creates that necessary emphasis centered on the texture. Throw in a little styling product; the dimensions will amaze you!

Long Hair Fade

Some people may find quiff a little too boring as there is no room for drama. However, it takes as much as a mens fade haircut to introduce all the edginess and sass you seek into the look. Keep in mind the higher the fade is the more daring the style will appear. Besides, pairing the cut with a full-on beard is a great way to add some dramatic flair to the mix.


Pompadour Fade

A pompadour is a classic haircut that is timeless. However, if you want to give it a trendy feel, enhance the look with one of fade hairstyles. The type of fade is up to you and your preferences. Yet, as a rule of thumb, the bolder the look you want to get, the higher the fade should start.

Mohawk Fade

You cannot imagine a modern mohawk without a fade. Of course, if you actually belong to the punk subculture, you may shave your hair on the sides bald for a more authentic look. But if not, team a fade with long hair on top. A hard part will provide definition and emphasis for your fashionable haircut.

Mullet Fade

If you have not heard yet, a mullet haircut is back in style. However, it is not exactly the same as its counterpart. The top and the back should not be as long as in the original look and the sides can be faded. The best fade with long hair on top and back like this is a burst fade and a drop fade.


Crop Top Fade

For short hair fade is a great way to create extra contrast and structure. If you have something like a crop top, then you should definitely get the sides faded. Not only does your top appear more pronounced like this, but the haircut generally becomes low maintenance.

Comb Over Fade

How to draw even more attention to your impeccable hairstyle on top? To emphasize it with a fade, of course. A comb over may benefit greatly when it is teamed with a fade on the sides and back. If you are not afraid to stand out in the crowd, consider a high skin fade comb over.

High Top Fade

Like we said before, a fade takes your top to center stage. And if it is already quite prominent, you will end up with an incredibly impactful and edgy hair look. A high top fade is anything but boring. Plus, it helps you to make your face visually more elongated and chiseled.


Shadow Fade

Not a fan of the idea to take off much hair from your head? No problem. This is when shadow fade short hairstyles for men come into play. Because they are low key and quite reserved, they are a failsafe option for a professional environment. Yet, they also look cool in any other situation.

Scissors Fade

As neat and elegant as a low taper fade haircut can be, some men medium hairstyles may need a little more customized feel. Should you belong to the category, we suggest you opt for a scissors fade. The intricacy of the cutting technique will attune the style to your personal needs and preferences precisely.

Brushed-Up Fade

Beauty comes in simplicity. The rule applies to fade cuts as well. All it takes is a longer fringe and neatly faded sides to create an impressive brush-up. It may take a few more minutes in the morning to fix the look, but the effect is always worth it. Moreover, you can always spray some styling product before you dry your mane, and a regular blow-out will transform into a finished brushed-up look.


Short Spiky Skin Fade Haircut

When you think of a short fade haircut, you surely imagine something simple with little room for experimentation. However, that is not the case. As you can see, a neat skin fade compliments a well-textured spiky top perfectly. The trick lies in the seamless transition, but a scoop of styling product run through your hair can add up to the finished result.

Everyday Low Skin Fade Cut

When looking for an effortless black mens fade haircut, you may want to pay extra attention to a low skin fade. The beauty of the look lies in its low maintenance, but there is enough room for expressing your stylish side too. So, if you are interested in a cut that requires little styling effort but compliments the hair texture well – this may be the case.

Fade Haircut with a Twisted Mohawk

Taming your kinky hair texture may be a more challenging task than some people would dare to assume. However, that does not mean that the mohawks are out of your league. On the contrary. With a low fade haircut a black man can easily tame the curly mane, bringing just enough definition to emphasize its beauty and magnificent appeal.


Short Fade with a Detailed Line-Up

Looking for an elegant fade haircut black men will head over heels about? Seek no more! This precise short fade with a prominent line-up and neat beard is what you need. The cut lights up those prominent features so that no mood swings will go unnoticed. Besides, just a tad of texturizing powder will make the style shine. Think about it!

Side Parted Fade Cut

In case you don’t know, side-parted cuts are currently on the verge of popularity. The reasons are many, but that seamless sophistication that the cut brings in can’t be underrated. Yet, to emphasize the top, there is little better than a skillful taper low fade haircut. The killer combo will make heads turn as you pass by.

Fade Haircut with Long Top

You may falsely assume that all fades are reserved for short haircuts, but that is not entirely true. The truth is that a low fade haircut taper, along with other fade variations, can be paired well with longer tops too. When you choose to tie your long hair up, the fade will take over and project the desired stylish appeal.



How to Ask the Barber for a Fade Haircut?

It may bother you how to ask for a fade haircut for men. The answer to that is simpler than you could have initially assumed. Since you have an example of the cut you desire in mind, you can share your thoughts and preferences with the barber. When a professional is aware of the top length, styling ideas, and fade level, they will advise you on whether the look suits your face shape and lifestyle in particular. Besides, having a picture of a wanted look on you is never a waste. Lastly, should the expert suggest that the look isn’t the best for you, you may want to listen to a professional opinion. Though the chances with a fade are slim, the style is flattering to most.

How To Do A Fade Cut Yourself

Sometimes men can try and give themselves a bald fade haircut on their own. Should you belong to the category, you may want to follow these simple steps to succeed with an ideal outcome.

  1. Consider where you would like the fade line to start.
  2. Decide on your preferred shorter or longer fade and set the fitting guard size.
  3. Trim the hair, moving your clippers up the sides and back. Start at the bottom and move up. Always.
  4. Change the guards to fade nicely and blend your hair length. There should be only natural transitions without any parts that stand out too much.
  5. Don’t go higher than your temples.
  6. Use your clippers and comb to blend the fade and the rest of the hair. Run your clippers over the comb to balance the right length.
  7. Trim your hairline and neckline with trimmers.

A word of advice – moderation is the key, you can always go shorter, but there is no turning back if you cut too much too soon.

FAQs: Fade Haircut

Are there different types of fades?

There are various types of fades you can pick from these days. Whether it is a drop fade haircut, temple fade, skin fade, high fade, or flat-top fade – you can create an individual and unique style that matches your personality.

What looks better taper or fade?

It depends on your needs and preferences to choose between a haircut fade or taper. The former will create a more dramatic transition and visual definition, while the latter will keep things more reserved and neat.

What is a 0 fade?

A zero fade is a taper fade cut in such a fashion that it remains hair near the base of your neck. Compared to a skin fade, the zero one is shorter at the bottom so that more of the scalp is exposed.