Out of all types of haircuts, a low fade is among the most requested at barbershops. And there is a good reason behind this. For the majority of mens haircuts, the most valuable qualities are a clean and stylish look along with low maintenance and little to no styling. And that is what this fade haircut is about. If you would like to know more about it, you have come to the right place. We have created this guide to address your most common questions about low fades and infuse you with a dose of inspiration.


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Low Burst Fade

A burst fade has a very unique profile. You will not confuse it with anything else. A curved pattern that bends around your ear makes it easily recognizable. You can also pair it with a mens low fade to create a softer silhouette, leaving more hair on the sides. It partners well with longer hairstyles on top, such as a blowout or combed back hair.


Low Taper Haircut

A low fade cut marries pretty well with other popular haircuts for men, such as a taper fade. When paired together, this combo is a match made in barber’s heaven. A low taper fade has a prominent silhouette, yet it makes the transition between longer and shorter hair seamless.

Low Taper Fade Straight Hair

Because straight hair may lack definition, you can compensate it thanks to a contrasty haircut. With a low fade straight hair on top becomes the focal point of the look. So, it is a good idea to get layers cut in it for added emphasis. Finish off the look with a tad of a texturizing product.


Low Fade Haircut Black Men

Black hair guys find low fade haircuts very beneficial. Since their kinks may be a bit difficult to tame, a men's low fade allows them to remove bulk from their strands without sacrificing their hair structure. As such, your hair remains in the limelight while being much easier to maintain.

Textured Low Fade

If your hair tends to lay flat because it is too thin or volumeless, a low fade textured top haircut is what you need. Thanks to the enhanced texture on top, you can create an impression of a full head of hair.


Low Fade Long Hair

If you got tired of your long hair low fade haircut may be a real savior for you. As it lightens your locks, you feel a great relief when it comes to styling and maintaining your mane.

Low Burst Fade Design

Because a low fade mens haircut is quite moderate, you can enhance it with other stylish elements. As such, a low burst fade design may be a great way to bring a welcome change to your hair look without overdoing it. You can get something simple, like a couple of streaks, or go for something more elaborate.

Low Fade Undercut

If you feel like adding more contrast to your men's low fade haircut, upgrade it with an undercut haircut. Leave longer strands on top and you are going to end up with one of the most popular haircuts for men. Yet, the top should not necessarily be extremely long.


Curly Low Fade Haircut

Curly hair requires more maintenance and effort to keep it looking neat than other hair types. That is why it makes sense to get a haircut that would allow you to spend less time taking care of your locks. And that is when a curly low drop fade comes in really handy.

Low Fade Wavy Hair

A low fade with waves is a win-win combination. Because the sides a trimmed shorter than the top, it takes your waves to the center stage. So, you do not need to think about particularly elaborate styling. Just make sure your locks have a neat finish and you are all set.

Low Fade Messy Top

Yet, if you decide to bring a casual feel to your look, a messy hair style is your best bet. To get the look, you need to tousle your hair on top with a tad of a hairstyling product and push it upward for added volume. While it has a slightly ruffian feel, it may be quite suitable for work too.


Blowout Low Taper

A taper blowout is a great way to go for guys whose hair is not especially voluminous. For this hair look, you need a round brush, a volumizing hairstyling product and a powerful blow dryer. A low fade men haircut on the sides completes the look.

Low Fade Fluffy Fringe

You can also team a low taper fade with textured fringe. In this way, all the focus will be on the front of your hair, so make sure to accentuate its structure using a styling product. This hairstyle works especially well on curly hair, as it is easier to get a fluffy fringe on your curls.

French Crop Low Fade

A French crop is often accompanied by a low fade haircut for a good reason. As the textured top is taken to the spotlight, a mens low fade haircut on the sides does not draw attention from it. You may also want to incorporate a line up for a more chiseled outline of the cut.


Low Fade Side Part

Do not be afraid to experiment with your long on top hairstyle. You can try out different combinations to end up with the desired look. As such, a low fade side part may be exactly what you are looking for a work ambiance. It can also be sharp and defined or natural and slightly messy.

Short Low Fade

Low haircuts for men can be combined not only with long tops but with short ones too. Moreso, short haircuts sometimes even look a better match than long hair with low fade. The top can feature any cut of your choice, be it a buzz cut or a short low fade Afro.

Mullet Low Fade

A mullet haircut remains one of the most popular hair trends that has made a comeback lately. But, no worries. It should not look as awkward as its original version. The back and top are usually cut much shorter while the sides may include a low fade.


Low Fade Design

Spice up your haircut with design to make a strong fashion statement with your look. If you struggle to come up with ideas, you can copy the ones we picked out for you below. However, it is always better to create your own design to express your personality.

Low Fade With Fringe

A low fade fringe is a combo that you can never go wrong with. They complement each other perfectly, creating a bold and polished hair look. This haircut is a trendy variation of a low fade long top style. So, if you prefer shorter strands on top, you may want to consider something different.

Burst Fade Low Cut

You can also play around with the type of the fade, experimenting with its pattern. A burst taper is a nice way to take your look up a notch without much effort. Its curved shape creates an unusual and eye catching silhouette, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Getting a low fade guarantees that your hairstyle will gain a sophisticated and neat profile. As it is absolutely universal, you can match it to any hairstyle on top and rest assured that it is going to look stunning. Hopefully, our guide has inspired you with some ideas for your future low faded hair look.


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