Best Bohemian Hairstyles That Turn Heads

The Most Beautiful Bohemian Hairstyles for the Festival Fun

Bohemian hairstyles are worth mastering because they are creative, pretty and so wild. Plus, boho hairstyles do not require much time and effort to do, which makes them ideal for any girl. We have a super hairstyles for bohemian look that you can master every day and to any music festival.


Bohemian Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Long hair is a fantastic canvas for bohemian masterpieces! Charming messy braids and unbelievably voluminous waves are two simple details that can turn you into a boho-queen. In fact, bohemian styles are meant to reveal your creativity. And once you set it into motion, you can rock your days with totally unique looks. Full side fishtail braids transforming into ponytails, braided crowns with waves falling on the shoulders are only the beginning! Don’t forget to mix several braiding techniques at once, and unforgettable hair looks will be yours.


Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles

Source: prettylittleombre via Instagram, kykhair via Instagram, jaymz.marsters via Instagram Source: taylor_lamb_hair via Instagram, mockni via Instagram, hairbysaretta via Instagram Have you ever noticed that half up half down hairstyles are the most popular with bohemian looks? And there isn’t any secret why; these styles fit all the possible music festival outfits, breezy dresses and spring and summer mood. You own hair can play a role of a crown or hold any season flowers.

2 And More Top Braids

Source: thebeachwaver via Instagram, yurykastyle via Instagram, jbraidsandbows via Instagram One of the variations how to make a half up half down hairstyle with braids is starting braiding your hair on the top and then complete it with a ponytail or with a top knot. Regardless that fact that popularity of space buns goes down they still can rock, and we hope to see them more at festivals this summer!


It’s All About Fishtail Braids

Source: foxytrash via Instagram, kristina32_hair via Instagram, jamienkidd via Instagram Don’t forget about fishtail braids if you want to try all the variety of bohemian hairstyles. This simple braid, such as a French braid, can hold all your hair, it can be braided on the side or even fall and create such a romantic look as you can see above. Try it and you’ll love braids forever!

Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Boho hairstyles look exceptional when they are based on long layered haircuts. And the glam effect can be even more enhanced if your hair color is multi-tone, like ombre.


Chic Braided Hairstyles

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Another advantage of boho cute hairstyles for long hair is that they work great for ladies of any age. These hairstyles look as cool on teenage girls as they do on more mature women.

Two Braided Hairstyles

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Cute Hairstyles

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Age does not matter when it comes to boho hairstyles. The key is to stay young at your heart. Then you will be able to easily sport boho styles with any elements, be it braids or buns.


Amazing Hairstyles For You

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You can use a variety of accessories: real flowers, feathers of birds, baubles. Switch on your imagination and turn an ordinary hairstyle into a masterpiece.

Boho Hairstyles That are Breathtaking

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Bohemian hairstyles are always extraordinary and original. They can set you apart from the crowd. Use our ideas to create your own unique style.

Bohemian Hairstyles Inspiring Ideas

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A boho style combines elegance, tenderness, and courage.


Trendy Boho Style for Your Hair

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A boho style is all about the flight of fantasy. Experiment, fantasize, and be unique!

Side Braids To Achieve A Faux Hawk Style

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Who doesn’t like braids? They are simple and pretty as well. Even if you are short of time and consequently have a messy style, simply add beads or braid your hair into ponytail to get a more playful look.

Bohemian Hairstyles For Wild Souls

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Love to stand out in the crowd? Let your hair scream about it! Make sure you have tons of ethnic-inspired accessories and plenty of time if you want to fascinate people with your creative hairdo. A great messy bun finished with a funky headband, or a dramatic half-up accessorized with lots of beads and colorful feathers would be a fascinating start, that’s for sure.