Here you will find graduation hairstyles for long and short hair, including buns, braids, updos as well as elegant styles for those who wish to wear their hair down for this special day. These popular trends will help you find the most flattering style that will make you look like the real Belle of the Ball. All your girlfriends will envy!


Braided Graduation Updo Hairstyles

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Braided updo hairstyles for long hair look truly gorgeous and they are just perfect for this special occasion. More intricate variants that involve many elements, like braids and buns, are in.


Romantic Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles

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When it concerns prom hairstyles, girls become really nervous. Face it, teenage girls always place a high emphasis on their appearance, especially when it comes to important moments.

Let Your Hair Down For That Special Day

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Every single detail must be perfect: from the dress color to the most intricate detail on their accessories. If you are looking for elegant and memorable hairstyles, the possibilities are endless!


Cute Braided Crown Hairstyles

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Create some messy braids. Pancake the braids for added volume. Twist them together and pin here in there to keep them in place. Simple and amazing!

Stylish Low Bun Hairstyles

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For example, you can opt for either a messy or a sleek updo hairstyle. While some of such styles are difficult to do without the help of a professional stylist, others can be pulled off at home.


Braids For Gorgeous Look

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Chic braided hairstyles never go out, as well. And the good news is that many of them can be created at home, too. For example, a mermaid braid can be done in just four easy steps.

Beautiful Low Ponytail For Elegant Ladies

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Low ponytails look simple and elegant. In addition, they are easy to make by yourself. What will it be - just volume and structured ponytail or hairstyle with some braids - it's up to you!

FAQ: Graduation Hairstyles

Can you wear a ponytail with graduation cap?

Your graduation cap will inevitably interfere with the hair on the crown of your head. That is why a high ponytail or a sleek bun will make it uncomfortable to wear a graduation cap with it. Go for a ponytail or a bun low enough to stay out of the way. You can make your ponytail look more festive by adding waves, volume or hair accessories.

How do you style short hair for graduation?

You can do soft curls to look feminine on your graduation day, add braids, do a half-up half-down hairstyle on the base of wavy hair. Do a halo braid, if you don’t want to use heat, this type of braid works perfectly on shorter hair. Wearing your hair in a slicked back style looks very elegant as well. You can also add bright hair streaks to liven up your look.