Prom hair styles are semi-formal to formal hairstyles that are appropriate for the occasion. Such hairstyles can be done on any hair length and texture. They tend to be quite intricate though simpler versions are not less sophisticated.


When choosing prom hairstyles, it’s essential to take into account your outfit and overall image.

And we would also advise you to pamper your tresses before the event. Even the simplest hairstyle will need much product and probably heat to hold in place. So, whether you want it or not, it will be a bit stressful for your tresses. Unless you prepare.

One month before the event, start applying essential oil or mask to your tresses once a week. It will nourish them, bring moisture and shine, restore their firmness.

Now let’s pick a hairstyle for prom that will flatter you perfectly.

Loose Romantic Updos

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Loose Romantic Updos for Medium Hair picture 1
Loose Romantic Updos for Medium Hair picture 2
Loose Romantic Updos for Medium Hair picture 3

We simply love these prom hairstyles updos. Messy low buns are ideal for prom. They are stylish, graceful, romantic, and refined. Plus, they are not that complicated though they look like they are. And having long tresses is not a must to recreate one. You can alter these styles by adding more intricate elements to them.

Such romantic and loose updos will complement a lace dress nicely.


Braided Prom Hair For Boho Effect

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Braided Prom Hair For Boho Effect picture 1
Boho Braids Hairstyles #braidedhairstyles #bohohairstyles
Braided Prom Hair For Boho Effect picture 3

Prom hairstyles for long hair with braids are very popular and ooze some boho vibes. If you want to create a hairstyle by yourself, you will need some braiding skills for the successful result. But believe us, these styles are less intricate than they seem.

Such boho braided hairstyles are great for those who wish to put on a halter dress. If your tresses are not long enough to pull off such a ‘do, use hair extensions.

Just Wave It!

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Just Wave It picture 1
Side Swept Curly Hairstyle #curlyhair #sideswepthair
Broqn Ombre Wavy Hairstyle #wavyhairstyles #ombrehair

Wavy and curly hairstyles for prom look especially elegant. Prom night is a time to stand out from the crowd. Go for glamorous big and bouncy waves that will turn heads.

To get such a look:

  • Apply dry shampoo or texturizing spray to your tresses.
  • Proceed with teasing the roots on top.
  • Using a medium barrel curling iron, curl your tresses in horizontal sections.
  • After curling each tress, clip it still curled to the head.
  • When it’s all curled, let your hair cool down. Then release every clip carefully.
  • Finish with medium hold hairspray.

If you are wearing a mermaid dress or a backless dress, these waved easy prom hairstyles are definitely to go for!


Braids For Short Hair

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Side Braid Half-Up For Short Hair #shorthair #braidedhair
Braids For Short Hair picture 2
Braids For Short Hair picture 3

These prom hairstyles for shoulder length hair appear super cute. We tend to think that hairstyles for formal events must be super polished. But trends change. And today you are totally allowed to sport more relaxed hairstyles for formal and semi-formal occasions.

Prom hairstyles for short hair can involve various elements, for example, cute braids like the ones you see here. Braids make these styles dressier.

Twisted Half Up Half Downs

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Twisted Half-Up With Braid #twistedhairstyles #longhairstyles
Messy Twisted Half-Up With Flowers #twistedhairstyles #flowershairstyles

Twisted half up half down hairstyles look absolutely gorgeous. These hairstyles appear effortless, yet, they are formal enough to wear at a prom party. The most amazing thing about twisted hairstyles is that you do not even need any extra accessories to dress them up. Your own tresses play that part! To get the desired volume, you can use a curling wand, large-barreled.


Fairy Prom Hairstyles With Natural Flowers

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Fairy Prom Hairstyles With Natural Flowers picture 1
Prom Updo With Natural Flowers #updohairstyles #flowershairstyle
Side Braid With Flowers #flowershairstyles #sidebraid

Natural flowers are often incorporated into prom hairstyles for medium hair to get an adorable, ultimately feminine look. And updos work awesome for that. As for the choice of blooms, we won’t advise you to pick something that can weigh your hairstyle down. For example, garden roses might be too heavy for your hairstyle. Go for the blooms that will stay fresh during the summer heat.

Nice Sleek Bob

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Classic Brunette Sleek Bob #sleekbob #slassicbob
Blonde Ombre Sleek Bob For Prom #sleekbob #promhairstyles

When it comes to formal hairstyles for short hair, sleek classic or inverted bobs are quite popular. It’s the sleekness that adds some more formality to the otherwise casual hairstyle.

To get one of such elegant hairstyles for short hair, you won’t have to spend much time and effort. Just apply texturizing spray and use a hair straightener to make your tresses super smooth and sleek. Finish with strong-hold hairspray.

Exquisite Low Ponytails

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Exquisite Low Ponytails picture 1
Exquisite Low Ponytails picture 2
Braided Low Ponytail With Ribbon #ponytailhairstyles #braidedhairstyles

We love voluminous low ponytails hairstyles because they are very elegant. Either keep it pretty and simple or add some braided elements to the hairstyle. Also, leave out some tendrils that will frame your face, and this hairstyle will become even more sophisticated.

Such hairstyles work great for turtleneck dresses. A ponytail will not steal any attention from your beautiful neck.


Girly Braided Half Up Half Downs

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Girly Braided Crowns for Long Hair picture 2

The prom half up half down hairstyles you can see here are truly gorgeous. Whenever you cannot make up your mind how to wear your tresses, down or up, half up half down hairstyles are there for you. These prom hairstyles with braids can make you look like a fairy princess – totally angelic.

So, which of these prom hair styles do you like the most? Try to recreate it by yourself or show it to your hair stylist. And discover more beauty-related posts on our blog.

FAQ: Prom Hair

Do hairstyles really count fashion?

Hair styling can be seen as an aspect of personal care and fashion. However, practical, cultural and general considerations also affect the hairstyles we wear.

Should I wear my hair up or down for prom?

Straighten and smooth your hair or just pull it on your back or a high ponytail hanging on one side. Style ball hair with high or low buns. Use a curling iron, hot roller, or flat iron to curl or wave straight hair.