Every girl is looking for cute outfits for school this fall. Teens, pre-teens, and tweens alike want to look their best for the new school year. From cute dresses to cool jeans outfits to adorable skirts, our kids want to keep up with the fashion for back to school.


Fall outfits are so versatile as there are many style options. From sweaters to jackets and scarves, there are numerous possibilities for back to school styles this season.

We hope these cute suggestions for back to school outfits can give you some inspiration! We know that back to school shopping can be overwhelming. And we also know how fussy teenager girls can be!

Pin your favorites and have fun shopping for cute outfits for school with your daughters! After all, isn’t clothes shopping half the fun of back to school? Make a day of it: take your daughters out for a special brunch, spend the day shopping for stylish back to school clothes and end the day at a coffee shop. If you have time, throw in a mother/daughter mani-pedi or get your hair done!

Outfit Ideas For School With Leggings


Casual Idea For Back To School Outfits

Credit: Instagram/priscillax103

If your daughter prefers a more sporty style, this casual outfit is super cute, yet, not too girly. The gray crop tank top is covered with a stylish Nike jogging jacket and then paired with comfy yet stylish black leggings and sneakers. This look is casual yet trendy. And even better, it’s definitely within your back to school clothing budget!

Everyday Outfit Idea With Spanx Leggings

Credit: Instagram/laurmcbrideblog Credit: Instagram/nicolecarlsonxo

Spanx leggings are highly required at the moment. However, not everyone knows what to combine them with properly. We say a loose sweater and a pair of your favorite speakers would work perfectly!


Basic School Girl Outfit Idea

Credit: Instagram/mysecretlookbook

Another cute look for tomboys who don’t like wearing skirts or dresses. The grey shirt paired with leggings is pretty boring on its own but add the jacket vest and cute baseball cap, and you have a trendy sporty look that will never go out of style! Baseball caps look especially cute with a ponytail or braided hairstyle!

Plaid Blazer With Black Leggings School Outfits Idea

Credit: Instagram/withluvxina

Shoes can make or break an outfit. These white tennis shoes are comfy but super stylish, as well! The long sleeved white blouse gives the torn faded jeans a dressier look and feel but it’s still fun and informal!


Super Comfy Oversized Sweater Outfit Idea

Credit: Instagram/withluvxina

Oversized sweaters are the perfect look for fall and this gray sweater is no exception. Pair it with your favorite skinny jeans and a cute pair of loafers for a look that's casual and carefree!

School Outfit Idea With Vynil Leggings

Credit: Instagram/kathiischr

Love leggings but want to take it up a notch? These cool vinyl leggings are adorable when paired with white sports shoes and this green oversize sweater!

School Girl Outfit With Leather Jacket

Credit: Instagram/sstyleev

Another cute leather jacket look is this dark denim jacket paired with dark skinny jeans and a casual white t-shirt. Don’t forget your favorite tennis shoes for style and comfort!


Short Black Leather Jacket & Combat Boots

Credit: Shutterstock

Outfit Ideas With Skirt

Classic Skirt With Scarf For Your Fall Outfits

Credit: Instagram/juliajouy

If your daughter is girly but not into dresses, this cute skirt and sweater combo is just too cute. The short skirt flares out slightly for a feminine feel while the classic cream colored sweater is perfect for the cooler days of fall. Pair it with a fashionable scarf like the one pictured and you’ll have a super trendy and cute outfit for back to school! Find some cute boots and hair accessories to complete this stylish fall look!


Oversize Sweater With Plaid Skirt Outfit

Credit: Instagram/mangorabbitrabbit

This look is cute and sophisticated for a more feminine look and feel. It’s pretty, yet, still trendy with the short black and white plaid skirt paired with black stockings and black boots and topped with a white sweater for a look that's classy and timeless!

Black Leather Skirt With Zipper & Over The Knee Boots

Credit: Instagram/klimentina13

High Waist Denim Skirt & High Neck Top

Credit: Instagram/billykiss


Perfect Shool Look With Ruffled Skirt

Credit: Instagram/mangorabbitrabbit

You may be surprised, but the sweet ruffled skirt will look irresistible with a light oversized sweater on top. Not only you will look stylish and elegant but will also feel warm on a colder fall day.

Striped Top With Skirt Outfit

Credit: Instagram/mangorabbitrabbit

If you want to look stylish and feel comfy at the same time – then we know what you should put on. A flaring velvet skirt combined with simple striped shoulder-off shirt is precisely what we have in mind.

Black Turtleneck With Mini Skirt Outfit

Credit: Instagram/withluvxina

There are times when you want to look both elegant and a little daring. In times like this, pairing your solid black turtleneck with a flaring mini skirt is a proper decision.


Plaid Skirt With Oversize Sweater

Credit: Instagram/kerina.wang

Plaid skirts seem to be created for school time so that you shouldn’t underestimate them. A lovely plaid skirt will look even better when combined with a trendy oversized sweater and a pair of heeled boots.

White Skirt With Red Turtleneck Outfit

Credit: Instagram/gorillaagirll

If you wish to stand out and steal all the attention on your school day – we have a perfect idea in mind. A bright red turtleneck with a hot white skirt and a pair of stockings should draw your attention. Besides, the stockings are of different colors, which makes this look even more exciting, don’t you think?

Black Mini Skirt With Gray Oversize Sweater

Credit: Instagram/cutebutton

Girls who wish to accent their tiny waists should bear one secret in mind. The combo of fitting and oversize elements will accentuate the area you want to define. For instance, an oversized sweater together with tight, pleated skirt makes the tiny waist stand out. As simple as that!


Print Blouse With Black Mini Skirt Outfit

Credit: Instagram/withluvxina

In case you are a fan of all sorts of elegant outfits to be sported to school, we have one stored up our sleeve. A combo of a printed blouse and a mini skirt won’t leave any fashionista indifferent.

Cute School Outfit With Faux Suede Skirt

Credit: Instagram/mangorabbitrabbit

If you are looking for something over the edge cute to pull off the next morning – we have it covered. A lovely pink faux suede skirt paired with OTK boots will suit the goal greatly.

Outfit Ideas For School With Jeans


A Crop Top And Skinny Jeans Outfit

Credit: Instagram/priscillax103

For those who prefer jeans, this look is super cute with the white crop top and flannel shirt tied casually around the waist. The jeans are slimming and comfy for a trendy and relaxed back to school look!

Gray Cardigan With Ripped Jeans Outfit

Credit: Instagram/juliajouy

Black Ripped Jeans With Sport Jacket Outfit

Credit: Instagram/sophiegsa


Oversized Neckline Sweater & Blue Ripped Jeans

Credit: Instagram/nicolecarlsonxo

Tucked In White Blouse & Ankle Length Jeans Outfit

Credit: Instagram/shoppisticated

Checked Wool Jacket White Golf & Skinny Jeans

If you value comfort above all, then this is what you need to replicate straight away. A pair of ripped (or whole) jeans, a white shirt or a golf and a cardigan will result in the simple and casual but comfy outfit.

Credit: Instagram/klimentina13


Sport Sweatshirt With Jeans School Outfit Idea

Credit: Instagram/fashionpuglady

A pair of jeans and a sweatshirt scream comfort. Isn’t this what you need on a rainy school day?

Black Jeans With Denim Jacket Outfit

Credit: Instagram/mangorabbitrabbit

For those who really like to keep up with the latest trends, this look is ideal. The dark torn skinny jeans that are cuffed and paired with a white sleeveless crop top adorned with a denim jacket for a look that says you love fashion but don't take yourself too seriously!

Blue Jeans With Gray Hoodie Outfit

Credit: Instagram/anunanna

For those casual days when you want to feel comfy and cozy, go with a jeans and hoodie duo. Colorwise, we recommend sticking to neutral shades to give your outfit a toasty feel. Hence, choose a hoodie in a light gray color whereas jeans should be a couple of shades further down the color wheel, such as light blue, for example.


MOM Jeans With Oversize Sweater

Credit: Instagram/jeanwang

You may be already aware of the fact that oversize is on the edge of popularity at the moment. This means that such a sweater is a must-have this season. As for what to pair it with, we would say black jeans and sneakers would make a perfect match.

Bomber With Ripped Jeans Outfit Idea For School

Credit: Instagram/mangorabbitrabbit

Bomber jackets are all the rage this season and this look is no exception! Pair a stylish bomber jacket with ripped skinny jeans and a crop top for a look that’s fun and a bit flirty! Don’t forget your shades!

Cool Combo Of Stretchy Jeans And Knitted Top

Credit: Instagram/priscillax103

When you do not want to look too extreme on your school day, then your regular stretchy jeans and a knitted top will do. Put on a warmer cardigan over, and the look is complete.


Casual Fall Outfit With Cropped Sweater

Credit: Instagram/shopmangorabbit

Even when it gets chilly, you shouldn’t forget about the style. This simple and casual but warm outfit is exactly what you need. We are sure that a pair of skinny jeans and a sweater can be easily found in the depth of your closet.

Black Jeans With Knitted Cardigan

Credit: Instagram/kathiischr

Black jeans are that item of your wardrobe that matches basically anything. However, to create a bold look, you should play around with contrasting colors and fitting. Hence, if you opt for skinny black jeans and a cropped top, then it is better to pair them with a chunky white knit cardigan.

Black Ripped Jeans With Crop Jacket Outfit

Credit: Instagram/karolinlisa

Arguably, ripped jeans will never go out of fashion. So, if you decide to put together an outfit that features them, you will certainly end up having a stylish look. As nowadays cropped clothing is so much on trend, team your distressed jeans with a cropped khaki jacket.

Don’t you just love these cute outfits for school? Mix and match these adorable looks, and we guarantee you’ll be the trendsetter this fall!


Plaid Jacket With Jeans Outfit

Credit: Instagram/withluvxina

Another casual but stylish look on the list involves a simple plaid jacket and regular skinny jeans. However, a crop top is that one detail that adds a little spice to the look.

Printed T-shirt With Black Jeans Outfit

Credit: Instagram/thanyaw

Following the trends is one of the most important things in every girl’s life. That is why we present to your attention this ultra-trendy look. The combo of the classy jacket and casual T-shirt mixed with black pants is something that you should at least consider.

Outfit Idea With A Plaid Shirt

Credit: Instagram/amelie.xoxo

If you really love plaid, this look is perfect. The torn black skinny jeans are super stylish and the white t-shirt is just too cute. Top it off with a red and black plaid shirt that you can wear over your tee or tie it casually around your waist for a cute and informal vibe. Don your favorite black cap and pull your hair back to complete this adorable look for back to school this fall!


School Outfits With Dress

Striped Dress With Plaid Jacket Outfit For School

Credit: Instagram/rubilove

Short dresses like the one shown here are always in style. Pair it with some high boots, and you’ve got a look that is super cute and fun! And don’t be afraid to mix and match your patterns this season! The striped dress looks quite stylish top with the plaid button down shirt that’s perfect for fall. Make sure to wear lots of bling to really make this look stand out! And don’t forget the importance of the right handbag to pull your look together!

Gray Plaid Dress With Over The Knee Boots

Credit: Instagram/kerina.wang

If you are after cute outfits for school that you would be able to complement with some accessories, then pay heed to a plaid dress in gray shades. Thanks to subdued colors, it does not grab the whole attention, so you can easily add a crossbody bag and thigh high boots.


Plaid Dress With White T-shirt Outfit Idea

Credit: Instagram/mari_malibu

Dresses are rightly considered one of the most stylish and cute outfits for school, especially when you opt for plaid fabrics. Thanks to the abundance of horizontal and vertical lines that form rectangles, tartan dresses look quite intricate and do not require a lot of additional accents, if any. Thus, you can complement it with a plain white T-shirt and a classic black belt.

Outfit Ideas With Shorts

Black Sweater With White Shorts Outfit

Credit: Instagram/juliajouy


High Waist Black Shorts & Short Jacket Outfit

Credit: Instagram/klimentina13

Classic High Waist Black Shorts & Brown Blouse

Credit: Instagram/rougecloset

Oversized Grey Checkered Shorts & Jacket Outfit

Credit: Instagram/rougecloset

Those of you who are all about hot looks, watch out! This one may steal your heart! It is so simple and perfectly matching that it is hard to believe. What do you think? Would you dare to pull it off?


Outfit Ideas With Combat Boots

Jean Jacket Outfits Idea

Credit: Instagram/rubilove

Jean jackets never seem to go out of style! This faded and torn denim jacket goes perfectly with plaid pants and skinny jeans with ripped knees. Wear your favorite crop top and boots to complete this fashionable flair!

Crop Sweater With Playsuit Outfit

Credit: Instagram/rubilove

Cropped clothes are all the rage now, from tops and sweaters to skirts and jeans. If you want to pull off this trend and become known for your fashionable yet cute outfits for school, then try to combine several cropped items of clothing in one look, such as a cropped sweater and a playsuit.

For the perfect fall look don't forget about fall hair color, that is very important part for perfect look!


FAQ: Cute Outfits For School

Are ripped jeans allowed at school?

Ripped jeans that have large holes in them or if the rips are around thigh area will get dress coded. School’s disapproval of torn jeans is also justified by the fact that ripped jeans could cause a distraction because students pull on the strings of the hole and make it even bigger.

Is it rude to wear a hat in school?

Generally, you can’t wear a hat in class (outside of religious head coverings) because it is considered to be an etiquette violation. Another reason for that is that it simply causes distraction: it can make it difficult for students sitting at the back to see the whiteboard. However, you can wear a hat indoors if it is a part of a fashion or political statement.

Why is it bad to wear hoods in school?

Schools do not allow wearing hoods because it hides a person’s identity and makes it difficult for a teacher to monitor student’s on-task behavior. Moreover, some students wear headphones or earbuds beneath their hoods which also makes them distracted. Lastly, a person gets sleepy wearing a hood and loses concentration.

  • Clothing (also known as clothes, apparel and attire) is items worn on the body. Source
  • A school uniform is a uniform worn by students primarily for a school or otherwise educational institution. They are common in primary and secondary schools in various countries. Source