Designs Of Flattering Sexy Lingerie For Every Body Type

Pick Sexy Lingerie That Will Enhance Your Body Shape

Sexy lingerie can work wonders when chosen correctly. And what is correctly when it comes to lingerie, you might wonder. Well, it’s an item that will enhance the shape of your body and hide the flaws and thus make you feel more self-confident on a date. These are the major body types: apple, pear, rectangular, triangular, and hourglass. Further, we will define each of the shapes and show you pics with complimenting lingerie for your body. Ready? Let’s go!


Flattering Lingerie For The Pear Body Type

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Women with a pear body have narrow shoulders and wide hips. So, your aim is to pick an item that will accentuate the upper part of the body and flatter the thighs/hips. For example, pick panties with a low rise.


Sexy Lingerie For The Apple Body Type

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What is peculiar about the apple body type? The middle is wider than the top and bottom. So, your goal is to complement your tummy and make the lines appear more elongated. Thus, you can distract the attention from that area.


How to Choose Lingerie For The Rectangular Body Type

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Women with a rectangular body type have practically no defied waist. If you have such a body type, you should opt for lingerie that will make your waist appear more defined. To achieve that, wear a waist-high suspender belt, for example.


Sexy Lingerie Designs For The Triangular Body Type

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The triangular body shape is also called the carrot shape. It means that a woman’s body is wider at the top and it narrows downwards. To flatter this body shape, you should create some symmetry. For example, put on an item that will flare at your hips.


Perfect Lingerie Designs For The Hourglass Body Type

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This body shape is symmetrical. Your waist is the narrowest, and the top and bottom parts are equally proportioned. Considering that you don’t have to hide any flaws, your only task is to compliment what you already have.

Hot Lingerie Designs

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While all these looks are fantastic, the bottom line to picking your perfect boudoir outfit is comfort and confidence.

Newest Lingerie Designs To Inspire You

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You should be sure that whatever you decide to wear you feel beautiful in! Know that you are amazing and let that shine through.