These days you can come across countless ways to emphasize your unique personality and style. While most of them are rated as temporary, two main types are as close to being permanent as possible. Surely, we are talking about tattoos and piercings. Yet, while in the first case, you may be the designer of your own fate, things get a little more intricate with the latter. It takes research and knowledge to get a hold of all the existing types and variations to be able to make up your mind. So, today, we'll try to take your search a bit simpler than it may have initially seemed.


Types of Piercings

It could have been a lot easier if there were only one type of piercing. But it would also be a lot more boring so that you should distinguish between different types of piercings before you head and book an appointment.


Face piercings

Face Piercings

One of the most noticeable piercing places would be your face. Thus, face piercings come first.

  • Bridge – the bridge of the nose pierced.
  • Dimple – the cheeks pierced.
  • Monroe – area above the upper lip pierced.
  • Septum – the center of the nose pierced.
  • Labrets – under lower lip center is pierced.
  • Snake bites – lower lip pierced twice, symmetrically.
  • Medusa – the middle of the cupid's bow pierced.

Oral piercing

Oral types of piercings are as peculiar as those of the facial alternatives.

  • Tongue – one of the most popular piercing places.
  • Frenulum – the area under the tongue pierced.
  • Frowny – the thin connective tissue under the bottom lip pierced.
  • Smiley – the thin connective tissue under the upper lip pierced


Ear piercing

Ear Piercings

If you think that all the strange piercing names end here, you are certainly mistaken.

  • Lobe – the most common type of ear piercing.
  • Helix – the outer edge of the cartilage pierced.
  • Conch – the large opening of the ear pierced.
  • Daith – the innermost cartilage fold pierced.
  • Rook – piercing placed along the ear cartilage's inner ridge.
  • Tragus – the rounded cartilage outside the ear canal.
  • Industrial – two-hole piercing across the ear.

Body piercing

There are different piercings when it comes to your body too. Here are the main body piercing options you can choose from:

  • Belly button – the belly button pierced, either the top or the bottom.
  • Nipple – popular men's and women's body piercings.
  • Nape – the back of the neck pierced.
  • Sternum – any area on the chest pierced.
  • Vampire bite – double neck or shoulder piercing.
  • Madison – front of the neck pierced.
  • Corset piercing – two rows of piercings on the back that can be connected by a ribbon to tie like a corset.


More About Facial Piercing

Face Piercing Complete Guide

What type of jewelry is best for face piercing?

When it comes to facial piercings, you should consider the placement and your style in the first place. There are countless types of face piercings to pick from. Yet, it helps to pay attention to a safe jewelry material in the first place.

How painful face piercings are?

Not only do different types of face piercing hurt differently, since an eyebrow is easier to pierce than the nostril cartilage. But also, it depends upon the personal sensitivity level that the person is known for.


Average facial piercing prices

Different face piercings come at the varying process, but you should count on spending $20-$200 on a professionally done face piercing. Keep away from cheap face piercings offers since the risk of infection is high.

All You Need to Know About Body Piercing

Belly Piercing

What type of jewelry is best for body piercings?

You should consider the area that is about to get pierced before you come up with an option. Types of body piercings female can pick from are relatively the same for males too. So, it is primary a matter of opinion and style. Yet, you should consider the option that won't interfere with your activities throughout the day, at least while your body piercing is still healing.


How painful body piercings are?

Some body piercings are extremely painful, especially those of genitals, nipples and other types of dermal piercings.

Average body piercing prices.

Women's body piercings cost the same as men's since the placement along with the type of jewelry to wear dictates the cost. You should count on spending around $50-$300.

Ear Piercing Guide



What type of jewelry is best for ear piercings?

The sky is the limit when it comes to ear piercing jewelry. As long as it is made of quality material, you can experiment with the style as much as you see fit.

How painful ear piercings are?

Cartilage piercings are more painful when compared to regular lobe variations.

Average ear piercing prices

Primarily, the piercing places and jewelry you are going to insert them in play a major part in the cost planning. The procedure itself usually ranges within the $15-$100 range.


All About Oral Piercing

Oral Piercing

What type of jewelry is best for oral piercings?

There are three main piercing jewelry types that the experts recommend when it comes to oral piercings. They are the following:

  • Carved barbell – it is easy to remove and comes with different tops so that you can match it with your style. Suits tongue piercings well.
  • Captive bead ring – a type of hoop with a fixed bead in the middle. Suits under-tongue piercings, frowney and smiley variations too.
  • Circular barbell – a horseshoe-shaped piercing that suits a variety of oral piercings.

How painful oral piercings are?

Piercing places pre-determine the pain level, so a tongue option is often viewed as almost painless. However, your own pain tolerance can define the outcome.


Average oral piercing prices

The market offers different prices when it comes to oral piercings, but it helps to have at least $35-$120 at hand when you head to the salon.

What Piercing Should I Get?

What Piercing Should I get?

With all the versatility of different types of piercings, it may be challenging to decide what you would like to get in the first place. The experts advise to do the following to make up your mind:

  1. Start with the salon. Before you have a full answer to the question - what piercing should I get – you need to know where you are going to get it. The list of services that a salon offers may push you in the right direction. Usually, they have a great portfolio to brood upon.
  2. Consider the trends. Piercings are a great way to keep up with fashion trends. So, you can check a few options out to define how up to date the placements are.
  3. Consult with the loved ones. You can always get a fake piercing and ask your friends and family as to whether it suits you. Upon the conducted research, you will be able to make up your mind.

Now, when you are ready with piercing places, you may want to consider the jewelry design. However, while shopping for the best jewelry, pay attention to the material it is made from. There's a list of the most favorable materials to consider:

  • Surgical steel
  • Titanium
  • Gold
  • Glass
  • Niobium
  • Platinum


Piercing Risks

Medusa Piercing

Even though piercings look edgy and cool, there are certain risks that the procedure can result in:

  • Infection – you should clean the pierced area well and regularly to avoid infection.
  • Bloodstream infection – this may happen if you go to an unreputable salon to get a piercing. You may get infected with hepatitis B or C without even realizing it since the equipment has been contaminated.
  • Dental trauma – you can accidentally chip your tooth on a tongue or any other type of oral piercing.
  • Allergy – should you pick the wrong material, you may get yourself an allergic reaction. Nickel allergy is the most common case.
  • Tearing – some protruding piercing can be torn out by an article clothing.

General Piercing Aftercare Instructions

There are a few tips to follow if you want your piercing to heal well and quickly:

  • Clean your newly-pierced hole often.
  • Don't touch the piercing too often, especially if your hands are dirty.
  • Don't try to change the jewelry before the piercing is fully healed.
  • Don't sleep on the piercing.
  • Keep away from swimming for at least a month.
  • Keep makeup application at a minimum.

FAQ: Piercings

What piercing helps with depression?

It is said that daith piercing helps people tolerate depression and anxiety. There is no actual research to prove the point.

Are face piercings attractive?

It depends on every person’s subjective opinion. Usually, people who have piercings find those on others more than appealing. At the same time, some people choose to notice them and say that they don’t understand all the fuss about piercings.

How do I keep my lip piercing from ruining my teeth?

There are two main things to do to protect your teeth while wearing piercings – keep the infection at a distance and play with the piercing jewelry with your tongue as rarely as possible.

What piercings reject the most?

It depends upon personal predisposition to rejection, but most cases happen to eyebrow piercings and navel ones.