The belly button piercing belongs to those body piercing types that are always on trend. It is versatile, relatively easy to get and can be hidden under your clothes whenever needed. What else could you ask for from a moderately painful piercing? If you do not have your belly button pierced yet, something tells us that after studying our guide, you will immediately book an appointment with your piercer. So, wait no longer to adorn your body with the timeless navel piercing.


What is a Belly Button Piercing?

What is a Belly Button Piercing?

A belly button piercing, which is also often called a navel piercing, is a body piercing that implies getting a fold of skin above your belly button punctured and threading jewelry through it. The jewelry usually covers the belly button a little, which makes it stand out. You can get this piercing style in several ways. Thus, there is a single and double piercing of belly button, for which the skin is also pierced below the belly button, as well as horizontal and vertical piercings. As you can tell, none of them suggest puncturing your stomach. So, if you were worried about this, you should no longer be. One of the main benefits of navel piercings is that they hurt less than other types, which is due to the fact that the skin on the surface has fewer nerve endings.


Belly Button Piercing Jewelry

Belly Button Piercing Jewelry

As such, the belly button piercing allows for a wide variety of jewelry options. The most popular are:

  • Belly bars. Belly piercing bars are essentially curved barbells. There are tons of different curved barbells for the navel piercing. They come in various materials, styles and with different adornments. So, it is not that hard to find a suitable piece of belly button jewelry for everyone.
  • Belly button rings. Rings for the belly piercing may be dangle and non dangle, regular and reverse. All of them can be found in different materials and designs, inlaid or plain. What makes dangling rings differ from non dangling is that the former also feature charms, which are moving along with you. Reverse belly rings, in their turn, are inserted so that the charm is hanging above your navel. Another popular type of jewelry for belly button piercings is a captive bead ring, which creates a low key yet stylish appearance.

Those who are only considering the navel piercing can try it on with the help of the fake belly button piercing. The choice of jewelry is rather limited compared to the real piercing, yet, it is more than enough to get the idea whether you like it or not.

How Much Does a Belly Button Piercing Cost?

How Much Does a Piercing of Belly Button Cost?

While the belly button piercing price is not the determining factor, it should not be overlooked too. So, how much does a piercing for  belly button cost? On average, you may be charged anywhere between $25 and $70 for the work itself. The jewelry for belly button piercing cost starts from $15. Yet, the final price may vary, depending on the location of the parlor, the professionalism of the piercing artist, etc. Also, you should not forget about the tip, which is usually from 5% to 15% of the final cost.


Stuff You Should Know Before Getting A Belly Button Pierced

Pain. This is arguably one of the best things about this piercing type – it is not particularly painful, at least compared to other body piercing types. Because it only engages your skin above the belly button, where the number of nerve endings is moderate, it will feel more like a pinch.

Belly Button Piercing Pain Level

Healing. When it comes to healing belly button is not one of the fastest to heal, however, not one of the longest either. The belly button piercing healing period is affected by the proper aftercare and your daily routine. With that in mind, how long does a belly button piercing take to heal? On average, it may take around 6-12 months to be completely healed.

Aftercare. Taking care of your belly piercing properly guarantees that it will heal fast and with few to no side effects. So, make sure to clean the pierced spot regularly and thoroughly. Not sure how to clean belly button piercing? Apply a saline solution to it in the morning and in the evening and pat it dry using a paper towel. Do not forget that your hands should be clean as well when you touch the piercing. Also, to aid the process, do not wear tight clothes and especially waistbands, as they can make the wound worse.

Stuff You Should Know Before Getting A Belly Button Piercing

Side effects. The most common side effects of getting your belly button pierced are rash, discharge and infection. When the pierced spot becomes irritated for some reason, there may be rash around it. Also, you may notice that the piercing is oozing with some fluid. If it is off white and present only at the beginning of the healing process, then there is nothing to worry about. Though in case the discharge continues to appear and it is yellow or another color, then this is a signal that you need to visit a doctor. Although the belly button piercing infection is one of the most serious side effects, it is also one of the most common. There are plenty of reasons why it may occur, from bad aftercare to an individual body reaction. No matter what caused it, yet again, you should not postpone the visit to the doctor.


As you can tell, getting the belly button piercing is not that difficult provided you know what to expect from it and how to look after the wound. The stylish touch it adds to your appearance though is undoubtedly worth your time and effort. We hope the guide we prepared for you has shed enough light on the topic so that you have no more questions or doubts left.

FAQ:  Piercing for Belly Button

What belly buttons cannot be pierced?

Not all belly buttons are suitable for piercing. If yours is protruding too much or there is no fold of skin above the belly button, then you may be either offered the inverse navel piercing or denied one at all.

What should I wear after getting my belly button pierced?

Go for loose and comfy clothes after you have got your belly piercing. You can put on shorts or trousers, yet, make sure they do not press on your new piercing. The pierced spot should remain accessible.

Can you shower right after getting your belly button pierced?

Showers with soap and rubbing should be postponed after the piercing has healed. Until then, you may only rinse your body with lukewarm water and clean the pierced area with a saline solution.

Do belly button piercings bleed?

Navel piercing bleeding may take place if you pick at the crust formed around the wound. So, keep your hands away from it until it comes off naturally. Off white discharge though is considered a variant of the norm.