The frog eyes piercing is among those tongue piercing types that you can hardly call boring. When popping out from your tongue, it leaves an unforgettable impression. What is more, it is not very painful and heals relatively quickly. If you are interested in other perks you can get with the frog eye piercing, as well as its possible drawbacks, we have them all here. Also in our guide, you can find aftercare tips, jewelry material options and other valuable information.


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What Is A Frog Eye Piercing?

What Is A Frog Eye Piercing?
by @icopiercing

Mouth piercings come in a wide variety of styles and types. There is a double and single piercing, vertical and horizontal, midline and frolic, lip and tongue piercing, to name a few. The frog eyes piercing is the kind of horizontal double tongue piercings that implies getting your tongue pierced symmetrically and separately inserting two barbells into the holes so that whenever you, for instance, stick out your tongue, their ends poke out on top of it, resembling the eyes of the frog. Thus, make sure the piercings are located at the same level and distance with respect to each other. The frog eye piercing is often referred to as the venom piercing. Hence, if you cannot tell the difference between the two, that is because there is none.


Frog Eyes Piercing Or Snake Eyes Piercing?

Frog Eyes Piercing Or Snake Eyes Piercing?
by @piercings_by_alexandrina

The frog eyes tongue piercing is sometimes mistakenly called the snake piercing. While there are many similarities between the snake eyes frog eye piercing, they are actually not the same thing. The snake piercing is also a type of double tongue piercing frog eyes belong to, but it is placed near the tongue tip, whereas the frog eye piercing placement is more toward the middle of the tongue. Also, for the snake piercing, you use one curved barbell rather than two straight ones. Just like with the frog eyes tongue piercing, its ends also protrude above the tongue, thus looking like the eyes of the snake.

Frog Eyes Piercing Jewelry Styles

Frog Eyes Piercing Jewelry Styles
by @piercings_by_alexandrina

Frog eyes piercing jewelry can be roughly divided into two categories – barbell and ring. Each of them, in its turn, has many different subcategories. At first, your piercer will insert a straight barbell into a hole to allow your piercing to heal properly. The ends of the barbel feature balls, which, on the one hand, secure the jewelry in place, and on the other hand, symbolize frog eyes. The length of the barbell should also weigh in that your tongue will get swollen after the procedure. As soon as the healing process has finished, feel free to change the barbel for an option of your choice. This can also be two barbells yet a size smaller, a curved barbell, two tongue bead rings or many other forms.


Frog Eyes Piercing Materials

The material for frog eye piercing does not particularly differ from that used for other piercing jewelry. The most common materials are still gold, surgical steel and titanium. Other possible options include niobium and plastic. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Gold: If you have some money to spare, you cannot go wrong with gold jewelry. However, it should not be lower than 14K.
  • Surgical steel: If you lean toward surgical steel, you should take into account that there can be a bit of nickel in it. So, if you are allergic to it, you may want to look for another option.
  • Titanium: Implant grade titanium may work for you if your skin is sensitive to nickel, as it does not contain any of it.
  • Niobium. Although this lightweight material is not implant grade designated, it is a great alternative to titanium, as it is budget friendly and does not cause allergies.
  • Biocompatible polymers. One of the main benefits of biocompatible plastics is that it is unlikely that your piercing will get irritated or your teeth will get damaged. Also, they do not harbor as many bacteria as the rest of the materials.

How Much Does A Frog Eyes Piercing Cost?

The price for frog eyes tongue piercing varies just like for other piercings. It is affected by many factors, such as the location and popularity of the studio, the qualification of the piercer, the type of jewelry you choose and suchlike. On average, the frog eye piercing cost ranges from $50 to $100. Since you get two holes rather than one, it is often more expensive than single piercings.

If you want to save a buck, you can search for a salon that is remoted from the city center or is less demanded. Yet, we do not recommend skimping on the piercer’s professionalism and materials, as this may cause negative results. So, make sure to find reviews or get recommendations from people who have already used the services of the chosen artist.


Pros and Cons Of Frog Eyes Piercings

Pros and Cons Of Frog Eyes Piercings
by @icopiercing

You cannot deny that all mouth piercings have their pros and cons and the frog eye piercing is no exception. So, if you hesitate whether you should venture out for the frog eyes or not, here is a quick roundup of its main advantages and drawbacks:


  1. Quick healing time.

Compared to many other types of tongue piercing frog eyes do not take as much time to heal. However, this is only guaranteed if you follow the aftercare tips properly. On average, the healing process may last anywhere from six weeks to two months.

  1. Stylish and trendy appearance.

The frog eyes tongue piercing looks unusual and eye catching. So, opting for it, you can rest assured that you will never go unnoticed.

  1. Can be hidden whenever needed.

You can say that it is a rather questionable benefit, as for some, it may be a disadvantage that to show it off, you need to either open your mouth or even stick out your tongue. Yet, if you have to abide by dress code rules at work, this may be a real plus.

  1. Customizable.

The wide range of jewelry options allows you to match the style of the frog eyes piercing to your taste.


  1. More pain.

Since you get your tongue pierced twice, it will hurt more than a single tongue piercing, so be prepared for that.

  1. Eating and speaking difficulties.

Your speech may be impeded during the healing process because of the tongue swelling. For the same reason, it may be difficult for you to eat normally.

  1. Can damage teeth and gums.

Even if you choose the right size of the barbell, frog piercing may cause erosion of your teeth and gums.

  1. The risk of complications.

If your piercer is not qualified enough, they may damage your nerves. Also, the muscles of your tongue may tie up, thus starting moving only simultaneously.

As mentioned above, aftercare is vital for successful piercing healing. Here are some of the points everyone considering the frog eye piercing should know:

  • Your oral hygiene should be well maintained.
  • Follow up every eating and drinking with rinsing it with antiseptic lotion.
  • The toothbrush you use should be soft.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and eating spicy foods.
  • The jewelry should be left intact until your piercing has healed fully.
  • Rinse the mouth every four or five hours using salt water.
  • Kissing, oral sex and intense physical activities should be postponed.
  • Ice or ice water may help to make the tongue less swollen.
  • Clean your hands before touching your piercing to avoid getting your mouth piercing infected.

When you get the frog eyes piercing, you can expect people asking you to show it off. And we cannot blame them. It really looks worth the attention. And with the help of our guide, you are sure to achieve the best result.


What does a tongue piercing symbolize?

Initially, the tongue piercing did not have an aesthetic purpose only. Its symbolic meaning has a religious foundation. As it implies enduring the pain, this was a way to show your honor to the Gods.

Can you paralyze your face by piercing your tongue?

Getting your tongue pierced will not paralyze your whole face. However, when done incorrectly, it may result in speech issues and other tongue related concerns.

Why do tongue piercings smell?

The smell from your mouth after the tongue piercing is a result of improper aftercare. As your brush cannot reach the area underneath the jewelry, plaque starts building up around the piercing. So, make sure to clean it thoroughly.

Do tongue piercings give you a lisp?

A lisp may be noticeable only during the healing process since your tongue will be swollen. After it heals, there will be no lisp any more.