The days when all the subcultures were quite underground are gone, and these days something that was a taboo for many becomes a mainstream. The thing is that body piercings are not that uncommon nowadays since more and more people are trying to stand out in their own manner. This issue brought us to the conclusion that too many of you may still lack necessary info as for your new piercing and we decided to fill in the gap. Today we are going to talk about nose piercing in particular so that when you choose to get one, you will be fully aware of recent trends, ways of looking after your piercing as well as some other useful info, so read on!


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Many celebrities choose nose peircings as their permamnent accessory of style and there are no wonders why. Look at this Demi Lovato's nostril piercing, it looks perfect with any style!

Types Of Nose Piercings

  • Septum Nose Piercing. Septum piercing usually goes as a bull-ring piercing too. It means that your septum in the middle of the nose is pierced. In most cases, it does not require the piercing of cartilage itself so that it heals faster and is less painful.

Which type of nose piercing do you like the most?

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  • Nostril Piercing/Double Nostril Piercing
  • Septum Piercing
  • Bridge Piercing
  • Nasallang Piercing
  • Other

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Which type of nose piercing do you like the most?

Nostril Piercing/Double Nostril Piercing
Septum Piercing
Bridge Piercing
Nasallang Piercing
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  • Nostril And High Nostril. Nostril piercing is the most common one and probably the least painful one not to mention that it heals pretty fast, up to 2 months. However, high nostril piercing is slightly different not only due to the position but also due to the complicity, and it takes a real piercing addict to opt for it. High nostril piercing is something in-between a regular one and a bridge one. 
  • Septril Nose Piercing. Septril piercing is probably the most complex and the newest type of nose piercing. The thing is that the piercing resides right under the tip of your nose but in order to get there you need to start with the heeled tunnel in your septum. After your tunnel is healed and reaches up to 8mm, then you can opt for a sepril one.
  • Nasallang Nose Piercing. Very often nasallang nose piercing is confused with double piercing. However, it is one solid piercing going through your nose, not two separate one. That is why it is still qualified as a bridge piercing and lies somewhere in-between a regular bridge and septum.
  • Austin Bar Nose Piercing. This is truly rare kind of nose piercing and is actually named after the first person who got it. The difference between Austin bar and nasallang lies in the fact that does not go through the septum and pierces the nasal tip through the point of nose.
  • Rhino Nose Piercing. When you think about the rhino piercing it is quite easy to imagine how it looks like. The truth is that it actually looks like a rhino horn and pierces the tip of your nose literary. The fact is that this type of piercing is still pretty new and not so many people have experimented with it yet.
  • High Nose Bridge Piercing. The thing is that bridge piercing is the one on the top of your nose right between the eyes. It is true that not all the people will be daring enough to opt for it. Those who take the chance need to know that there are some dangers of getting it especially from the unprofessional source. That is why if you decide to get this horizontal type of nose piercing you have to make sure that you entrust yourself in the hands of a professional.
  • Third Eye Or Vertical Bridge. The horizontal bridge has another unusual variation – a vertical one or a third eye one. It is true that it looks impressive and quite other-worldly, but one thing still stands – make sure you have it done by professionals only.
  • Double And Multiples Nose Piercing. Last but not least it should be mentioned that there are people who can’t get enough h of nose piercings and instead of just one – they take things further and get a few of them. The key point here is to learn how to mix and match them so that they all end up looking cute and unique but not out of place.

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Jewelry Options for Nose Piercings

The jewelry in nose piercings comes in a sheer selection of styles, shapes and types. As such, you can match it to your personal style and tastes. Find the best options below:

  • The most popular nose jewelry is a stud. This classic jewelry option is usually adorned with a gem, decoration or ball on top. The post is straight and it penetrates the hole of the piercing.
  • A nose ring is also a quite common nose piercing option. This is essentially a circle that hugs your nostrils. With the help of the bead that can be removed, it is secured in place. It has another name, which is a captive bead ring.
  • Nose hoops offer a lot of versatility, as they are different in material and size. Segmented or continuous, they are closed using a hinge.
  • L shape stud. The post of an L shape stud is straight, yet its end is bent. This type of nose jewelry is very comfortable and durable.
  • Screw stud. A screw stud, also known as a threaded stud, features a threaded end. As you screw it into the straight post, it fits snugly. So, you will not remove them accidentally as easily as other nose jewelry.
  • The post of a nose bone piercing jewelry is also straight. Yet, one of its ends features a bulb and the other is rounded. The ends are different in size. Thanks to the rounded shape of the end, your jewelry is unlikely to slip out.
  • Labret stud. Although the original purpose of a labret stud is a lip piercing, it can work for nose piercings too. It has an ornate top, which is placed on the outer part of the nostril and a flat backplate placed inside.
  • Custom made nose piercing jewelry. You can order custom jewelry for your nose piercing. It guarantees that it will look one of a kind with an individual design, adornments and carvings.

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Nose Piercing Procedure

  1. First of all the area where the piercing is going to go in is cleansed of all the dirt and oils.
  2. The place of the piercing is marked.
  3. A piece of cork goes inside the nostril.
  4. The needle is placed into round forceps right above the mark.
  5. The needle pierces the nostril.
  6. When the piercing is done, a jewelry piece is pushed through the hole with the help of the same needle.
  7. The needle is removed – body piercing is ready!

Metals To Avoid For First Body Piercings

It is natural that before getting a piercing, you start by looking for the appropriate jewelry to fit it. Even though the design matters significantly you have to be aware of the fact that the metal it is made of matters too. The thing is that sterling silver may be the best-looking material, but it is apparently not the safest for a new wound. Sterling silver may turn black from the interaction with the wound and the tissue around your piercing may go black too in the process, that is why you better try silver piercing out only a year after the piercing itself.


The Best Metals For Nose Piercing

Now when you know which metal is bad for your fresh, it is time you learn about best nose piercing jewelry metals. There are actually three best metals to suit the freshly made piercing – surgical steel, gold or titanium. Either of these will help your piercing heal faster and safer.


Changing The Jewelry

It is easy to upgrade your look by wearing different jewelry for your nose piercing. Yet, it is crucial to change it in the right way so there are no negative consequences. Follow these steps for a successful nose piercing change:

  1. Ensure your nasal piercing has healed completely. Do not change the piercing in your nose until it is healed. You may need to wait for a couple of weeks or months before you can take it out and insert a different piece of jewelry.
  2. Prepare everything needed. Your hands should be clean so make sure to wash them using soap. Get the jewelry ready and take care to check if it is sterile. You will also need a mirror and a lot of light.
  3. Cleanse the piercing. Do not take the previous jewelry out until you cleanse your piercing. Use a special cleanser for piercing or a saline solution. You want to get rid of any crust or other debris left.
  4. Take the previous jewelry out. Grab the jewelry with both hands and unscrew it, pry apart the ends or pull them out, depending on the type of the locking mechanism.
  5. Insert the jewelry. Thread the new piercing jewelry through the hole. A stud should be level with the skin. If you choose a ring or a hoop, make sure to alight its gap with your piercing.
  6. Fasten the jewelry in place. Lock the jewelry by screwing the end or closing it.
  7. Ensure it is comfortable and tight enough. It is important to check if the jewelry sits perfectly in your piercing hole. To do this, try to push it slightly in different directions.
  8. Take care of it properly. Even if your piercing has healed and you have switched up the jewelry, you still need to do your typical routine. Cleanse it using a special cleanser or saline solution.
  9.  Take it easy. When you change your piercing jewelry, the process may still be accompanied by minor discomfort or sensitivity of the pierced area. Yet, this should pass soon. If not, we advise you to see a doctor or at least a piercer.
Keep in mind that if you are hesitant about whether you can do the job smoothly, it is better to entrust the task to a professional piercer.  

Pierced Nose Aftercare

  1. First of all, you need to clean your fresh piercing not less than twice a day.
  2. You can use a store-bought antiseptic, or you can make your own one, all you need to do is to dilute some sea salt in water and clean the piercing with salt water.
  3. Do not forget to wash your hands before the procedure.
  4. Wipe your nose clean and dry with a clean towel.
  5. Soak a Q-tip in the solution and remove all the crust and what not around the piercing, from both sides, make sure you are doing it all gently.
  6. Add some lavender essential oil to the area around the piercing to promote the nose piercing healing.


Things You Should Avoid

There is a list of things to avoid too:

  1. Make sure you are sleeping on a clean pillowcase so that bacterial has not a chance to spread.
  2. A hot bath is your enemy for a while, make sure you do not submerge your piercing under hot water in no case.
  3. Do not take the piercing out until it heals in no case.
  4. Do not cover the piercing area with makeup.
  5. Harsh antiseptics should be avoided at all cost too.

Why So Impotant To Care About Your Pierced Nose?

After you undergo all the pains of getting the piercing, it may seem that the worst has passed, but that is not the case. The thing is that if you do not care well for your pierced nose the infection may begin and that will lead to a list of severe and unpleasant consequences, and you surely do not want all that effort to go in vain just because you were lazy enough to clean your piercing twice a day, right? It take up to 4 months for some areas to heal but if you take proper care of the wound you may speed up the process, or it can be vice versa so that you have to be careful and thorough when it comes to any body piercing especially the one like nose piercing.

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