For the longest while, body piercings were taboo for many. Modern society has become more open and accepting to body modifications. Thus, new and unique piercings hit the market at the speed of light. Frenulum piercing is one of the least discussed piercings of all, yet that doesn’t undermine its peculiarity and specific attributes. Would you like to discover the hidden perks of smiley piercing? All it takes is to keep on reading!


What is a Frenulum Piercing?

First things first, you need to learn what is a frenulum piercing. While the piercing is quite low-key, it is utterly unique and requires courage and knowledge to get one. As with most mouth piercings, there are a few variations that you can distinguish between. Generally, there is tongue and lip frenulum pierced. Both cases involve a connective tissue pierced, so in either case, you can keep the accessory hidden unless you want to truly show it off.


Lip Frenulum Piercing

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Those of you who consider getting a lip frenulum piercing should remember that you can pick between the lower and the upper lip.

Upper lip frenulum piercing

In case you wonder what smiley frenulum piercing stands for – it is the piercing of the upper frenulum that connects your upper lip to the gums. It is referred to as ‘smiley’ since you can show it off only when you are smiling.


Lower lip

Just like the upper frenulum, the lower is the connective tissue that unites, the lower lip with the gums. This type of piercing is also called a ‘frowny.’

Tongue Web Piercing

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Since lip frenulum isn’t the only frenulum to consider when you search for a unique piercing, it’s worth mentioning the tongue frenulum piercing. Tounge frenulum piercing is also called a tongue web piercing. What makes tongue web piercing peculiar is the placing. It is located right under the tongue. When compared to classy tongue piercing, web one isn’t easy to spot unless the wearer chooses to show it.


Frenulum Piercing. All Pros and Cons

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Just as any other type of piercing, there are different perks and downsides of choosing the given lip or tongue frenulum piercing.


  • Piercing of the frenulum is less painful than other oral piercings.
  • It doesn’t bleed as much as all the other piercing types.
  • You can hide the piercing upon your wish.
  • You can experiment with various jewelry types.


  • There are certain risks of irritation to be aware of.
  • Not everyone has enough of connective tissue to be pierced.
  • The under-tongue area will swell after the procedure.
  • At times, the piercing gets rejected.

Frenulum piercing cost

If you are set upon getting this type of piercing, the frenulum piercings cost would be of interest to you. Most tattoo and piercing shops charge around $40-$90 per piercing. The cost mostly depends upon the type of jewelry you choose. The more intricate is the design and more precious is the metal it is made of – the higher the price will be.

Healing time and aftercare

It is said that frenulum piercing is the fastest to heal, and there’s a grain of truth to it. On average, the frenulum is known to heal within 4-8 weeks. The more careful you are about it, the sooner it will heal. To speed the process up, you should stick to the following pieces of advice.

  • Keep away from spicy food and alcohol.
  • Don’t clean the area too often.
  • Don’t play with the frenulum piercing jewelry too much. Let the wound close up properly.
  • Don’t get too intimate with your significant other, at least a few days after the procedure.
  • Keep away from smoking.
  • Don’t share your personal items with others.
  • Skip on chewing gum.
  • Don’t talk much a few days after the piercing.



How long does a smiley piercing last?

This type of piercing is prone to migration and rejection. Thus, it may last you a couple of years or a year solely.

Do frenulum piercings damage teeth?

If you play with your piercing too often, it may result in tooth chipping.

Does everyone have a lip frenulum?

Not every person has enough connective tissue between the lip and the gums to get the frenulum pierced.

How big does your frenulum have to be to get a smiley?

Around ½ inch should be enough to get a smiley piercing.