The popularity of body piercings does not seem to stop any time soon. More and more people are trying to show off their unique nature through trendy piercings. However, if you can't afford anything else but ear piercings due to a professional environment or some other circumstances, there's effective rook piercing to consider. We promise the option is as intricate and peculiar as it sounds!


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Rook Piercing. What is it?

First things first, we need to figure out as to what is a rook piercing. You may know by this time that it is done to your ear. However, when compared to regular lobe piercings, it's situated in the cartilage, close to the upper ridge of the inner ear. The rook piercing is relatively new to the scene. Thus, many people find it so appealing. However, some people have too shallow a rook which causes the piercing to break off or is impossible to wear at all.


Rook Piercing Procedure

Now, when you know where the piercing goes, you may be wondering about the procedure to ensure that you can withstand it.

  • It all starts with a trustworthy professional. As long as you are not sure about the piercer's experience, it's advised to wait out.
  • Bring a picture with you since daith rook piercing are often confused, and you don't want to get the option you don't necessarily like.
  • Ask the piercer if your ear isn't too shallow for the procedure.
  • Brood upon the jewelry type to wear after the procedure.
  • Consider the aftercare instructions in detail.

How Much Does Rook Piercing Hurt?

How Much Does Rook Piercing Hurt?
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Surely, it interests you how painful the process is so that you are able to endure the rook piercing pain. The truth is that the given piercing is quite painful since it is the cartilage that is getting penetrated, and the part is quite thick. Aside from that, there is no blood supply in the area, and it takes longer to heal. You will feel a sharp pain when the needle gets through, and throbbing tingling will follow. If you choose a skilful piercer, the sharp pain will last less than a second.


Rook Piercing - Useful Aftercare Tips

Rook Piercing - Useful Aftercare Tips.
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Once you are through with the procedure, you shouldn't just call it a day since there is a lot of aftercare to follow. If you don't stick to the aftercare rules, some side effects may appear and lead to the point when you will be bound to take the piercing out. As to how long does a rook piercing take to heal, the experts point out that it may take up to half a year. To speed up the healing process, you should avoid touching the area, changing the jewelry and sleeping on the side. Aside from that, professionals advise rinsing and cleaning the piercing regularly.


Rook Piercing Jewelry Types

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With all the theoretical knowledge in mind, here comes the most practical and pleasant part – choosing the jewelry to wear.


Jewelry Types

There are a few options of rook piercing jewelry to pick from so that you come up with the option that compliments your style best. Barbell – a straight bar with double beads on each end. You can unscrew either side and change the beads. Hoops – rook piercing hoop is precisely what it sounds. There are different forms of hoops, including seamless, horseshoe-shaped and segmented options. Heart-shaped rook piercing – heart rook piercing needs little introduction, it is precisely how it is called. Faux rook piercing – it is a type of barbell with fancier ornaments added to it.


Aside from the designs, there are different materials that the jewelry is made of. Hypoallergenic metal – if you are prone to various allergies, it is advised to stick to the option. Gold – in case you are looking for a fabulous and fancy flair, gold jewelry is just the type of piercing you should look for. But, bear in mind, it may cost you a pretty penny to afford one. Titanium –is one of the metals that are known to speed up healing processes.

What’s The Average Price For Rook Piercing?

When it comes to a rook piercing prices, you should realize that there is no fixed cost. Usually, it varies between $30-$80. The most expensive part of it would be the jewelry cost. Don't feel tempted by cheaper offers since you need a skilled professional to pierce your ear so that it heals well.


Be Aware of Potential Risks

One of the main things that many people worry about is the notion of an infected rook piercing. Surely, unpleasant things happen, and you should be ready to identify them straight away and get a hold of those.

  • Allergic reaction.
  • Bumps.
  • Infected and red skin around the piercing.
  • Green discharge from the piercing hole.
  • Swelling.
  • Fever.

Some of the risks can be solved locally, at home, by cleaning the piercing properly. A dissolved sea salt solution would be the best remedy. Yet, if you feel nauseous or feverish with red or darkened skin around the piercing, it is advised to see a doctor straight away.


Rook piercing is a great way to spice your look up without going to drastic lengths. It is stylish and original. If you take proper care of it, it will bring you the joy you have counted on! It's a good practice, finish the article with a conclusion (3-5 sentences). Tip – you can rephrase introduction or article summary.

FAQ: Rook Piercing

Does rook piercing help with anxiety?

This piercing is known to help migraine headaches, but it is also said to have a stress-relieving effect. However, the master cerebral point is another point that is deeply associated with anxiety relief.

What hurts more helix or rook?

The tragus is smaller than the anterior helix and is always a dense area, making it more painful. It’s thick, so you can feel it more. Rook piercing causes a high level of pain due to its location, which gives much more intense pressure and pain.

Can you change a rook piercing yourself?

Yes, to get rid of the piercing, you have to wait for the piercing to heal completely. If you’re wondering if your cartilage piercings have healed and your new jewelry is ready, most piercing studios will do it for you.