Some body mods come and go, while others remain on the top for eternity. The eyebrow piercing type belongs to the latter category. It has been in and out of vogue, yet it is not entirely forgotten. A fresh alternative to the piercings appears on a regular basis, but some people are still in doubt as to whether they should get it. The precise and professional eyebrow piercing will help you determine if you are ready to commit to the style or not. Read on to learn all you should on this peculiar matter!


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Eyebrow Piercing - The Anchor Point for the Rest of Your Face


Those of you who still wonder what an eyebrow piercing is, it is nothing more than a peculiar face piercing located anywhere on the eyebrow. It belongs to the category of surface piercings and is a quite wide-spread type of body modification due to many reasons. Eyebrow piercing is stylish and quite universal. Besides, it doesn’t take much pain and effort to get. On the slightly less bright side, this type of piercing is prone to migration, and rejection is done unprofessionally, so you should be sure about the type of piercer you choose.


Eyebrow Piercing Types

When it comes to eyebrow piercing types, one can falsely assume that there is one style for all. However, there are a few alternatives that you should consider before finalizing your decision.

  • Horizontal eyebrow piercing

This is the type of piercing that is done following the direction of the eyebrow. It is a unique and stylish piercing often considered to be a female eyebrow piercing, but it is a unisex variant like all the rest.

  • Vertical eyebrow piercing

One of the most universal eyebrow piercing women stick to is the vertical alternative. It is one of the main wide-spread body mods that people choose.

  • Double piercing

If you want to stand out from the rest without changing the location, you can experiment with multiple brow piercings. Whether they are horizontal or vertical – it is a matter of preferences.

  • Anti eyebrow piercing
Anti Eyebrow Piercing

There is the opposite to almost anything, and an eyebrow piercing wouldn’t be the exception. The anti-eyebrow piercing is located right below the brow one, on the cheek. Usually, the same jewelry is used to emphasize the style.

  • Fake eyebrow piercing

There are countless jewelry types used to imitate a proper eyebrow piercing with no semi-permanent consequences to worry about.

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Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry


Eyebrow piercing jewelry types are many, and it depends upon your personal preferences to pick the one that suits you best. You can choose from the following options:

  • Curved barbells

When it comes to eyebrow piercing, there are preferred types of jewelry to stick to in order to prevent piercing rejection. A curved barbell is the classier variation to consider. While the shape remains unchanged, you can always experiment with the studs.

  • Hoops

Once your piercing is fully healed, you can move on with a ring or hoop piercing. Some of them are seamless, while others – beaded. You can pick the option that suffices your needs and taste best.

  • Fake eyebrow piercing

If you don’t want to fully dedicate your face to an eyebrow piercing, you can start with a small eyebrow piercing that is nothing else but a fake replica of a real one.



Average Costs


The chances are that you may be already wondering how much is an eyebrow piercing? Well, there are a few factors that affect the cost of an eyebrow piercing.

Firstly, the location. The horizontal piercing is slightly more complicated than a vertical one, so it will cost a bit more. Thus, a vertical piercing is priced within the $40-$70 range, and a horizontal one will reach out to $80. Usually, the jewelry is added to the cost. You can expect to spend the same amount on an anti-eyebrow piercing too.

At the same time, you may want to tip the piercer. The experts advise adding 10%-15% on top of the price to appreciate the professional’s skill and effort. Don’t forget that there is cleansing production to buy, too. Some sea-salt cleansers cost within $10-$15.

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Getting Ready for Eyebrow Piercing? Here is What You Should Know


Those of you who are already thinking about the eyebrow piercing commitment should think about the following factors to determine the outcome.


Pain Level

Not all people react to pain in the same manner. Some are more susceptible to it – some are less. However, the research proves that eyebrow piercing lies lower than average on the pain scale. Mostly, the main discomfort comes when the piercing starts to heal.

Healing time

Even though an eyebrow piercing isn’t the most painful of all, it takes time for it to properly heal. Usually, the period ranges with 2-4 months. All depends upon how careful you are about your piercing and how well a job is done. Besides, improperly chosen jewelry can lengthen the healing time and not only.

Potential Risks and Complications


While eyebrow piercings are generally safe when performed by a professional piercer, it's important to be aware of potential risks and complications. Here are some possible considerations:

  1. Infection: Like any piercing, there is a risk of infection if proper aftercare is not followed. It's crucial to keep the piercing clean, avoid touching it with dirty hands, and use a saline solution recommended by your piercer for cleaning.
  2. Migration and Rejection: Eyebrow piercings can occasionally experience migration or rejection, where the body starts to push the jewelry out. This can happen if the piercing is placed incorrectly, the jewelry is too heavy, or if the body simply rejects the foreign object. If you notice signs of migration or rejection, consult with your piercer for guidance.
  3. Allergic Reactions: Some individuals may experience an allergic reaction to certain metals used in eyebrow piercing jewelry, such as nickel. If you have known metal allergies, discuss this with your piercer beforehand to ensure the use of hypoallergenic jewelry.
  4. Scarring: Depending on your body's healing process and how well you care for the piercing, scarring may occur. However, proper aftercare and avoiding trauma to the piercing can help minimize the risk of excessive scarring.
  5. Damage to Eyebrow Hair: In some cases, eyebrow piercings may cause hair loss or damage to the surrounding eyebrow hair. This can be minimized by proper placement of the piercing and avoiding excessive manipulation or pulling of the jewelry.

It's essential to consult with a professional piercer who can assess your suitability for an eyebrow piercing and provide guidance on potential risks and aftercare. By following proper aftercare instructions and seeking prompt medical attention if any issues arise, you can help mitigate potential risks and complications associated with eyebrow piercings.


FAQ: Eyebrow Piercing

Can an eyebrow piercing paralyze you?

One of the central stereotypes about eyebrow piercing should be completely dismissed since there is no actual proof to support the claim. You need a much severe accident to lead to that.

How bad does an anti-eyebrow piercing hurt?

Anti-eyebrow piercings are known to hurt less than cartilage ones. Those of you who can tolerate eyebrow plucking will be able to deal with the mentioned pain too.

How long does an eyebrow piercing last?

It depends upon your genetic predisposition as to how long the piercing will last. Some may last a few months since the surface piercing can migrate, and others will remain intact for years.

Can you wear makeup with eyebrow piercing?

You can wear your favorite makeup with an eyebrow piercing, yet it is advised to keep away from it until the piercing is fully healed.

  • An eyebrow piercing is a vertical surface piercing, wherein a twelve to eighteen gauge cannula needle is inserted through the bottom of the eyebrow and exits through the top of the eyebrow to permit insertion of jewellery. Source