Piercing just well as tattoo is the way that most modern people choose to express themselves. However, the origins of both date back as far as to ancient time. While some fresh piercing trends appear it does not mean that they didn't exist a long time ago. For instance, tragus piercing is something that many of you have not even heard about until today, but we are more than sure that you have seen once or twice. What is more, most of you may have even though about getting one during the 2000s, it was quite hot of a piercing trend at that time. Today we are going to discuss this type of ear piercing in precise detail so that in case you decide to get one you will be fully aware of what it is, how it looks like and how to look after it.


All Things You've Wanted To Know About Tragus Piercing


What Is A Tragus Piercing?

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Perfect Tragus Piercing #piercing #beauty

To begin with, it would be nice to know what a tragus is since there would be no point in reading a full article dedicated to a particular type of piercing if you do not know which part of you would be supposedly pierced. The tragus is that part of your ear that extends from the back of your cheek over the ear canal. Very often, when we do not want to hear something that is the flappy part we use to cover the ear canal with. Touch your ears to find your tragus. Found it? Now we can proceed to the tragus piercing benefits as well as other interesting details.

Is A Tragus Piercing Painful?

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Elegant Tragus Piercing #piercing #beauty

Many people decide whether or not they should get a particular kind of piecing judging by how much it is going to hurt. That is why it is only natural if many of you wonder about tragus piercing pain severity. Well, to tell the truth, the pain is a relative feeling so for every person it would feel differently. However, if you ask a professional opinion. Experienced piercers say that it is certainly not the most painful type of piercing. The downside is that the tragus is too close to the ear canal so that you are going to hear the whole process rather than feeling it. As for the way that the tragus is pierced, it depends upon the particular piercer since all the professional prefer different styles to pierce the tragus. Nevertheless, the process never lasts more than two seconds, so that there is nothing to worry about.


Is A Tragus Piercing Dangerous?

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Tragus And Tunnels Piercing #piercing #beauty

Just like with any other type of piercing, tragus ear piercing has some myths and legends connected. For example, some people say that there are many nerves situated in your tragus and the piercing may damage them. While, professionals say that it is nothing more than a speculation, there are no nerves to be damaged and which can lead to serious issues. However, there is a risk of infection just like with any other piercing. That is why most piercers suggest that to avoid hypertrophic scarring it is best to use a stud piercing instead of a hoop one. All in all, if you clean your fresh piercing well and it is made by a skilled professional, there is nothing to fear.

Tragus Piercing As A Cure For Migraines

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Tragus Piercing As A Cure For Migraines #piercing #beauty
Tragus Piercing Helps With Migraines #piercing #beauty

Some say that there is more to a tragus piercing than just aesthetic look and the way to express oneself. The thing is that some people believe this kind of piercing to alleviate migraines. The theory behind such assumption lies in the fact that piercing works the same way as acupuncture. However, there is no medical proof whatsoever advising tragus piercing for migraines. Basically, it more of a subconscious approach than a physical one.


What You Should Do Before Getting A Tragus Piercing

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Tragus Piercing Getting Advices #piercing #beauty

The fact is that there is nothing special that is demanded to be done to be prepared for the piercing. In most cases the piercer will clean the area properly and will prepare it for the procedure. However, to ease the professional’s job you can gather your hair in a ponytail, in case it is long and can get in the way. Also, it is best not to wear any tight clothes so that you do not touch the area while putting them on or off. The best clothes would be loose or buttoned-up. Such an approach will help you avoid the unnecessary pain of a freshly-pierced ear.

Lastly, if you are in the mood you can also change the bedding, especially the pillows since the pillows usually gather the most germs of all the bedding.

Tragus Piercing Aftercare Guide

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Tragus Piercing Aftercare Guide #piercing #beauty
Tragus Piercing Cleaning Guide #piercing #beauty

No matter vertical tragus piercing or a regular one, it is best to look after it properly. It is not enough to pierce your tragus and let it be, assuming that it will help on its own. To be honest, in most cases the tragus piercing heals well, but it will heal even faster if you clean it properly. Besides, getting your tragus infected is not the best-case scenario.

There is an easy homemade solution that you can clean the tragus with. All you need is a teaspoon of salt and a cup of warm water. Once you dissolve the salt in the water, dab a cotton ball in the solution and clean the piercing from both sides, front and back. However, when cleaning the back part, make sure that none of the solution gets into your ear.

In case you do not want to mess around with the solution, you can buy a ready-made one at the pharmacy. Keep it in mind that the simple cleaning process once a day will increase the healing process significantly.

How Long Does A Tragus Piercing Take To Heal?

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How Long Does A Tragus Piercing Take To Heal? #piercing #beauty
Tragus Piercing Healing Time #piercing #beauty

There is no-one-for all tragus piercing healing time. Usually, it takes up to half a year for the piercing to heal. In some cases, three months are enough. The better you care about your piercing, the faster it will heal. So, it is best to forget about your earphones for a while since wearing earphones regularly may irritate the piercing. Also, some professionals say that sleeping on your side should be out of the question too. Last but not least, it is suggested that you do not take the piercing out until the wound is healed.


What Type Of Earring Is Best For Tragus Piercing?

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What Type Of Earring Is Best For Tragus Piercing? #piercing #beauty
Tragus Piercing Jewelry #piercing #beauty

There are many types of tragus piercing jewelry so that there is a huge variety of designs to choose from. Very often, the person who decided to get the tragus pierces has certain jewelry in mind already, or the pierces can offer a helping hand.

There are few mostly required tragus piercing jewelry types – hoods, studs, and rings. You should choose the one that will not get in the way with your daily activities and will suit your style. Besides, you should pay attention to durability as well as the metal it is made of. The fact is that the piercing is not to be taken out for a while so that the material it is made of should be strong. Also, you should not be allergic to the metal that the jewelry is made of. These are the main criteria when picking your tragus piercing.

How Much Is A Tragus Piercing?

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How Much Is A Tragus Piercing? #piercing #beauty
Price Of Tragus Piercing #piercing #beauty

Lastly, many of you may be curious about how much tragus piercings generally cost. The truth is that this is not the most expensive piercing type, and usually the price will vary between $25 and $50. It may cost you more if you decide to invest into some high-quality piercing with a precious stone in it. However, the average jewelry will not cost you that much.

The Best Tragus Piercing Ideas


Elegant Tragus Piercing Jewelry

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Elegant Tragus Piercing #elegantpiercing #coollook

One of the peculiar features of tragus piercing is the fact that it does not need to look too edgy or daring. You can easily choose something elegant just to match the rest of your earrings or something to stand out to emphasize your style.

Dangle Tragus Piercing Ring

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Dangle Tragus Piercing Ring #danglering #danglepiercing
Chic Tragus Piercing #piercing #tragus

When you want to add some movement to your ear jewelry, we suggest you pay attention to the dangling tragus piercings. Jewelry like that is great to look at while it does not attract too much attention when it is unnecessary.

Matching Multi-Type Piercing

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Matching Multi-Type Piercing #multitypepiercing #matchingjewelry
Simple Multi-Type Piercing Jewelry #simplepiercing

Those of you who have more than just one piercing to show off may want to match their ear jewelry. If you belong to the category, then matching multi-type piercing is what you should consider.


Mini Huggies Tragus Piercing

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Tragus Piercing Ring #piercingring #tragusring

Some ladies love their cute tragus piercing but do not wish them to stand out too much. In times like this, little mini huggies are the jewelry that you need to acquire.

Thick Piercings Ring In Tragus

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Thick Piercings Ring In Tragus #thickring #thickpiercingring
Silver Thick Piercings Ring In Tragus #silverjewelry #silverpiercing

If you want everyone to notice and admire your new piercing, then you need a proper earring to serve the purpose. We think that a thick tragus piercing is the one that will fulfill the task perfectly.

Piercing With Galaxy Earrings

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Piercing with Stars Earrings #staeearrings #piercing

You should always view your piercing as the best representation of your tastes, views, and opinions. If you think that your tragus piercing is more than a tribute to the trends, then galaxy earrings standing from the vastness of the universe are to be considered. Besides, you can easily pair them in the ways you see fit, thus forming new worlds just like that!


Barbells Double Tragus Piercing

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 Double Tragus Piercing With Barbells #barbells #barbellspiercing
Match Barbells Piercing #stylishlook #coolpiercing

We know that not every lady would want her tragus piercing to be the one that attracts attention the most. If you belong to the category, then a mere, simplistic barbell earing is the one you should consider.

Minimalistic Tragus Piercing

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Minimalistic Cross Tragus Piercing #crosspiercing #minimalisticpiercing
Feather Tragus Piercing #featherearrings #prettyearrings

Not everyone knows that a minimalistic tragus piercing can become that significant accent that describes your style perfectly. It is incredible how such a little earring can change the whole look tremendously!

Channel Label Tragus Piercing

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Channel Label Tragus Piercing #channel #channeljawelry
Channel Earrings #channelearrings

In case you are a true fashionista at heart, it is never a waste to present your devotion to a trend through your accessories. Sometimes a neckless or a purse does not seem that fit, and that is when a label earring comes in more than useful!


Bright Fruits Jewelry Piercing

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Bright Cherry Jewelry Piercing #cherryjewelrypiercing #brightearrings
Cherry Jewelry Piercing #cherryearrings #brightjewelry

Fruit earrings are merely irresistible when the summer is around the corner. When you get tired of that dull winter mood, we suggest you brighten the mood up with a fresh piercing or with such a vibrant fruit earring!

Wondering what type of trendy piercing you should get next? We say – tragus piercing! If you still do not know what it is and how it looks like – you have come to the right place!

FAQ: Tragus Piercing

What does the tragus piercing symbolize?

A tragus piercing communicates to others that you are vivacious and active. Some could describe you as the life of the party. Simply by flashing your pearly whites, you have the ability to lift the spirits of others around you.

Can I wear AirPods with a tragus piercing?

People wearing many tragus, such as vertical and horizontal, can also wear AirPods by simply sliding and fitting the jewelry. It’s okay to keep the AirPods in the tragus piercing in place.

Can tragus piercing affect your hearing?

Earrings and earlobe piercings are probably the safest and most common type of piercing. They have the lowest infection rate and are far from the inner ear that they have no effect on hearing.

  • The tragus is a small pointed eminence of the external ear, situated in front of the concha, and projecting backward over the meatus. Source
  • A tragus piercing is the perforation of the tragus, which projects immediately in front of the ear canal, for the purpose of inserting and wearing a piece of jewelry. Source
  • Tragus piercings hurt no more than any other cartilage piercings. Source
  • The tragus is the inner piece of cartilage which sits over the ear canal directly above your lobe. Source