The Ashley piercing is anything but boring. This is one of those types of lip piercing that you cannot take your eyes off. Yet, because of its location, it may take more time to heal and require special aftercare. Before you started to worry, we have good news for you. Below, we have gathered everything you need to be aware of when getting the Ashley oiercing, including how painful it is, how long it will take to heal and how you should take care of it.


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Ashley Piercing. What is it?

But before we define the Ashley piercing, have you ever wondered why it is called that? Many people believe that it is named after the person who was the first either to wear this type of piercing or to carry it out. Yet, it is not known for sure whether any of it is true. The Ashley lip piercing is the type of a genuine lip piercing when you get a hole in the middle of your bottom lip. As opposed to the vertical labret piercing, the puncture is usually done indenting half an inch upward from the lip outline. That is why it can also be referred to as the inverse vertical labret piercing. When you insert the jewelry, its end pops out inside the mouth. So, from the exterior, only its front part remains visible, which makes it one of single lip piercing types. While studs are a more popular option in this case, you can also opt for an Ashley piercing hoop or bar.


What Jewelry Is Used For An Ashley Piercing?

When it comes to Ashley lip piercing jewelry, it is important to opt for studs that have flat backs. This guarantees that you will not face teeth and gum issues from rubbing that the jewelry may cause. Do not worry though. You are still offered quite a wide selection of various styles and designs, from plain to elaborate and from elegant to kitschy.

If you like to stand out in the crowd, go for bling jewelry with massive gems. Those who prefer a more sophisticated style should consider labret studs with pretty ends. There are also lovely balls made of 14 Karat gold, charms with diamonds, pearls, opals and other gems. As for the setting, it is better to opt for the bezel one, as it feels more comfy while looking amazing. Also, the Ashley lip piercing makes up wonderful combinations with any nose piercing as well as other types of lip piercing.

As for the material for Ashley piercing jewelry, inert metal is always the best choice, as you are less likely to be allergic to it. So, the failsafe options include:

Stainless Steel (Implant Grade). The majority of Ashley piercing jewelry is made of stainless steel and no wonder. It is affordable, sturdy and relatively harmless provided you are not allergic to nickel.

Titanium. This is your way to go if you are sensitive to nickel. Besides, titanium jewelry remains shiny for a long time and does not weigh too much.

Silver. Another common metal for lip piercing jewelry is pure sterling silver. However, because of its softness, it can accommodate microbes, thus resulting in the infected Ashley piercing.

Gold. If you prefer fancier jewelry, take gold studs into account. Yet, make sure the gold is not lower than 14K. Otherwise, it will not be sturdy enough and can also be a source of the Ashley piercing infection.

How Much Does Ashley Piercing Cost?

How much is an Ashley piercing depends on various factors, like the parlor location and the piercer’s level of expertise. As such, if you are from the US, you may be charged anywhere from $30 to $55. For the UK residents, the cost starts from £25 and goes up to £60. The European Ashley piercing price range varies between €30 and €55.

What you need to keep in mind is that you should never skimp on piercing, especially such complicated as Ashley. Make sure to entrust this task only to an experienced piercing artist who has a sturdy hand and a lot of positive reviews.

Can I change the jewelry soon after piercing?

Pain Chart

Because the Ashley piercing penetrates the lip in the middle, where it is the thickest, it may hurt more than other lip piercings types. The Ashley pierving is often said to be among the most painful ones. The thing is not only is the area where the lip is punctured thick but there are also many nerve endings in it. For instance, the vertical labret piercing punctures your skin higher up your chin and exists through the top of the bottom lip. So, when you get the Ashley piercing, the stab hurts pretty bad but it lasts not very long. That said, if your pain threshold is not particularly high, you may want to refrain from this type of piercings.


Healing Period of Ashley Piercing

Because your lip is so thick in the area where the Ashley piercing is done, the healing period may last longer than usual. So, expect anywhere between three and four months for your piercing to heal. Yet, for the healing process to finish completely, you may need to wait for half a year or so. This, however, may take even more time if you do not follow the aftercare advice thoroughly. Keep in mind, however, once your lip piercing heals, you need to change the Ashley piercing jewelry for a shorter one. When you pierce the lip, the length of the jewelry you've chosen should weigh in the fact that your lip is going to swell.

How do I clean an Ashley piercing?

Aftercare Tips

You should ensure to look after your Ashley lip piercing properly. If you fail to take care of it as advised by your piercer, you may end up with an infected Ashley piercing. While this may require a longer healing time, this is not the worst outcome. It may simply not heal and you will have to take the jewelry out. And this usually results in an Ashley piercing scar in the center of your lip, which is not what you are aiming for, right? So, not to let that happen, stick to these aftercare rules:

  1. Don't neglect oral hygiene.

Do not allow infection to penetrate your freshly pierced spot. Keep your mouth clean after meals and drinks by rinsing it with a lotion that does not contain alcohol. You can dilute it with water in equal parts beforehand.

  1. A saline solution will help you to sanitize the pierced area.

Soak a cotton pad in a saline solution and cleanse your piercing with it. Make sure not to move the jewelry so as not to damage the piercing.

  1. Your may need to adjust your diet.

Steer clear of spicy and hot food during the healing process. If you tend to eat fast and chew intensively, it is better to take it easy at this point.

When opting for an Ashley piercing, you can rest assured that you will never go unnoticed. It looks unique and eye catching, so you will definitely be in the spotlight wherever you go. This, however, also means that it may require some more time and effort on your part than a regular lip piercing. Yet, you may rest assured that it will fully pay you off.

Can I engage in oral activities with an Ashley piercing?


Does The Ashley Piercing Leave A Scar?

Indeed, the Ashley piercing after taken out sometimes can leave a scar. This is because the perforated area is quite large. But since it just leaves a dark spot in most cases, you can conceal it with ease using makeup. So there is no Ashley piercing scar, you should stick to certain recommendations. Do not bite your lips or play with the jewelry once you get your piercing. In this way, you may damage your lip tissues around the stud and they will start to scar as a result. If you do not want that to happen, leave your Ashley piercings intact. Yet, remember that there are still some instances when your piercing begins to scar without any obvious reasons. In this case, you can try to hide the scar with the help of a lipstick.

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FAQ: Ashley Piercing

Can you kiss with an Ashley piercing?

Kissing someone who has pierced lips is not much different than a regular kiss. Of course, you have to face the quirky feel of jewelry, but overall, this isn’t a big obstacle. So, no worries. There is no need to deprive your significant other of this act of love and caress until the piercing in your lip, mouth or cheeks heals completely. Just be careful and do not kiss with your mouth open.

Do Ashley piercings damage teeth?

Pay close attention to the new jewelry, especially during the first two weeks of your piercing healing. This is one of the piercings that should not be seen in lazy aftercare practices, as breaking gem teeth, trauma that leaves scars, and gem rejection are all risks associated with this particular type of piercing.

How can I hide my Ashley piercing?

  1. Choose a transparent or flesh-colored retainer, labret retainers or
    flat-end acrylic jewelry rather than studs.
  2. .Use makeup. If you just need to conceal your labret piercing for a short time, turn the stud around.
  3. Wear special bandages.