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How To Choose A Butterfly Tattoo For Yourself

Are you thinking of getting a butterfly tattoo? If yes, then we have some great ideas and backups on history and meanings for you. In such a huge choice of tattoos nowadays sometimes it may become a challenge to find the one that will suit you and your character but we are ready to inspire you. Find the one that will show your specialties, your story, and you will never regret getting it inked into your skin. Creative and beautiful, colorful and tender that`s how we can describe all of them. However, which one would you prefer? Let`s find out together.

Meaning Of Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies have always been a source of inspiration for people for ages. Their dazzling beauty, combinations of bright colors and tenderness amaze everyone who sees them on their way. Flying from flower to flower they have become an inevitable part of not only people`s admirations but also every kind of art. You can`t count on fingers how many times these gorgeous insects have appeared in literature or poetry described in the brightest ways or paintings where they are drawn using the most tender lines a creative artist can do.

Since the birth of a tattoo culture, a butterfly tattoo has grown into an association with this art. Of course, as their vibrancy of color and the characteristics of their physical features are most often associated with femininity. Beauty and weightlessness, purity, and love are usually referred to these beautiful creatures. As tattoos are the modern way of showing your personality and identifying yourself, butterfly tattoos may show the metamorphosis of personality associated with a caterpillar going through difficult stages to grow or break free and turn in a beautiful butterfly.

In different cultures, the butterfly tattoo meaning differs. Japanese see these insects as a sign of freedom, Chinese as a symbol of togetherness and love, as we all know the phrase “having butterflies in the stomach” and Christians as a symbol of a tender soul. That is why there is nothing strange that women and men from all over the world choose butterfly images to be drawn on their bodies for eternity. The simplicity of such a tattoo design, the freedom and meaning it transfers into the world is its charm.

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Watercolor Butterfly Arm Tattoo Design #watercolortattoo

Placement Guide

No one can deny the fact that such a little insect is really attractive. Whenever we see it, it captures our attention making us forget about anything else around us. Imagine having a butterfly tattoo. We can bet that it is the same. That is why we believe it is essential for anybody who chooses such a design to find a perfect placement and size for it. Have you already thought of that? So why don`t we break through the best options. Tiny butterfly tattoos are usually done on the most visible parts of the body. Our wrists and neck, shoulders, fingers and ankles, while most frequently bigger sized ones are chosen for thighs, back, legs and chest. No matter the size a butterfly tattoo will be eye-catching. Don`t think that you can only get single butterfly tattoos. There are so many other designs that go so well with these beautiful creatures. Think of combining them together and you will love the results.

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Shoulder Butterfly Tattoo #shouldertattoo

Gorgeous Designs To Consider

In nowadays world full of creativity and color there may be a million options of a butterfly tattoo. Your biggest task will be to find your own. What does it mean? Think of what looks the most attractive for you in a tattoo. If it is a butterfly tattoo, consider colors and details you would love it to have. While picking colors, think of what they usually mean. For example, women most typically due to centuries of gender associations, choose pinks and red shades which are generally referred to femininity.

It is so important to understand in what technique you would like it to be. Is it in watercolor or any other one you liked? The most recent trend is a 3D technique that represents a butterfly on a whole new level with a vibrancy of colors and the realness of the image. Think of the message you want to show the world. Is it the picture that will represent your feelings from the depth of your soul and love? Along with flowers, vines, and names of lovers, couples often choose two butterflies to be tattooed with the sense of their love and devotion. Would you like it to be a symbol of something that happened to you? Then choose a phrase to go near a butterfly.

A common fact of today is that tribal vibes are the most popular in such creative tattoos. Of course, as such butterfly tats look good on any gender, age or any body part. However, what we love most about butterfly tattoos is that they are perfect for beginners. You can start with a beautiful butterfly tattoo and play with new ideas afterward. They will all look equally good with it. Do you need more suggestions? Then scroll through some unique butterfly tattoos that we have found for you.

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