It is not a secret to anyone that these days the tattoo industry is more popular than ever. More and more people tend to decorate their body temples with tattoo art. It is a known fact that everyone has something special to dedicate to a tattoo, what is more, every tattoo is quite symbolic. When it comes to women, very often they choose flower tattoo designs to be a part of their bodies. However, not everyone knows that there is a meaning to every flower aside from the one you entitle it with. That is why today we are going to talk about the floral tattoos meaning as well as we are going to supply you with a fair share of tattoo ideas to get inspired with. Read on!


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Lotus Flower Tattoo Design


In case you are looking for a flower wrist tattoos. This colorful lotus tattoo may be that perfect one for you! Do you know what significant meaning a lotus has? As the flower is grown from the mud, it shows the rising of the person and the struggle that he has overcome. Beauty and strength are also in the list of the meanings. Isn`t that a powerful message through the image?


Peony Flower


Peonies are very beautiful flowers that is why women often choose this exact flower to be their tattoos inspiration. Yet, not everyone knows that apart from gorgeous look and scent the peony flower has a deep meaning behind it. The thing is that this flower symbolizes, wealth and honor, as well as love.

Rose Flower

Many of you may already know that roses represent love and beauty. However, not everyone knows that roses with thorns may symbolize grief or loss. So be careful, with your tattoo choice so that you do not opt for something you do not really mean!


Lily Flower

Lilies are also very required when it comes to feminine tattoos. The thing is that even subconsciously ladies are attracted to this flower, and there is a perfect explanation for that. The truth is that lily flowers symbolize divinity and purity, two perfectly feminine features!

Poppy Flower


When you think about poppy flowers, the only meaning that comes to mind is sleep. In some cases, it is an eternal sleep, so some people choose exactly this flower to remember the lost ones. However, the poppy flower can also symbolize peace, so that it depends on your personal choice which meaning to entitle it with. In either case, it should be noted that poppy flowers look very gentle and fragile, precisely what a lady needs!


Cherry Blossom

Many people may associate cherry blossom with Japanese culture, and that would be correct. Yet, these days the tattoo art is conquering all the continents and countries that is why cherry blossom tattoos are not restricted to one area only, worry now. However, these were the Japanese that entitled cherry blossom with unique meaning. Since cherry blossom blooms for a short period of time, Japanese think it symbolizes the speed at which lives move.

Lavender Flowers


Lavender is not only a beautiful and useful flower it is also a great inspiration for those who decide to decorate their bodies with flower tattoos. As for the symbolism, lavender is the symbol of elegance and purity is that sounds like you – you better choose your perfect design!

Sunflower Tattoo


Flower tattoos for women for sure include this option in the list. A sunflower is the flower that is considered to be so tender and vivid that it can`t be ignored. Look at this one! It breathes of sensitivity and tenderness, doesn`t it? These flowers in the tattoo world are popular due to the belief that they are able to renew your energy, bring sun and light into your life. Is that what you are looking for?


Daisy Flower Tattoo

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Tattoo of a daisy and daisies overall are flowers of women`s most interest. They are very popular among those women who prefer tender, small and beautiful tattoos. Some people use them as the symbol for their love for the person that has passed away. They also can be found in the matching tattoos ideas as they make a perfect choice for those who are friends or are in the relationship.

Carnation Flower

Credit photo: @donghwa_tattoo

Do you know that a carnation flower is an official symbol for a Mother`s Day? That is why they make a perfect choice for those who have just gave birth. Also, some daughters use them as the symbol of their love for their passed away mom. This is a perfect choice for those who want to add some color to the black and white range.

Magnolia Flower

Credit photo: @louve.tattooist

A magnolia tattoo is so beautiful, don`t you agree? Have a look at this small idea that can bring out your tenderness and beauty. What does it stand for? Nobility and love of nature. If that is what you want to express through your tattoo idea, then don`t hesitate and choose this flower.


Tulip Flower Tattoo

Tulips have been super popular among tattoo lovers recently. Would you like to join them soon? Then let`s see what this beautiful flower means. It brings sense to opportunity, aspiration and advancement. Isn`t that inspiring?

Hydrangea Flower

Hydrangea is for sure the flower that builds up the list of delicate flower tattoos. Sensitive and pure looking it brings the meaning of a bond between two people, gratitude and honesty. Wow, is all we have to say about it.

Hibiscus Flower

Credit photo: @mcapocci

There are different meanings of hibiscus flower tattoos but we would love to give you the major ones. They all are referred to the Chinese culture where it is considered the symbol of dignity, wealth and fame.


Camelia Flower

Credit photo: @tattoo_grain

What does this flower make you feel? There are some things that people associate it with and we would love to share them with you. Camelia is often seen with longevity, perfection and desire. Were those things on your mind when you looked at it?

Chrysanthemum Flower

Credit photo: @laurakennedytattoo

Once again this flower`s meaning often comes to the Japanese culture that is full of beautiful ideas for flowers. What do they see it with? Royalty, joy and optimism are close there too. It is simple, yet perfect, isn`t it?

Creative Floral Tattoos for Any Tastes

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FAQ: Flower Tattoos

What flower tattoo means strength?

A gladiolus flower is known for symbolizing strength. It is a great option for those who want to wear the symbol of faithfulness and honor. Snapdragons also represent strength and graciousness.

What flower tattoo means purity?

White jasmine flowers resemble purity and innocence, also they stand for respect. Therefore, it is a great tattoo to get to be reminded of pure blessing is your life like your children.

What does iris flower tattoo mean?

The purple color of iris is associated with royalty, wisdom and bravery.
Iris was a name of a Greek goddess of rainbow that linked the gods with the mortals and led women, after they had passed, to heaven. That is why getting an iris flower tattoo can be a tribute to female loved one that is no longer with us.