If you get carried away by leg tattoos for women, we feel you. No matter whether these are tiny flower leg tattoos or extensive leg sleeves, they look captivating and unbelievably alluring. But does it have a sacred meaning? Is there any difference between right and left leg tattoos? How to take care of it and what complications to expect? Too many questions you have no answers to yet? No worries. Our guide will help you to sort out everything you may need to know regarding women leg tattoos and even more. As a bonus, you will get the dreamiest tattoo ideas that will make you want to instantly book an appointment with your tattoo artist.


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Leg Tattoo: Pros and Cons

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But before browsing for ideas, it makes sense to weigh the pros and cons of leg tattoos. Below, we have put together the main of them so that you could make an informed decision.


  1. Legs work perfectly as a canvas because they can accommodate plenty of different tattoo styles. They can be as elaborate and detailed as you want since your tattoo artist will not be limited in space.
  2. The healing time of women leg tattoos is much shorter compared to other types of tattoos, as an inner elbow tat. One of the reasons for this is minimal, or even zero, rubbing.
  3. It is relatively easy to get colorful women leg tattoos because the color does not fade away quickly. So, in case you have some ideas for bright and pretty leg tattoos, you can go for them without hesitation.
  4. Leg tattoos for females are a failsafe option in case you have a strict dress code at work that does not allow wearing tattoos. You can simply hide the image under your clothes.


  1. Leg tattoos for women with dry skin are not always a good idea. They can make your skin extremely dry in the tattoo area and you will not be able to do anything about it.
  2. When your tattoo is healing, the skin may be unbearably itching. If you know that you will not be able to handle it, maybe you should find another place for a tattoo.


Tips On Deciding Which Leg Is Better For A Tattoo

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When it comes to female leg tattoos, placement is as important as the imagery itself. But this applies not only to the area on your leg, meaning whether it is going to be ankle, foot or thigh tattoos, but the leg itself. So right or left, which one to choose? This also depends on several factors, such as:

1. Your personal preference.

Sometimes it is all about your own taste. Think which leg you would prefer to get tattooed, depending on how you perceive it or what you associate it with. The left part of the body is often associated with femininity and emotions, while the right part is connected to masculinity and logic.

2. Whether you want to cover something up on your leg.

Women's leg tattoos are a surefire way to conceal or alter some peculiarities on your skin, such as scars, stretches or birthmarks. You may also want to work your old tattoo into a new one or even cover it up completely if you have changed your mind about it.

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3. If it looks coordinated with other tattoos on your body.

If you already have body tattoos and want to get your leg inked, then you should think about the balance between your tattoos. For instance, if you have a left hand sleeve tattoo, then you should get a right leg sleeve tattoo so they look in harmony.

4. How aware you are of your body.

In case you do not feel very confident about some of your body parts, particularly legs, tattooing may help you to embrace them. Also, take into account your habits when choosing the leg for a tattoo, like the way you sit or stand and whether it allows for the tattoo to be on display. Other points to consider are whether you have cramps or varicose and which leg is more prone to them.

5. What does medicine and energy balance theory say.

There is a belief that to achieve balance in life you should allow the energy to distribute evenly across your body. If some of your body parts have blockages, then getting them tattooed may help to eliminate them. It is also beneficial to place tattoos where the 12 main meridians of energy run to enhance your body’s energy field and aura.

From the neurological point of view, your right body part is controlled by your brain’s left side, which is also responsible for your logic, verbal and analytical skills. In its turn, the right brain's side affects your emotions, and feelings, as well as abstract thinking and musical skills.

Symbology Of Left And Right Side Of The Body

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In the Western culture, the right body part is linked to why a person is strong, masculine, active, courageous, and logical. It also represents the energies of the sun. The left body part is associated with emotions, dreaming, and femininity, as well as mental and lunar energies.

Eastern traditions put emphasis on the connection between male and female, dark and light, yin and yang. So, the right side has the female and lunar energy, while the left side is masculine, noble, and wise.


How to Prepare For A Tattoo Session

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When getting ready for leg tattoos for women small or large does not make a big difference. You still need to make some preparations to ensure the process runs without a hitch. So, take care to do the following:

1. Sleep well the night before the session.

You need to let your body recover before getting it inked since this still puts it under stress. Besides, it is important to be wide awake during the procedure so that you could recognize in time if something goes wrong. Hence, make sure to sleep several extra hours to be fully recharged.

2. Maintain a sufficient level of hydration.

To prepare your skin for the procedure, you need to hydrate it from the inside beforehand. This guarantees that everything goes as intended. To do this, you need to drink about two liters of water the day before the appointment. In case you did not manage to hydrate your body prior to the session, you can drink water during it.

3. Remove any hair on the area to be tattooed.

It is difficult for a tattoo artist to ink the skin if there is hair. For this reason, before getting leg tattoos for women, it is vital to remove any hair growing there. If you opt for shaving, then you should shave your legs every other day a week before the session. But keep the skin free from cuts and razor burns. Other popular hair removal methods available to you are waxing and laser epilation. Also, it helps if you exfoliate your skin regularly.

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4. Take a shower.

Although we are sure you take a shower daily without us reminding you, we still feel the need to stress how crucial it is to have your skin clean before getting inked.

5. Keep your skin moisturized from the outside.

Actually, you should moisturize your skin as a part of your skincare routine, not only before tattooing. Yet, it is paramount to keep the skin hydrated for the procedure. To do so, apply moisturizing lotion on regular basis at least several weeks prior to the session. However, on the tattoo day, you should skip the moisturizer to avoid ink, needle or machine issues.

6. Do not be hungry.

Some leg tattoos designs may require quite a lot of time to get and some of them may be quite painful. To help your body to overcome this challenge, you need to provide it with enough energy and one of the best sources of energy is food. Thus, you should not only have a healthy and filling meal before the session but also bring some snacks with you.

7. Think through what you are going to wear.

No, it does not mean that you need to wear your best outfit to impress your tattoo artist. It means you need to feel comfy, as you will have to spend quite a lot of time in a specific pose without moving, scratching, and wiggling. Also, your tattooist should be able to reach the tattoo area easily. So take that into consideration when choosing the outfit for the appointment.

Average Prices For Leg Tattoos

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The price for leg tattoos may vary depending on many aspects, such as the location of the parlor, the tattoo artist's professionalism as well as the complexity and placement of the tattoo. As such, thigh small leg tattoos may cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 provided it takes around 5-6 hours. The price tag for a lower leg tat, which also requires from five to six hours to get, ranges between $500 and $1,200.


Fresh Tattoo Aftercare

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How properly you are going to look after your tattoo once you get it done affects greatly how successfully and fast it is going to heal. That is why here is what you will need to do:

  1. Do not remove the protective covering the tattoo artist placed on your fresh tattoo for 2-4 hours after the session.
  2. Once you have taken the covering off, clean the tattoo with alcohol-free soap and cool water.
  3. Pat, it dry using a paper towel.
  4. Repeat cleaning the tattooed area up to five times daily for ten days.
  5. When you notice that the inked area is dry, moisturize it with healing ointment.
  6. Avoid sunbathing, working out, swimming in public places, being in hot water as well as scratching or rubbing your tattoo if it has not healed completely.
  7. Do not pick at the tattoo if it has started to scab or pill off.
  8. Expect your tattoo to heal not earlier than two weeks after the session.

Potential Side Effects And Complications

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Unfortunately, all body modifications can have side effects and thigh leg tattoos are no exception. While we hope you are not going to have any complications with your tat, remember that forearmed is forewarned. So, here are some of the possible issues you can face when getting your legs tattooed:

  • If you do not let your tattoo heal properly or fail to take care of it, this may introduce the infection to your wound. The tattoo then becomes hot, too painful, swollen, and oozes pus. You should immediately visit a doctor if you have noticed any of the aforementioned symptoms.
  • Sometimes, you can be simply allergic to the chosen ink, especially if it is red. So, in case you have any allergies, it is better to inform your tattoo artist in advance about them.
  • Because the procedure suggests puncturing your skin with a needle, it may leave scars. There is hardly anything you can change about it.

Creative Leg Tattoos For Women Designs

Credit photo: Instagram.com/koray_karagozler Credit photo: Instagram.com/koray_karagozler Credit photo: Instagram.com/mini_tattooer Credit photo: Instagram.com/firstjing Credit photo: Instagram.com/koray_karagozler Credit photo: Instagram.com/koray_karagozler Credit photo: Instagram.com/veronicalilu Credit photo: Instagram.com/koray_karagozler Credit photo: Instagram.com/firstjing Credit photo: Instagram.com/evgenymel Credit photo: Instagram.com/mini_tattooer Credit photo: Instagram.com/veronicalilu Credit photo: Instagram.com/firstjing Credit photo: Instagram.com/koray_karagozler Credit photo: Instagram.com/veronicalilu Credit photo: Instagram.com/koray_karagozler Credit photo: Instagram.com/veronicalilu Credit photo: Instagram.com/koray_karagozler Credit photo: Instagram.com/mini_tattooer Credit photo: Instagram.com/mini_tattooer

Now that you know everything about leg tattoos for women, it is time to choose the imagery you are going to use as a reference for your future tattoo. To infuse you with a dose of inspiration, we have collected the most breathtaking ideas of women's unique leg tattoos that you are not going to regret later. So now all have to do is to pick out the design that resonates with you most and show it to your tattoo artist.

We hope we have managed to give you full insight into leg tattoos for women so you could have the best result when you leave the artist’s chair. Keep in mind that the right design and firm-handed tattooist are half the success. The other half is the right preparation and proper aftercare. So, it is all in your hands.