EXPERTISE: Nature-inspired tattoo designs, realistic and illustrative techniques
LOCATION: Bari, Italy
EXPERIENCE: 8 years as a tattoo artist, owner of Debrart Tattoos
About me:
Deborah, a passionate tattoo artist with 8 years of experience, is the proud owner of Debrart Tattoos situated in Bari. Her creative journey into tattooing stems from a deep connection to nature, inspiring her to specialize in nature-inspired designs. With an impressive repertoire, Deborah has earned accolades and served on jury panels at various conventions.

In her words, Deborah reflects on her artistic journey, emphasizing her innate drawing abilities as a manifestation of her internal world, encapsulating her love for nature and the surroundings. Proficient in crafting realistic subjects, she intricately enriches them with illustrative and botanical techniques. Her artistic evolution, refined over time, showcases a profound understanding of colors, tools, light, shadows, and an instinctual approach to artistry.

Her perspective on art underscores the essence of expressing oneself through sensitivity, extending personal awareness onto a surface. According to Deborah, artistic expression transcends the need for hyperrealism, stressing the significance of thinking independently and infusing art with individuality and soul.

Deborah's portfolio speaks of an artist deeply rooted in nature, infusing her tattoos with an unspoken reverence for the environment and a unique artistic flair that reflects her profound appreciation for the world around her.

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