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80s Makeup Trends That Will Blow You Away

Bright eyeshadow combinations, colorful lipsticks, and glitter- this is everything you need to know about 80s makeup to rock it. Do you consider yourself to be trendy? Then why haven`t you tried these cool techniques before? We have so many gorgeous and fun ideas that you should definitely try to catch the 80s makeup vibe.

The Full Guide To The Dank 90s Makeup Look For Your Inspiration

The 90 makeup trend is definitely not going to fade away soon. With all its burgundy bold lips and messy slept-in-eyeliner looks, it has made its way through decades and brought the whole new attitude. Learn how to play around with a blue eyeshadow or grunge look so that you won't look like a blast from the past.

30 Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas to Open the Party Season

When you think of smokey eyes, what comes to your mind? Whatever your answer is, the brand new trend of purple smokey eye makeup is here to take the good-old idea to the next level, adding more warmth and glam to your look.

15 Facts About Micellar Water Plus 3 Homemade Recipes

Micellar water – most of you are already using it, if not, you may start after you read through the article. If you wish to learn all the truth as well as interesting facts related to the matter – we are willing to provide!

53 Fantastic Spring Dresses To Wear Right Now

Spring is that perfect time when you can take off your warm sweater and show off your trendy spring dresses. If you wish to update your dress collection, we may have a few examples to share!

7 French Makeup Tips to Look Parisian Pretty

French ladies have always known how to do perfect makeup and how to strike people with fashionable outfits. As for their secrets of the right makeup looks, they're pretty simple: naturalness is key. See how to enhance your beauty with looks and tips from modern experts.

51 Perfect Cat Eye Makeup Ideas To Look Sexy

Once you try cat eye makeup, you will never be able to stop rocking it! If you don’t mind, we’d like to suggest some strikingly sexy ideas to add to your favorites. Trust us, they’re irresistible.

How To Pull Off The Ulzzang Trend: Makeup, Hairstyle & Outfit

Ulzzang is a trend in Korean fashion that allows you to look your absolute best. Follow our ultimate guide to try it out yourself. The Ulzzang fashion is all the rage now and it's very much here to stay. To follow the trend, you'll need to bring your appearance to the cutest and prettiest level by means of makeup, hairstyle and clothes. If you want to achieve the Ulzzang look, you need to stick to our guide, as it contains the fullest information on the topic.

42 Sexy Eyes Makeup Looks For Every Occasion

When some special occasion, evening party or a date is knocking at the door, nothing can handle the talking better than your sexy eyes makeup. See how many different weapons you can choose to strike people with your looks!

Turn Your Pale Skin Into A Blessing Instead Of A Curse

Pale skin is a blessing when you know how to deal with it. Stick to our guide if you want to make your fair complexion your privilege rather than a flaw. Pale skin has both benefits and drawbacks. While you may not appreciate it at first, your skin tone is an object of envy for many people. It gives an impression of purity and sophistication. If you still don’t love your fair skin as we do, it means you haven't found the right approach to it yet. And that's when our ultimate guide comes into play.