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110 Summer Nails Designs
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54 Short Haircuts
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Choose The Right Short Bob Haircuts To Add Some Carefree Vibes To Your Image

Short bob haircuts are something that every woman should try in her life. The variety is so vast that there’s no way you won’t find a perfect cut for you. And here you’re going to see the most remarkable looks you can rock with a bob!

38 Stunning Gold Foil Nail Designs To Make Your Manicure Shine

Gold sparkles are no longer the only way to add that fabulous bling to your nails. Gold foil has taken the primary spot. Once you have a closer look at the ideas that we have gathered here, you will understand why it is so popular at the moment.

Tattoo Placement 101: Tips, Tricks, and Considerations

We have some excellent tattoo placement ideas for you that you will definitely love. Also, we have gathered some secrets that may make the choosing of a tattoo placement much easier for you. Secrets how to make the process more comfortable and tricks on how to make sure you`ve made the right choice.

32 Purple Hair Styles That Will Make You Believe In Magic

Purple hair can be subtle, dramatic, sexy, and moderate at the same time. And you are the one to choose what your shade of purple will tell about you. Dive in to see the endless variety of ways to pull off the new color trend.

Purple Ombre Hair: Express Your Individuality with a Splash of Color

Purple ombre hair looks amazing on any hair length. But the longer the locks, the more space the color has to reveal. Thus, we love painting purple ombre over long tresses. You can check out the result here.

41 Most Popular Casual Outfits To Improve Your Style

Your street style is the reflection of your taste and sense of fashion. Are you familiar with the trending casual outfits of 2023? Check this post to find out what’s missing in your wardrobe.

Skull Tattoos: The Bond of Trending Ink and Timeless Symbols

Skull tattoos are a perfect representation of the duality of life and death. The traditional styles expand into contemporary designs, and the art fuses with deep symbolism – all that is heavily sprinkled with cultural background and inspirational ideas in our expert ink adventure!

80 Fresh Men’s Haircuts to Inspire Your Look In 2024

There is a thought that mens haircuts are limited in choice and this is very far from the truth. Our guide proves that men are offered a wide range of hair cutting and styling options. Check out the best of them here.

40+ Convincing Reasons Why You Should Get A Pixie Cut This Season

A pixie cut is a combination of boldness, courage, and femininity bursting inside you. Apart from that, pixies are the latest trends in women’s fashion. Looking for big changes? You can’t do without these ideas.

Today Is The Day To Say Yes To Strawberry Blonde Hair

Many ladies wonder whether it is possible to combine bright hues in one and come up with natural hair color. In fact, it is, all you need is a strawberry blonde. You will be pleasantly surprised by this lovely shade!