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Lip Piercing: All You Need To Know About This Popular Face Piercing Type

If you feel like lip piercing is perfect for you, but you are still hesitant about the procedure itself, here are some aftercare tips to make sure your piercing heals quickly and properly.

Everything You Need To Know About Behind The Ear Tattoos

With behind the ear tattoos, you are guaranteed to stand out in the crowd. Although you will need to endure some pain, the final result is totally worth it. You will find the most essential information about the topic here.

33 Cute Maxi Dresses – From Boho To Evening Styles

Maxi dresses are not only extremely popular at the moment, but they are also super versatile. No matter the occasion, you can easily find a proper maxi dress to put on. We are going to guide you in the right direction!

Today Is The Day To Say Yes To Strawberry Blonde Hair

Many ladies wonder whether it is possible to combine bright hues in one and come up with natural hair color. In fact, it is, all you need is a strawberry blonde. You will be pleasantly surprised by this lovely shade!

Rose Gold Nails: How To Pull Off The Trendiest Manicure Color

Have you already tried every nude nail color possible but are not ready to commit to a bold manicure yet? Then rose gold nails are your golden mean. A touch of color ensures that your mani does not look too strict, let alone boring. Yet, it still has an elegant and sophisticated flair. If you […]

The Breathtaking Ash Blonde Hair Gallery: 27 Trendy & Cool-Toned Ideas For Everyone

Ash blonde hair color is the most requested trend today! Check out the hottest combinations of ashy hues and effortless bases to get to know its variety. There are three irresistible reasons to make ashy blonde hair color a part of your life. First: it’s the latest and the most enviable trend of now. Second: it works for all complexions. Third: its variety knows no limits. So what are you waiting for?

45 All White Outfits For The Ultimately Fresh Look

Every time you want to have a fresh look with an elegant flair, let all white outfits do the talking! Here, we’ve selected the most popular and non-boring combinations of white looks you shouldn’t miss.

Peculiar and Amazing Symbolist that Bright Butterfly Nails Back

Since butterfly nails have made their way back into nail art, the trend has gained a lot. However, aside from fresh implementation ideas, there is always a deep meaning to figure out about the symbol depicted on your tips. Read on to find out the cultural connotations encoded in the symbol.

27 Fantastic Black Wedding Dresses To Fall In Love With

Black wedding dresses are surely not the most common option brides opt for. However, today we want to prove it to you that these dresses are not less elegant or stylish than classic wedding gowns! Who knows, maybe this compilation will make you reconsider your dress of choice!

35 Insanely Hot Purple Nails Designs Trending Right Now

Purple hues are many, but no matter the tone you pick – all of them are insanely feminine and elegant looking. That is why purple nails are so hot at the moment. If you are looking for some fresh purple designs to add to your collection – help yourself!